Mission: Impossible

A record that tries to do the impossible... and succeeds!

Yes, it's the sound track album to TV's Mission: Impossible, composed by "sixth member of the Impossible Missions Force" Lalo Schifrin. Where else can you find not only the fabulous Mission Impossible title theme but also cool jazz tracks devoted to each IM force member? There's "Jim On The Move", "Rollin Hand", "Wide Willy", "Cinnamon", and "Barney Does It All", plus "Danger", "The Sniper", "The Plot" and "Mission Accomplished".

"This album might not self-destruct in ten seconds," warns the liner notes, "but you will likely blow your mind." I did.

Great News: If you don't have the time, the patience, or the technical expertise required to get the original Mission: Impossible record shown here, you can do the next best thing and order a copy on CD! The disc has the same Lalo Schifrin tunes as the record, and if you're under 40 you probably won't even miss the scratches.

Mission: Impossible
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Mission: Impossible (MP3) The classic theme music. Light that fuse, baby...
The Plot (MP3) Even "the plot" gets its own music.
Wide Willy (MP3) A theme for every IM force member... is it possible?

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Your Comments:

Brittney ( says:
mission impossible is awesome and we get to play the song in our band at school (04-11-2007)

Bill ( says:
I would love to see the earliest Mission Impossible episodes with Mr Briggs - prior to Mr. Phelps (12-09-2006)

Joe McGinty ( says:
Would love any other information on versions of the theme with lyrics. I have the Kane Triplets version, but they omit some of the verses. (07-29-2006)

The Blehbleh says:
ahhh i can't take the awesomeness... ever had the urge to run through walmart playing the song through portable speakers? (07-09-2006)

steph lil' bubba says:
I love mission impopssible. I like Ethan Hunt he is so cool. He is my hero. (05-14-2006)

savvy says:
OMG! i luv this song! its the kewlest!!!!!!!!!! doodoodoooooodoodoodoooodoodoodooooo doodoo!!!!!!!!!!!! (05-04-2006)

Kev ( says:
Its good! jst that i want to hear the one for Mission Impossable 3 the Exacet not with the flute! (04-30-2006)

Allie says:
Ok so my band is playing this.(i am in 7th grade) I am one of the best...i play trumpet. I think that the song clip you have is really good it helps us learn all of our parts..i am listening to it now...

Allie <3's this song! (04-26-2006)

Tion says:
hey, thanks! i needed to hear what the original lalo schifrin version sounded like for my school band. thanks again! (04-23-2006)

HB ( says:
Where Can I purchase the original Lalo Schifrin version of Mission Impossible? (02-21-2006)

SPECTR says:
Makes me wanna run around with a rubber mask on and blow stuff up.......I loved this show as a kid and now I install "Toys" on vehicles for a living. The kind of toys and vehicles not available to the public. Amazing what an influence television has huh?

I'll be watching.......... (12-30-2005)

C. Terentius Rufus says:
Definitley a notch or two above the usual offerings on these Web pages. While somewhat dated, the compositions and arrangments hold up rather well. Our high school marching band played the IM theme for halftime. Thought we were pretty cool. (12-27-2005)

David Holm says:
I need this album!! (06-25-2005)

Big Don ( says:
WOW ! THIS STUFF ROCKS ! (06-02-2005)

Ethan ( says:
Goods tainted. consider extremely
hazardous, DO NOT USE.
Fate will be that of kings and counsellors
who built for themselves paiaces now lying
in ruins.Must meet to discuss a.s.a.p. (02-16-2005)

La La says:
I love sex!!!!!!!!11 (11-09-2004)

pj says:
Ok the Sir Droopy Drawers guy who talks about sex has got to go, I mean sheesh man, position impossible, give me a break! (11-09-2004)

ray wallace says:
you guys should try to start your own
organization of IMF its so cool! first
you need to hand out invitations cards
to the first meeting of your club then
choose your best men/women who want to
join. after that you just have to worry
about financial issues but that should
be easy if you have the money (11-09-2004)

steevy jones says:
mission impossible is awesome I totally love it!
Dun-Dun, Dun-da, Dun-Dun, Dah-Dah,
Da-Da dun-, Da-Da Dun-, Dun-ah (11-09-2004)

KERRY & EDWARDS IN '04! says:
VOTE KERRY/EDWARDS! (10-27-2004)

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