The Ballad of Jim and Tammy

Check out Tammy Faye Bakker's pathetic plea for help.

Faced with the destruction of her "ministry" and the end to her privileged lifestyle, Tammy Faye Bakker did what any red-blooded american celebrity would do: she cut a record. On it, we get to hear the play-by-play on how the deal went down, with very little left to the sort of innuendo and metaphor you typically get in music. I didn't get any fancy cover art with this 12" single but the incredulity of this song more than makes up for it.

But there's even more to this 1987 classic than meets the ear. Upon closer analysis, I recently discovered several hidden satanic messages which could be revealed by playing the record backwards! No wonder Falwell and his gang were so eager to put these guys out of business!

The Ballad of Jim and Tammy
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The Ballad (MP3) I was moved when I heard this. No, wait, that was my bowels moving.
Hidden Satanic Message #1 (Real Audio) Is this Jim Bakker's secret code name? Or what Tammy calls him during sex?
Hidden Satanic Message #2 (Real Audio) Is Tammy Faye really a lesbian??

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Your Comments:

PTLRIP says:
Rest in peace, Tammy Faye, you will be missed. (07-22-2007)

SPARKY ( says:
My parents are Republicans. My mother is a California politician. My father is a Baptist minister. And I am a Queer rocker. We get each other. Somehow we dig it.
SPARKY (10-12-2006)

Screamin' Armadillo says:
I wonder if Tom T. Hall knows that the song he wrote (Harper Valley PTA) was desecrated...poor Tom T. (09-29-2006)

Phil McRevis says:
I love Christian debate sites! Oh, wait, sorry. Anyhoo. You should really research English grammer before you post something. Rules on capitalization too. And Tammy, if you showcased the kind of legs of Jeannie C. Riley is sporting, some of these Rock 'em Sock 'em Theologists! might buy your crap. (09-26-2006)

MrSoulSatisfaction says:
Dang, Squeakers sounds a bit troubled. Do all Satanists have such short tempers and horrible grammar?

And Squeakers, you shouldn't use God's name in vein. It's not nice. But then again, you're a Satanist.

Jim and Tammy got what they deserved. Jim went to prison and Tammy got cancer. Probably from all that make-up. Sheesh! (07-25-2006)

Squeakers ( says:
Just because the women can't sing and has no talent in song writing does not mean that there is some sort of "Satanic" message.

And do you even know what satanism is? It has nothing to do with the christian devil. They don't even worship and sort of god or satan if thats what you want to call him.

You should really research something before you open your god damn mouth. (06-06-2006)

safestud ( says:
WOW I have several relases on sutra. Fat Boys, Royal Cash, Freda Payne as well as a few others and the T.C. Sutra affiliated label. I would have NEVER imagined even with the popularity of the scandal that Sutra would release a sob story of greed and selfishness entangled in such poorly frustrated songwriting. I would have held out for a major label myself at the time if I were her. If I were djing at that time and received that in the record pool. I would ask for a replacement and keep this for novelty purposes because belive it or not this record is worth some money only because of the label. My copy of Freda Payne-In Motion is going for $120.00 just for the single. That is an idea of what stuff on Sutra is actually worth. I am not selling mine but wouldnt mind getting a copy of this just to add to the list of greats. Famous Divas like Linda Evans, Eartha Kitt, Melissa Manchester, Mary Wells Rose Royce and other legendary artists signed with Indipendant Labels such as Streetwise, Sutra, Sunnyview, Quality, WestEnd, Montage and Profile back in the 80's for a dance tune or two to show they public they have not left. Most are great and even re-remixed today and do very well in club circut. Even Shirley Bassey has a Killer Remix album out. You can change the music but you can NOT change the talent. The songs you will keep in your heart longer are usually NON-HIT songs. Its just like you walk into a club and the hottest most commercial person there usually leaves with the same kind of person. When you go to a bar during the week instead of weekend, you meet and actually talk to people and make frineds that last longer. (same therory) Times and Technology change but the legend lives on. (05-23-2006)

whatta burger ( says:
whoever says bad of tammy right now should realize she has stage 4 cancer and should have a little respect for the woman who took all you peoples crap when you was down and out and loved you all thru hell sleet and snow.
shed be the first one to love you thru it all,so go put your fingers up your butts and smell it,cause thats what you are,a load of crap in gods nostrils til you repent of your ignorances you idiots,oh by the way,jesus forgive me for haveing low tolerance for stupid people who kick tammy when she is down and out,please forgive me jesus. (05-17-2006)

to whom it may concern ( says:
jerry falwell at the end of that slide should of had the devil at the end waiting to ram a pineapple up his butt,ha ha ha (05-17-2006)

W. Duffy Woodruff ( says:
Jim and Tammy Bakker were (and stll are) illiterate Stupid fools who know just enough to get your money! That was there entire agenda from the get-go, and that's what they'll try to do from their dying breath! They were con-artists then, they are con-artists now! (04-14-2006)

Laughing kitty says:
Oh my sweet Lord.

I have never heard anything so hilarious.
I must write an essay.......... (02-08-2006)

Rick Ele ( says:
What the hell kinda label was Sutra anyway???

Didn't they put out all the early Fat Boys records?

How can one independent label put out the Bakkers *AND* the Fat Boys??? (01-03-2006)

SeeVee says:
Mad Dr. Matt wrote: You folks cherry-pick portions of the bible that best suit your twisted little pecadilos - and then use them like a club to beat people who have a different view of life than you - into the ground. Ever hit somebody with a bible?

Seems like you are cherry picking parts of the Christian religion you dont like and using them like a club to beat people who have a different view of life than you - into the ground.

Wow. (12-25-2005)

Kris ( says:
Tammy Faye sure isn't naming names and pointing fingers is she? In actuality Tammy was a pill popper in her younger days and she was no better than Falwell or Swaggert. It seems very hypocritical (maybe thats why she used the tune of Harper Valley P.T.A.) (08-27-2005)

holden magroun ( says:
satanic messages are a load of bull so what who cares if there is something wrong said if you play a song backwords don't say anything bad about stairway led zepplin kicks a*** (01-30-2005)

Mad Dr. Matt ( says:
The problem with Christ is - all those Christians. Take Tammy and Jim for example. Like SO many others, they were perfectly willing to uses their "minisitry" to condemn gays and "non-believers" - while simutainously bilking the sick and old out of millions. Not to mention Jim getting his jollies by getting tied up to a chair and whipped by some dominatrix in a leather teddy. This pretty much sums up Chritianity today in RED USA. You folks cherry-pick portions of the bible that best suit your twisted little pecadilos - and then use them like a club to beat people who have a different view of life than you - into the ground. Ever hit somebody with a bible? Them suckers are HEAVY! For instance, did you know that Jesus comdemns DIVORCE with the same words Onan used to condemn homosexuality? Yep. He said it was an "abomibation against mankind." You didn't hear a lot of the Christian right going off on divorce during the election did you? That's because their church would be nearly EMPTY if they EQUALLY enforced all the tenants of the bible. You see, over 55% of all people ever married end up getting divorce, and I suppose - burning in hell. That would pretty much GUT the Christian right.

Well, brothers and sisters - if there's a hell below - WE'RE ALL GONNA GO!

I'll see YOU there! (11-16-2004)

KERRY & EDWARDS IN '04! says:
KERRY & EDWARDS IN '04! (10-28-2004)

Joli ( says:
Even if Jim & Tammy are not Hindu, (I was not exactly stating it for a fact, it was more tongue & cheek), I find it curious their CD has Sutra written across it in red. Sutra is not exactly a label commonly found in Christian bookstores. Or at least there was a time when it was not. Given the inroads the New Age has made already into Christianity, however, I would not be surprised to see the Sutra label in "Christian" bookstores now. I found it hilarious that Tammy used the Harper Valley PTA song as her toon of choice. School politics vs. church politics. Churchianity vs. Christianity. I'll take Christianity over Churchianity anyday. Playing church does not get you into heaven. Being a Christian in every sense of the term does. (10-14-2004)

Joli ( says:
Sutra... now that really brings a whole new dimension to the way I look at this couple. Sutra is a New Age term. Although New Age/Far Eastern mysticism has already infiltrated Judaism with the Kaballah, Catholicism and even Evangelical as well as Charismatic Christianity, a true Christian will not be persuaded along these lines. So my question is, just exactly what kind of "Christians" are Jim & Tammy? Karma Sutra. A Hindu term. They are Hindus in disguise! That's what! Televengalism is a materialistic enterprise as is being a guru. I guess the two go hand in hand. It's staggering to think how many people profit off of the utterings of demons who appear in beatiful form as "spirit guides." Demons who empower their subjects to transfer Kundalini Energy (serpent power) into others by the "laying on of hands." Get your hands off me Jim & Tammy! Away with you. Off with your cantaloupes. What is more, Satan has always wanted to be mistaken for God so when he gets a human to worship him, he gets that human to mistake themselves for God as well. He comes to man whispering words of love & peace, tickling man's ears telling them whatever they want to hear. He gets a man to call good "evil" & evil "good." He is a master of subtlety & deception & can affect total paradigm shifts in people's thinking & value systems without them even realizing he's doing it. God, on the other hand, does not always tell us what we want to hear but a true friend would not always tell us what we want to hear either. A true friend would try to make a difference in their friend's life if that friend was doing something self destructive or was making bad choices. God is a true friend. He is like a friend that sticks closer than any brother, father, sister or mother. But most refuse to believe in His goodness & liken Him to some punitive, cruel, taskmaster who is just out to take all the fun out of everyone's life. But the truth is, He only asks you to give up something so that He can give you something far better in it's place. What you give up pales to what you get in return. The way you think is so right... God can show you a way that is righter still. A way that is even more excellent, more doable & more in your best interest. He doesn't just expect you to give up something & leave you with a bigger void in your life than ever before. And then there's the Paul & Jan show who say that because of TBN, millions have come to know Christ. Girlfriend, boyfriend, the ONLY way ANYONE at all comes to know Christ is not because of mere human effort but because of the Holy Spirit (not a false Holy Spirit but the ONE & ONLY Holy Spirit) working through a person to reach another person OR the Holy Spirit working on a person directly with NO middle man OR the Holy Spirit working through a medium. Yes, TBN could be looked upon as a medium, BUT, who's working through the medium? The Holy Spirit. Therefore, the Holy Spirit should get the credit, NOT TBN. For Paul & Jan to make such a claim flies in the face of what Christianity is all about. Hello! Wake up you who are asleep in the Light or asleep in the thick darkness that surrounds God's incredible light. (10-14-2004)

Joli ( says:
Oh my God. This is CRIMINAL! The only thing that is MORE criminal is the day I was downloading on Napster before it went bust & quite by accident came across some Charles Manson ditties. He actually cut a record while in prison! I hope Jim & Tammy were in prison when they cut this single. Imagine the possibilities if Charlie, Jimmy & Tammy all collaborated. Better yet, Marilyn Manson & Charles Manson should collaborate. TOO SCARY! (10-14-2004)

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