The Ballad of Jim and Tammy

Check out Tammy Faye Bakker's pathetic plea for help.

Faced with the destruction of her "ministry" and the end to her privileged lifestyle, Tammy Faye Bakker did what any red-blooded american celebrity would do: she cut a record. On it, we get to hear the play-by-play on how the deal went down, with very little left to the sort of innuendo and metaphor you typically get in music. I didn't get any fancy cover art with this 12" single but the incredulity of this song more than makes up for it.

But there's even more to this 1987 classic than meets the ear. Upon closer analysis, I recently discovered several hidden satanic messages which could be revealed by playing the record backwards! No wonder Falwell and his gang were so eager to put these guys out of business!

The Ballad of Jim and Tammy
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The Ballad (MP3) I was moved when I heard this. No, wait, that was my bowels moving.
Hidden Satanic Message #1 (Real Audio) Is this Jim Bakker's secret code name? Or what Tammy calls him during sex?
Hidden Satanic Message #2 (Real Audio) Is Tammy Faye really a lesbian??

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Your Comments:

Spazzmatazz says:
Nothin' quite like Bible Belt wars, is there?
I say put em in the ring, gloves off. (09-14-2004)

musiclover says:
This record has to be a joke, right? The backward masking craze was long gone when this record was made in 1987. Again, I need to say: do not let Mr. LaRosa fool you. She made quite a few albums for their own ministry label (PTL Records & Tapes) during their heydey. Her first few albums were produced by Gary S. Paxton (her producer & love interest-read Jim's book "I Was Wrong" for the full story on this fiasco). She has some wonderful Christian albums that will bless and minister to you. "Were Blest", "Tammy sings You Can Make It", "Tammy Sings The Old Hymns", "In the Upper Room", and "Tammy Sings the Old Hymns" plus the PTL compilation album "Jim & Tammmy present the PTL Musical Family". Put these records on and PTL comes alive again in your own home! By the way, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is healing her of lung cancer-check out for the latest updates. "What are you looking for the devil for when you ought to be looking for the Lord?" (Petra, More Power To Ya, 1982) (09-02-2004)

Brenda says:
OMG That song is a rip off of Harper Valley PTA. Tammy you bite :P (08-29-2004)

Slash City says:
Anglia Polytechnic University is the place where you can get your arse covered in in jam. (07-24-2004)

Homer says:
heh heh heh ...shows u what shit religion is.....heh heh heh (05-10-2004)

The Evil Ones ( says:
Tammy Faye, You are Ordered back home your Mother and I are worried sick about you. Quit being a rebel and playing with that Heavenly God stuff!

Come Home! We Love You! we'll keep the Fires burning.


Mr.& Mrs. B.L. Zebub (01-30-2004)

sara lamb says:
Did this guy dis yo Mama?
some of the things you write contradict themselves, not to mention the facts.
God knows what is in this mans heart and will deal with it in his own good time, until then, better hope there is safety glass installed in your own glass house. (01-02-2004)

Boy Toy says:
Wanna hear something weird? In 1978, when I was 17, these two creeps came to Burlington, Vermont for some religious weekend thing. I had agreed to drive them back and forth from their hotel to the auditorium at our pastors request. They were never both ready at the same time and I always ended up driving them separately. While we were in the car alone, BOTH of them hit on me at some point. I should have blown the whistle on them and saved all of those innocent people their retirement checks. (12-28-2003)

Beasty says:
Give me a BREAK!!! Talk about mindless and using religion as a means to ripoff the masses. Like any fools demise, they got greedy and got caught.

HEY! John Davies STOP Putting up cheap ads for your ministry here.

Praise the Lord! They got busted. Is she still using that caked on make-up. Booooo! (07-28-2003)

Kelly says:
geez, this song is 100% proof that Karoke is a privalige, not a god given right. (07-09-2003)

A_Radical says:
To John Davies: What is the point in all this kaka you just wrote about Jim Bakker? What does it have to do with this website or this album? All the stuff about Jim Bakker you just wrote is old hat. Oh...and before you rush to judgement, calling him a "parasite," etc, note this: it is frankly none of your business who God chooses to forgive, and to what extent he chooses to forgive. Jim Bakker sinned much, paid a terrible price for it, and was forgiven much. You could learn a lot from this example of amazing grace. I have heard him...he is a radically transformed individual with one of the sweetest spirits I have ever seen. He has been restored by his denomination, befriended by the Grahams and radically forgiven by his God. The Grahams would be disobeying their God by continuing to "remind" Jim of his past transgressions, which have been forgiven and forgotten. You could learn a real lesson from this amazing act of forgiveness on the part of the savior, acceptance back into the fold and restoration of his calling. I would fully trust the radically transformed Jim Bakker now. His ministry is broadcast, which means, yes, he must raise funds to keep it going. More power to him. But as for could use a real dose of the grace Jim Bakker has experienced. Who has the greater sin now, John? You are just as much a sinner and just as much in need of His grace and forgiveness as Jim BAkker was. Lighten up and get your own self straightened out. It is not for you to judge. (07-07-2003)

Brian Johnson ( says:
Did anybody ever see the episode of "Drew Carey" where Tammy showed up as Mimi's mom? I shit you not; it really aired. It was hilarious! Not to mention "The Eyes Of Tammy Faye." Fabulous movie. (07-01-2003)

Kendall says:
It's just not up to us to judge...the quality or the fruit of a ministry. Avoid putting your faith in people or finances and rely on the Holy Spirit to speak to you personally. (06-21-2003)

Mike Coy ( says:
Never heard the song. I came into the site ref I saw Haylay Mills. I wanted to write about and hear about her! (03-18-2003)

MightyOrson ( says:
All things considered, Me n' Tom T. Hall took the royalties n' bought a pickup fulla beer n' got lost fer a couplla weeks 'cause you woulda dunnit too n' hoped no one knew who ya wuz. (03-14-2003)

Me says:
Pray for me Galahad. (03-09-2003)

Jimmy Hobart says:
Marion -- This song came out in '87. Jeannie C. Riley cut Harper Valley PTA in the late 60s ('68, I think). Offhand, I'm pretty sure Bakker is lifting from her, unless Jeannie had a time machine or something.

Damn shame she couldn't copy Riley's looks from that Rib album cover while she was at it, too. Yow. *fap fap fap* (02-13-2003)

Charles Evel says:
"There is Freedom in the Lord through Christ Jesus."

No argument THERE. But the issue isnt about Jesus but rather those who use his name to further their own ends. I openly admit Im a sinner. I aint proud of it and Im certainly making no pretenses that Im holier than anyone. But I sure as HELL wouldnt prey upon people's faith and need to beleive in a higher power than themselves. There are a LOT of gullible people out there and people like Jim and Tammy KNOW it. Ah well, in the end theyll get whats coming to them one way or another

Yeah, I trust Jesus. It's the people that CLAIM to work for him that you should watch out for. (02-12-2003)

pilesar ( says:
i'd consider this "outsider music".

wow! (01-15-2003)

Jer says:
Sounds like "Harper Valley PTA". She shoulda sent it to Warren Zevon for a rewrite on the lyrics. He'd have a field day with this material. (01-05-2003)

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