William Shatner: Captain of the Starship

When William Shatner's career was on the skids.

By now everyone's heard about William Shatner's The Transformed Man -- that infamous 60's recording where he sings Mr. Tambourine Man and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds -- but check out this other Shatner LP, an ultra-rare two-record set recorded live in 1978. It's a recording of an appearance at some kind of a Star Trek convention just before the first Star Trek movie came out (probably the lowest point in Shatner's career). Half of it consists of Shatner answering questions from the audience (where was the bathroom on the Enterprise?) and recalling inane stories from his career. On the other half, he performs dramatic poetry interpretations, including "Earthbound", "The Flight of Man" and a reading from H.G. Wells' "War of the Worlds".

On the artwork for Transformed Man, Shatner appeared as Captain Kirk, in his full starfleet uniform. Here, however, licensing restrictions prevented Imperial House records from using any actual Trek material. Notice how Shatner is the captain of the "Starship", not the "Enterprise", and how his shirt, while similar to the one he wore on TV, lacks the official Star Trek insignia. If you look closely you might also notice that the space rifle he's wielding is actually an upside-down camera tripod -- talk about your low-budget photo shoots!

William Shatner: Captain of the Starship
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The Flight Of Man (Real Audio) And the Captains... and the Admirals... and even the Vulcans...

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Your Comments:

Savage says:
It could have been worse...he could have done guest cameos on BattleStar Galactica... (11-12-1999)

gunnut says:
It was only a TV series with spinoff movies.Shitner is down to doing cheesy commercials while tooting his horn. The REAL question is: Exactly HOW LONG did he wait to make sure his wife was dead before calling 911?????? (11-12-1999)

Trendoid ( says:
Lazlo, Chill my outraged dude. To those who have had long experience with him Shatner is but a wheezing, greedy, half-baked blowhard with a penchant for being disloyal to long term friends and associates. Don't confuse Kirk with Shatner. They are, shall we say, worlds apart. (11-11-1999)

Laszlo Jamf says:
The comments here really sicken me. I'll grant that Star Trek was interventionist, idealistic liberal twaddle. I'll grant that it was stuffed to the gills with dangerously naive (and now totally discredited) 1960's leftist ideology. God knows I'd never let my children watch that kind of crypto-socialist propaganda. It was, simply put, a transparent attempt by the liberal-controlled media to indoctrinate Americans with Stalinist/feminist/racialist (Uhura did *not* belong in a white crew, I'm sorry -- her inclusion is sheer unmitigated racism of the highest order) ideology and destroy our moral and cultural heritage. Nevertheless, William Shatner is a decent and honorable man and it sickens me more than I can say to see his name dragged through the dirt by these morons. Please, people, a little rationality and common sense wouldn't come amiss here. (11-11-1999)

harold says:
half of you have something to say about a man and none of you big headed people can even do as good as he did whats wrong jellious of his money or just fools (11-11-1999)

mustafa says:
i remember in an old episode Kirk was sleeping and in walked Spock and Bones who had been fighting. They noticed Kirk had a hardon and proceeded to lick and suck it until he showered them with approval (10-26-1999)

Eric Sweenor ( says:
You think Shatner was bad? Ever hear Nimoy's version of "Summer Wind"? HAVE MERCY. (09-25-1999)

Lt. Stinky says:
I don't think anybody realizes just how goofy Shatner is. He has a strong sense of his own absurdity. A friend of mine was a production assistant on "Barbary Coast" while moonlighting as at a local movie theater selling tickets. Shatner came to see a movie one night with his wife. He drove up in a limo with a skin-tight pink satin jumpsuit and boufant "Elvis" wig. His wife was dressed normally in a nice evening gown, and was having a fit while trying to keep from laughing. I think the tripod was intended to be rediculous and recognizable. (07-23-1999)

djmoog1 ( says:
I saw this record for sale yesterday at a used book and record store in Madison Wisconsin. It was marked at 50 dollars. If anybody desperately wanted this record at that price, I could go back and pick it up. Just e-mail me! Kurt (07-21-1999)

Leni Candiotti ( says:
If you think that is bad, you've never seen the video of shatner singing[?] Rocket Man, now that is CRAP! (07-18-1999)

Sulu ( says:
I love Bill Shatner because he had the best tasting sperm out any of the crew. Scotties was always drunk and only got hard for little boys. (06-03-1999)

bill says:
Oh that is a great idea Mr Spock yes please shoot your Vulcan sperm in my mouth (05-25-1999)

bill says:
my favorite memory of star trek is getting to drink alien sperm,it was green and had a great taste,I also liked it when spock fucked me in the ass while I ate ahouras nasty aferican box. (05-20-1999)

bunghole says:
I got a hold of a awesome story from a stagehand from the old tv show. It seems one day while the stars were getting changed, Kirk and Spock got horny and invited Owhora into the dressing room. She was hungry for sperm that day, and got plenty of it (05-20-1999)

Eat my sperm says:
Hey Bill Shatner is awesome! If you don't like him do what the name says! (05-20-1999)

bung hole says:
forget the (hilarious) tripod, whoever heard of battling klingons while wearing a sweater? (03-25-1999)

Alias Pink Puzz says:
OK, then skipper, and trippy the wonder seal poured the camel extract over that voodoo doll's head, the one from Trillogy of Terror with Karen Black. Before I could count my cornflakes, Shatner leaps into the room, slaps me like a red shirted extra, and asks if he can borrow my camera tripod. What could I do? (03-02-1999)

Sir Droopy Drawers says:
The next time I go to Uranus to search for evil klingons, I will bring this album with me. Please excuse me, my asylum awaits for me... (02-15-1999)

Klingon Gary says:
I'm tellin' you, no one can read magic into prose like Captain Kirk! And who else can we depend upon to rid the universe of beings unlike ourselves armed with only a hunk of photographic equipment? Heck, all we'd have to do is beam this record out across the vastness of the universe, and every alien race would jet it off to the nearest worm hole to get as far away as possible. With Shatner you can't count the distance...light years away just isn't enough. (02-12-1999)

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