The Price Is Right

Sexucational Songs, Scientifically Sung by Claudia Wheeler

I wasn't sure what to make of this Beacon records release when I first saw it for sale on ebay. Two weeks later it showed up in my mailbox and I'm still scratching my head. The Price Is Right, subtitled "sexucational songs scientifically sung by Claudia Wheeler", is certainly no children's record (note the message "for grown-ups only" in the upper right hand corner of the jacket), but on the other hand it's not the kind of crass underground recording typical of this genre either. Accompanied by a lovely pianist, Claudia Wheeler sings about the raunchiest subjects in the most dignified and ladylike way possible. Even the liner notes talk about how "the charm and beauty of Claudia is reflected in the songs on this unique album". Yes, she's charming, and beautiful, but that song about Little Boy Blue is just a bit too blue for high society, I would think.

I still can't figure out what about this record is supposed to be "scientific" or "educational", but I did find out (again by reading the informative liner notes) that Claudia Wheeler is a native of Detroit who started out as a dancer in "the best known clubs and theatres", and that Beacon Records president Joe Barns is confident I will derive as much listening pleasure out of this album as he had making it. That fits my budget!

The Price Is Right
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I'll Give You a Screw (Real Audio) Here's what Claudia will do for you if you ain't got a nail.
I Never Saw a Crack Like That (Real Audio) Folks, it's not cement that Claudia is talking about here.
Little Boy Blue (Real Audio) This needs no further explanation...

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Dan O'Connell ( says:
Does this record have "Let Me Bang Your Box" or the words go like that on it?? I'm trying to find me a copy of that song but I'm not sure it's this girl that sings it. Let me know if anyone knows what I'm talkin' about... (05-12-2003)

Dave Sergi ( says:
I found this site helping my 8 year old daughter do a class research project on Jeannie C. Riley. Oh my god what a great site. I want to find out more about Claudia Wheeler, she is great. A white LAberta Hunter. (04-20-2003)

Blue Billie says:
Claudia Wheeler and Rusty Warren could blow my Horn any day.

I wish there were more records like this these days!

I wonder if the cover for this record was the inspiration for Herb Alpert's Whipped Cream and Other Delights? (04-03-2003)

Aunt Fanny ( says:
Oh Frank, I love these songs so much, please please can we have some more of them to listen to? (03-21-2003)

The Cap' ( says:
Sexucational??? Is that when your partner kills you while you're having sex? (03-05-2003)

johnny says:
ive got a woody!! (02-22-2003)

Kate The Great says:
oh, my, GOD. (02-04-2003)

E Rock ( says:
oh my god, it's may west! (01-16-2003)

Spiveysgp ( says:
Have you been talking to Dr. Demento, because this vinyl sure sound like dementia to me!!!! (01-11-2003)

margo ( says:
this rules (12-29-2002)

Adam says:
Dear Bob. Barker
I was watching the show TODAY that one guy almost had won $10000 playing punch a bunch Do you think you can help me with my own show of the price is right. (12-27-2002)

Rufus says:
Gives an entire new meaning to the phrase, "come on down." (11-01-2002)

kat ( says:
what a great has been recommended to many people i know..THANKS!!!!! (10-27-2002)

Canadian Vinylist says:
That ain't no barker's beauty singing! (08-29-2002)

karlos ( says:
Giant craziness lol (08-26-2002)

Tristin Campbell ( says:
LMFAO (08-23-2002)

Joseph Gallant ( says:
Today, there would be no need for an album like this, thanks to sex-instruction videos. (08-21-2002)

Daredevil6 ( says:
Ok, you can blow it. Go 'head, blow it. YOUR CAREER, THAT IS! Wheeler (if that is the chik on the cover) is singing these songs about as much as she is....blowin' my horn. I think an investigation is in order... (08-08-2002)

Mark R. Hill ( says:
While I can't verify the fact, it is my belief that the cover girl on the LP is not the singer, but in fact, Julie Newmar (aka. Catwoman.) Who did many modeling appearances before her stardom.

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"Dr. Mark" Hill * The Doctor Of Pop Culture /*/ e-mail to:
Lancaster OH 43130-3140 /*/ Photos:
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brandon harris ( says:
I hope janice comes back to the show thos fall! (08-01-2002)

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