Gracias Por La Musica

Swedish supergroup ABBA, in Spanish.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear. In the next life, I wish to be reborn as Benny Andersson (he's the second from the left in this photo). It's not because I long for the riches and fame that go with being an international pop star, or even so I could get to pose for pictures wearing silly purple jumpsuits, although those are both nice fringe benefits. No, it's so I could, if even for a short time, be married to my idol, Frida.

Ah, Frida. While the other boys were fixated on cutesy blonde Agnetha, it was you, the sultry dark-haired member of ABBA, who became the object of my teenage fantasies. Your smile, so beautiful and sincere. Your eyes, so delicate and inviting. And oh, your voice, exotic and sexy, like a thousand golden angels on reverb pumping through my cheap Panasonic speakers at maximum volume. I'd give every record I own just to spend a moment near you. True, you eventually became a freak with big hair and painted-on eyebrows, but I loved you just the same.

Anyway, here's a record of ABBA songs recorded in Spanish, which is a pretty clever trick when you consider that the members of the group regularly recorded in four languages besides their native Swedish. Talk about bending over backwards to cater to us lazy Americans.

Gracias Por La Musica
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Mamma Mia (MP3) You can really here Frida's voice coming through on this version of Mamma Mia.
Reina Danzante (MP3) Yep, it's their #1 hit, Dancing Queen, in Spanish.

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Esteban says:
Quiero esta la ABBA? (10-09-2002)

Dennis Poblete M. ( says:
En mamma mía, la voz que escucho con más fuerza e la de Frida. Realmente es una voz con mucho poder y versátil, sin desmerecer la de Agnetha. En vivo se reafirma lo que señalo, se oye casi igual que en estudio. Lo que bajo mi punto devista, no ocurría con Agnetha. pero en general Abba fue un honor para la gente de los años 70.
from Chile, Dennis.
Abba the best group of the world. (10-04-2002)

hbotis ( says:
You can get the material from their reissue "Oro" series. It has been reissued again recently with all their Spanish recordings in 1 CD. You can't get this cover though.

The only CD with this cover was released in Japan, but is now much sought after. I read that there was a US CBS-Disco label CD of this from Goldmine - but they might be wrong - never seen a copy ever, except on vinyl.


Michael Glazier ( says:
I love this album, that I want to buy it on cd, but I don't want pay $38 for it. Does anybody know where I can't buy it for less in Canada. I have the cassette as well as the record, but I didn't keep it in the cover and now the record sounds like rice krispies. (08-09-2002)

Luis ( says:
Gracias al grupo ABBA por todas estas canciones, especialmente por el tema "gracias por la musica"
Un saludo y recuerdos desde ARGENTINA
LUIS (07-27-2002)

jose Rojas-Chapana ( says:
Este album es maravilloso, la traduccion de gracias por la musica del ingles al espnaol es realmente insuperable. El album como tal es un trabajo lleno de emociones e inocencia casi barroca. Hoy a mis 36 anos cada vez que escucho estas melodias muchas veces no puedo contener las lagrimas. Lastima que Abba jama estuvo en latinoamerica y lastima que a diferncia de Europa, los latinos no bailaban, a excepcion de las romanticas- las canciones de Abba. Abba es ya inmortal, un oasis de paz en los anos 70-80. Con el musical ABBA que se estrenara en Londres Abba sera un mito. La reunificacion del grupo por lo menos por una cancion es casi imposible, Agnetha se ha retirado casi en forma asqueta del mundo artistico y solo quiere paz y tranquilidad. Que pena por ella...saludos especiles para Agnetha y saludos desde Berlin a todos los Abbistas hispanos en el mundo y sus alrededores. Un amigo Jose mundo de (07-17-2002)

Extream says:
EVEL IS THE MAN! (07-16-2002)

Neurus ( says:
¡¡¡¡Este disco es mortal!!!! Encima las versiones en español fueron hechas por Buddy McCLUSKEY el hermano del imbatible DONALD, el consejal de San Isidro y gurú del verano argentino. (07-13-2002)

César Andrés Vargas ( says:
Este album de ABBA es muy lindo me gusta escucharlo ademas exiten 5 temas mas en español que estan muy buenos. saludos desde Chile.... (07-09-2002)

Sammy Reed says:
Whatchutalkinboutwillis to you, too! (07-03-2002)

beate pfeifer ( says:
Ich möchte dringend diese Platte oder Cd oder Mc erwerben !!! woher kann ich sie bekommen ???? ich finde einfach bisher keine möglichkeit !!!!
wer kann mir helfen ???
Danke (07-02-2002)

Sammy Reed says:
About them not speaking english and having to learn their songs phonetically: You probably have that confused with Pink Lady, the Japanese female duo. Remember the ill-fated "Pink Lady & Jeff" show? There's actually a 3-DVD set with all 6 episodes ever made of that show. From everything I've heard and read, Pink Lady didn't know much if any english, and had to learn their songs as well as their lines on that show phonetically. Thought you might like to know. (06-27-2002)

Anni ( says:
Hi! I like this album even more than some others and I like many spanish songs even more than english versions. And my favourite ABBA member is Anni-Frid too and I look like her! My fiends tell it me every day. Yes, I love ABBa and Anni-Frid very much! (06-22-2002)

John Sandage says:
I belive Ron Burns has this for sale, along with a man's unit up his ass. (05-16-2002)

James Brader ( says:
I like this album too. For me it is clearly Agnetha who steels the show. Particularry on this album, where she sings lead on most songs. Her voice really suits the Spanish lanquage very well. ABBA was wonderful. This is not their best album (to me The Visitors and Voulez Vous are the best) Nor is their best song on this album (to me this is The winnner takes it all) but it is an album that will make you smile and long for a nice summer in the warm Spanish sun. (04-21-2002)

Søren Pilegaard says:
Hey, ABBA could actually speak english. Apart from that, this is the best site I´ve ever been visiting. GRRRRRREEAT ! (04-02-2002)

Hjørdis Heindriksdóttir (Hjørdis Heindriksdó says:
I love Gracias Por La Musica. And I also Liked Annifrid Lyngstad (and ABBA), who is the reason why I learned english during my years at school. (03-21-2002)

Ron Burns ( says:
I have this album. I am willing to sell to best offerer. I have just about all the albums listed on this site. My contact information is included. It's the way I do business: Ron Burns 550 CHILDS DR MILTON,ONTARIO,CANADA L9T 3P3 1-(905)-876-3245 (08-06-2001)

Daniel Gibson ( says:
You think this is bad...I have it on 8-track! Cheese on cheese!! (07-16-2001)

The Lone Beatnik ( says:
Brilliant! This is so funny! Hey, talk about a bizarre foreign-language album: I found a copy of "GRASA" (that's the soundtrack to Grease in spanish..) Its not the original actors... but the album packaging is a cheesy ripoff of the original. The back only has 4 ppl, whereas the original back cover has scores. The front cover to GRASA even has the offcenter pic of the 2 main characters and the chewed up pencil beside the pic. Grasa should be on this site someday. It's hillarious (06-14-2001)

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