The Ballad of Jim and Tammy

Check out Tammy Faye Bakker's pathetic plea for help.

Faced with the destruction of her "ministry" and the end to her privileged lifestyle, Tammy Faye Bakker did what any red-blooded american celebrity would do: she cut a record. On it, we get to hear the play-by-play on how the deal went down, with very little left to the sort of innuendo and metaphor you typically get in music. I didn't get any fancy cover art with this 12" single but the incredulity of this song more than makes up for it.

But there's even more to this 1987 classic than meets the ear. Upon closer analysis, I recently discovered several hidden satanic messages which could be revealed by playing the record backwards! No wonder Falwell and his gang were so eager to put these guys out of business!

The Ballad of Jim and Tammy
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The Ballad (MP3) I was moved when I heard this. No, wait, that was my bowels moving.
Hidden Satanic Message #1 (Real Audio) Is this Jim Bakker's secret code name? Or what Tammy calls him during sex?
Hidden Satanic Message #2 (Real Audio) Is Tammy Faye really a lesbian??

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Your Comments:

Friction Lad ( says:
Damn it! she was worth every penny they swindled!
For years, Jim and Tammy had the funniest TV show in the history of America. It was cruel and brilliant and I miss it terribly. It's just a cryin' shame they couldn't handle the switch from cult favorite to mass market.


Eric ( says:
I'm sorry, but does that say "Mixed by Steve Cropper" on the label? Don't tell me he fell from BOOKER T. AND THE MG'S to this crap...and oh yes, may Tammy Faye and friends please join the rest of their brethren in pathetic oblivion. (07-01-2001)

The Lone Beatnik ( says:
"Leavin' 3 little dogs out in the cold". Maybe they could hide in her wigs-- or her eyelashes. Anyway: did you notice the record label was "Sutra"... as it Kama Sutra? Jim & Tammy Kama Sutra... ugh. (06-14-2001)

The Lone Beatnik ( says:
In that 2nd satanic message did she say "Tits on my big head"? The song is as interesting backwards and forwards. That Tammy Faye is a groovy chick. This tune's rockin'... oh baby. Damn-- reaffirming my original thought: Christian music sucks ass! (06-14-2001)

TFMR ( says:
She couldn't've written her own music? She had to rip off Jeanne C. Riley's "Harper Valley PTA"? (05-26-2001)

Sf Fog ( says:
I just finished writing a check out for $ 100,000.00 for Jim and Tammy. PTL (04-25-2000)

SueBri says:
Not sure but I swear I hear ...her tits have both been robbed and shes been shot in the head...on the backward this true?.....i mean if I were Jim it certainly would cross my mind on occasion... (03-12-2000)

Rick Robertson ( says:
Heard this in a record store in Birmingham when it was first released, and snatched one up right away. Glad I did. It truly is laughable, but to hear her voice crack on the word "foam" on the flip side ("God Bless America)is the real "prize" of this record! When I need a few bucks, I'll list it on eBay and e-mail every drag queen I know! (01-31-2000)

AmyW ( says:
Wow.....All I can say! (01-19-2000)

Vynyl Junkie ( says:
Move over Mariah, Celine & Whitney! Tammy Faye's the REAL diva and this here Ballad PROVES it! (I'm disappointed. There was no mention of Jim's cowering in fetal position in his jail cell or his suffering. Guess Mrs. Baker would be happy if'n they'd give her back the furniture and the dog house whilst Jim rots in jail -- PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!) (09-28-1999)

Bob DeAndrea ( says:
Somewhere I have a 12" copy of this song along with two other Tammy Faye favorites including Tammy singing "God Bless America." I have mixed Tammy's "God Bless America" with Kate's Smith's rendition of the same song. Great sound. Wish I could listen to Mrs. Elva Miller singing "Yellow Submarine" or "Downtown." Long live Hayley Mills, Annette Funicello, Tammy and Mrs. Miller. (09-10-1999)

DLdavid says:
I think Tammy should cut a techno dance album for the kids like cher just did! Re-record some old favorites such as this one plus some new tracks a la believe! (08-21-1999)

Jeff Nichols ( says:
When I first heard this song, it was back in the late-80's from the old "John Lander's Hit Music USA" radio show. Being fascinated with the show's parodies, I would record them for later play. When I heard this, I thought it was a parody, but later on, I found out that it was not a hoax. This shattered me. This song makes me feel like I'm in some form of Hell and will not be relieved until Tammy Faye is gone! Speaking of Hell, does anybody know anything about the Freddy Kruger album? (08-09-1999)

suebri says:
well they sure dont know the same God i know..guess the natives are right...more thn one god (06-17-1999)

BillPSQ ( says:
Be GLAD you don't have the picture sleeve. It's a (much too) close up of the disgraced Ms. Bakker in a sort of soft focus shot, just barely holding back the tears. Dreadful in only the most unimaginably horrible way. (04-13-1999)

Paul Elliott ( says:
Hi there, I was looking forward to hearing the Jim & Tammy tracks, unfortiuntly they wouldn't play due to the URL being incorrect according to the help section at RealAudio. Please let me know when this is fixed as I'm dying to hear the tracks. (03-05-1999)

Alias Pink Puzz (Pluto) says:
Forget Clampton, Tammy is a diety who belongs next to Sonny Bono on that ski-lift to the stars. My life is now worth living again. (03-02-1999)

Sir Droopy Drawers says:
DING, DING, DING, DING.....We got a winner here, Frank! You listed some really moronic albums before, but this one takes the twinkie. "Just say No to Drugs and this piece of Crap!" Please excuse me, my asylum awaits for me.... (02-19-1999)

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