Gracias Por La Musica

Swedish supergroup ABBA, in Spanish.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear. In the next life, I wish to be reborn as Benny Andersson (he's the second from the left in this photo). It's not because I long for the riches and fame that go with being an international pop star, or even so I could get to pose for pictures wearing silly purple jumpsuits, although those are both nice fringe benefits. No, it's so I could, if even for a short time, be married to my idol, Frida.

Ah, Frida. While the other boys were fixated on cutesy blonde Agnetha, it was you, the sultry dark-haired member of ABBA, who became the object of my teenage fantasies. Your smile, so beautiful and sincere. Your eyes, so delicate and inviting. And oh, your voice, exotic and sexy, like a thousand golden angels on reverb pumping through my cheap Panasonic speakers at maximum volume. I'd give every record I own just to spend a moment near you. True, you eventually became a freak with big hair and painted-on eyebrows, but I loved you just the same.

Anyway, here's a record of ABBA songs recorded in Spanish, which is a pretty clever trick when you consider that the members of the group regularly recorded in four languages besides their native Swedish. Talk about bending over backwards to cater to us lazy Americans.

Gracias Por La Musica
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Mamma Mia (MP3) You can really here Frida's voice coming through on this version of Mamma Mia.
Reina Danzante (MP3) Yep, it's their #1 hit, Dancing Queen, in Spanish.

Your Comments:

Janne Pekkala ( says:
Hi all! (10-13-2004)

Britney Zazzy ( says:
Live long and prosper ! (09-17-2004)

Frank A says:
Take a close look at Benny and tell me he's not one of the BeeGees. What's really going on here? (08-06-2004)

Peanut Head says:
esta uno parabola, e manana de korba del rio de compose uno esta phartos beanos.....SI, JAMMY OSMINDT...una este BOMBA, BABIES!!!

uno puerco facia della goofo grande, es cinque senoritia del vaginos mambos grande stinko phish..

OK Roberto....una moi casa pour liqour, tobacca et de JAMMY OSMINDT CD...den una nekkido ala grande Mommosito changa ceuvo...bye... (05-18-2004)

Homer says:
Mamma Mia!..think i have diarrhea! my here i go again! (05-10-2004)

ERICK MEJIA (5a. calle 17-77 zona 14) says:
felicidades (05-07-2004)

Tibu ( says:
I love this record (04-19-2004)

Joey Traughber ( says:
Awesome! I love ABBA! (04-12-2004)

PEPE ( says:
YES! There is a CBS Discos USA pressing of this CD in existance. I bought it, but unfortunately it was stolen some years ago. I havent been able to find another one. But it DOES exist. (03-20-2004)

M. Oron says:
Keel deeze Motherfuckers!

I veel giff you Moneee to doo eet. (02-09-2004)

Lalo ( says:
Gracias a ABBA por todo y si alguien fanatico de mexico Aguascalientes tiene music de Abba rarezas Agamelo saber, (01-28-2004)

David says:
I don't know how many times I took the ferry between Bacolod and Iloilo, but they played ABBA videos the whole way every time, and I am now insane. (11-29-2003)

eli ( says:
it's the best. (10-29-2003)

katty ( says:
es un buen DIsco pero yo saco cachita porque tengo todos los dicos de ABBA ñañañañañañaña (10-22-2003)

Juan Rivera Velasquez says:
Yo me recuerdo este album cuando salio en Puerto Rico cuando you era un muchacho en la escuela superior Dr. Veve Calzada, en Fajardo. Tremendo bailarin que fui en eso dias. Saludos a mi gente!!! Ahora vivo en el mid west de los EEUU, y esta gente no saben bailar...lastima. (09-01-2003)

super cholo says:
ABBA ES GOLS (06-15-2003)

Michael Glazier ( says:
I love this album, I have the record and the tape, now I want the cd, but I don't want to pay $38 for it. I could had bought the cd when I was in Buffalo New York for $14.99 but I didn't and I am kicking myself for it. My favorite songs are Al Andar, Hasta Manana. I wish I can buy it in Vancouver Canada without paying a fortune and to bad not one spanish song is not on the 4 cd set Thank You The Music. (05-02-2003)

Ilan ( says:
I'very like abba group. I' very missing to thier songs. specially the song from agnetha. do you to interst me about anifrid song after abba group, was failed ? (04-29-2003)

Edwardo says:
Que!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (02-05-2003)

jramon_mx ( says:
Es uno de los mejores discos grabados en la historia de la musica en español por grupos de lengua sajona, jamas he ecuchado tan bellas versiones de canciones tan famosas como las de aqui, en México uiero conseguir el LP. Por favor ayudenme, si es posible. (11-28-2002)

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