Gracias Por La Musica

Swedish supergroup ABBA, in Spanish.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear. In the next life, I wish to be reborn as Benny Andersson (he's the second from the left in this photo). It's not because I long for the riches and fame that go with being an international pop star, or even so I could get to pose for pictures wearing silly purple jumpsuits, although those are both nice fringe benefits. No, it's so I could, if even for a short time, be married to my idol, Frida.

Ah, Frida. While the other boys were fixated on cutesy blonde Agnetha, it was you, the sultry dark-haired member of ABBA, who became the object of my teenage fantasies. Your smile, so beautiful and sincere. Your eyes, so delicate and inviting. And oh, your voice, exotic and sexy, like a thousand golden angels on reverb pumping through my cheap Panasonic speakers at maximum volume. I'd give every record I own just to spend a moment near you. True, you eventually became a freak with big hair and painted-on eyebrows, but I loved you just the same.

Anyway, here's a record of ABBA songs recorded in Spanish, which is a pretty clever trick when you consider that the members of the group regularly recorded in four languages besides their native Swedish. Talk about bending over backwards to cater to us lazy Americans.

Gracias Por La Musica
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Mamma Mia (MP3) You can really here Frida's voice coming through on this version of Mamma Mia.
Reina Danzante (MP3) Yep, it's their #1 hit, Dancing Queen, in Spanish.

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Kathy says:
I used to like Abba when they were popular, but never really appreciated the band until I spent an evening at Frank's apartment watching their videos. It was surreal and fun. I'll never appreciate them the way all of you do, but who doesn't love to sing along to Dancing Queen? (04-19-2009)

Pilsor says:
I love this album! I have it at home and listened to it constantly as a child! I never knew that Abba was originally not a spanish group at all until high school, and I certainly prefer them in spanish :) (03-12-2009)

R.F.E. says:
Abba at first read english lyrics phonetically, they later learned to speak the language. If you listen carefully to "Waterloo" you can hear their then strong Swedish accents. (A Swedish version of "Waterloo" exists.)

Abba was popular in the US but were a huge act in Europe and around the world. (12-09-2007)

vvaleria rindonde de venezuela ( says:
ABBA para mi son los mejores ,sus voces son muy bonitas y sus canciones son las mejores, quisiera verlos pero por ese peequeño caso lo dudo los quiero mucho y hubieran seguido cantando por que en verdad que me encantan sus canciones chauu un beso (kiss) chao me llamo valeria y tengo 10 años jeje la verdad es que me gustan las canciones de esos años (04-16-2007)

Lílian ( says:
Eu sou fanática pelo grupo abba... (01-26-2007)

Phil McRevis says:
Can't say as though I have much hope for Ella Rouge's career, if Jessica is their P.R. person. Frank has made a kick-ass site for all of us to enjoy and fill with witty graffiti, not for you to pimp your name dropping wanna-be hacks. Disco down ABBA, disco down the road. (01-13-2007)

Jessica ( says:
Hi there!

I'm writing to let you know about the new music group from Sweden called
Ella Rouge, whose self-titled debut album is already generating a lot of
buzz around the world! The lead singer is the son of Abba member Benny
Anderson and the band is quickly gaining thousands of friends on MySpace.
Please check them out at or We
believe some news/editorial about Ella Rouge will be great for your site. We
can provide you with a CD to review and digital assets like photos, bio and
news release. I hope to work with you on this project, let me know if you're

Jessica Spinks
310 806 4545 (10-29-2006)

raquelli ( says:
eu amo o abba, e adoro as musicas em versoes em espanlhol (08-19-2006)

Jose Carlos ( says:
Thank you for the music and for this website. ABBA still is an inspiration for new generations. Their music, the lyrics, and their videos are full of emotions, colors and harmonies. Their evolution go from the groovy tunes in the early recordings, the poppy love songs, the maturity in the lyrics and performances in their video clips where they confront their own existence as couples and everything that goes with it, event the divorce clearly reflected (though not admitted) in the winner takes it all (a true masterpiece when you see the video), and ratified and "The day before you came" where they don’t see each other faces, far apart physically, and in soul and mind, and where Agnetha sings to the world the drama of routine life and what comes with it. ABBA is a beautiful story of pop music, which parallels their own existence. A history that includes the symbolism of the 70's, with dramatic and painful moments, that ends with mature lyrics and styles in the early 80's. The drama and pain does not stop there, they still linger up to day and is reflected in Agnetha’s seclusion. The boys are still boys, doing the same thing than before: composing music. The Beatles broke up with a conservative, limiting, and sofocating generation in the 60's. ABBA still gives nowadays continuity to the emotions, feelings, and essence of couple relationships, their joys and sour moments, their growing up and braking up. ABBA is their own story reflected in their music, voices and performances. (07-12-2006)

Jose Carlos ( says:
Gracias por la musica y por este website. ABBA sigue siendo una inspiracion para nuevas generaciones. La musica, la letra de sus canciones y sus videos estan llenos de emociones, con matices en las voces y armonia. Su evolucion desde lo groovy en las primeras canciones, la inspiracion de amor juvenil, la madurez de la letra y performances en videos donde confrontan sus propias existencias como pareja y todo lo que conlleva, hasta la ruptura claramente reflejada en "The winner takes it all" (una obra maestra cuando se conjunta con el video) y ratificada en "The day before you came" en donde nadie se ve la cara, donde sus miradas perdidas contrastan con los primeros videos, incluyendo a Agnheta quien le canta al mundo el drama de la rutina y a lo que conlleva. ABBA es una bellisima historia musical, con paralelismos reales, llena de simbolismos de la generacion de los 70's, dramatica y dolorosa, que se vuelve perenne hoy dia al ver el aislamiento de Agnetha. Los Beatles rompieron con una generacion conservadora, limitante, asfixiante. ABBA da continuidad a las emociones, a los sentimientos, a la esencia misma de las relaciones de pareja, con sus alegrias y sinsabores, su crecimiento y su rompimiento. Es la vida misma reflejada en musica, imagen, y voz.

Saludos a todos. (07-12-2006)

harry ( says:
muy buena diria que de lo mejor que se puede eschar y que son pocos los afortunados que los han escuchado (04-04-2006)

John ( says:
Great site - Abba Rules! (03-20-2006)

nestly ( says:
Do u know abba freeks my world, i guess is because we have something in common well i hope the world knows this,there is no happiness without ABBA. (03-10-2006)

Bob ( says:
Hi, I'm busy writing some articles about abba's personality both on and off the stage.

If any of you know of any anecdotes, pictures, aticles, anything small or large, plese do get in touch at the adress above, or either of these below.

Thanks for your help!! (03-05-2006)

Dr. Mike ( says:
Abba and Dancin Queen are great!! (02-02-2006)

Dan Murphy ( says:
I always loved ABBA's style! (12-24-2005)

stongey says:
I saw a documentary about them too. They spoke English, but after the disbanding, Agnetha went into seclusion. She refused to be interviewed partly because she no longer speaks English well enough... (12-21-2005)

myrth ( says:
i'm sure the people who were ABBA speak fluently in English.

what i want to know is who dropped them the Gooney Bird and what band were they touring with? that could say alot, as in, were they touring with a Californian band? what year?..

for Frida fans, have you heard the song she did with Jeff Lynne in the 80s? i don't remember what it was called. i don't remember enjoying it too much, either. but then, i'm not an ABBA fan.

myrth (10-07-2005)

nonamed says:
well,actually i saw an episode of the history of pop music,or whatever it was,and Bjorn spoke about the band in a very fluent english,so i think at least half of them actually knows,let alone speaks,a very good english (10-05-2005)

myrth70 ( says:
what's suspicious (and quite hilarious) about this album cover is that if you remove the picture of the band members and all of the text around them, then enlarge the picture of the airplane, what you end up with is a picture of a genuine tab of 'Gooney Bird' LSD!

it's even the same color scheme!!!

myrth70 (09-28-2005)

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