Mission: Impossible

A record that tries to do the impossible... and succeeds!

Yes, it's the sound track album to TV's Mission: Impossible, composed by "sixth member of the Impossible Missions Force" Lalo Schifrin. Where else can you find not only the fabulous Mission Impossible title theme but also cool jazz tracks devoted to each IM force member? There's "Jim On The Move", "Rollin Hand", "Wide Willy", "Cinnamon", and "Barney Does It All", plus "Danger", "The Sniper", "The Plot" and "Mission Accomplished".

"This album might not self-destruct in ten seconds," warns the liner notes, "but you will likely blow your mind." I did.

Great News: If you don't have the time, the patience, or the technical expertise required to get the original Mission: Impossible record shown here, you can do the next best thing and order a copy on CD! The disc has the same Lalo Schifrin tunes as the record, and if you're under 40 you probably won't even miss the scratches.

Mission: Impossible
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Mission: Impossible (MP3) The classic theme music. Light that fuse, baby...
The Plot (MP3) Even "the plot" gets its own music.
Wide Willy (MP3) A theme for every IM force member... is it possible?

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Your Comments:

ValeBerserk says:
The best series of all times!
Visit (09-26-2004)

mike says:
Something else of note: Fred Milano and Angelo D'Aleo, who wrote the theme, were original members of the great Dion and The Belmonts! Very cool. (08-11-2004)

just arrived says:
a little jet lagged. will watch your mother tomorrow. just gonna watch her richie bitch.. (07-25-2004)

Peanut Head says:
houses, yo is deaf, baby!!! an yer English sux too...

Lalo Shrifin is very not good?? whatcha smokin' dere HOUSES??...Lalo is cool AN da bomb!!!

Now wait...Lalo NOT JIMMY OSMINDT or nuddin' like dat, but he iss cool AN he from BRazil!!!

Whatever Laol Shrinfin FARTS is gud, OK HOUSES???...come on over ta my place for liquour and smokes...I put on some JAMMY OSMENT & Laole Schfirn and den we git nekkid an Mommy is calling me...I have ta go...bye... (05-16-2004)

houses says:
it is very not good (05-16-2004)

Rollin Hand says:
Mission Impossible Theme Lyrics (by Fred Milano & Angelo D'Aleo) 1966/7 Bruin Music

Fly away, Disapear, I'll be there, Waiting.

Run high, Run low, Don't stop, go,
No matter where you are bound,
I'm around, Waiting
Hypnotized on a string,

Lead me there, Anywhere, I don't care

Cannot stop and I won't stop,
Till you're mine
I keep dreaming of you, no doubt about it,
Took my head made it spin,
Somehwere where it's never been,

I'm in a dessert, The middle of nowhere,
With no shoes I calmly bear,
Burning coals of fire, but when I get through
That's when I'll begin to undertake a mission that's impossible

It's said no on can tame you, don't give it a try,
You'll fall off if you get that high,
And deep inside of all you beauty,
There's no feeling
They say you can't be made to laugh or cry,

No, I will have your love,
Thats why I am right, I'll have you
Run or try to hide, I'll stay beside
I'm gonna get you,

Don't be afraid if you may find, I'm on your mind,
Don't try to fight it,
Love's a waiting fuse, you can't refuse
we're gonna light it!


Found on page 119 of John Javna's "TV Themesong Sing-Along Song Book Volume 2" 1985 by St. Martins Press ISBN#0-312-78218-7 (04-14-2004)

Paul Laurendeau ( says:
It is a wonder to hear "The plot" again. I used to hum that tune and drum it on the lockers metallic doors with a pal in high school, every time something was cooking. And something was always cooking... pahh-papam-papam-papam - Papam papam pahhh - padapadapammm... Eminently and fundamentally cool... (04-12-2004)

james says:
I WANT 1ST PARTY! (03-25-2004)

james says:
I think it is cool (03-25-2004)

Tino ( says:
The best TV tune now, in the past en probably in the future.


Adam says:
Being British, I'm afraid this tune only reminds me of drunk squirrels. Sorry and so on. (03-13-2004)

kemache ( says:
i am french,i cherched album mission impossible,what is the prace,please,i lives paris.

bonjour je suis francais,je recherche l'album de mission de mission ilmpossible avec l'affiche en rouge,celui de la photo sur votre site,pouvez vous me dire,si vous pouvez m'en procurer un,merci.;;;;;;; (03-06-2004)

Kayla Curran ( says:
for the drums I think the words are"
ba da da
ba da da
da da(gets higher)
ba da da
ba da da
da da(gets lower)"
for the low brass I think the words are"
bom bom
ba bom(gets higher)
bom bom
ba bom(gets lower)"
and for the woodwins I think the words are"
ba da bom(each "bom" gets lower.)
ba da bom
ba da bom
ba da" (03-05-2004)

Mr. Phelps says:
Duh-Duh, Dun-da, Dun-Dun, Dah-Dah,

Da-Da dun-, Da-Da Dun-, Dun-ah!


Does anyone know the words to the Mission Impossible theme? I know there are words, I just don't know what they are.

Duh-Duh, Dun-da, Dun-Dun, Dah-Dah,

Da-Da dun-, Da-Da Dun-, Dun-ah!

(Repete infinitely) (02-25-2004)

xorg ( says:
I especially like the bum note in the harpsichord solo. (02-25-2004)

Andrei da weird dude says:
now why they don't do music like this anymore? (02-02-2004)

switzerland says:
Incredible !! (11-22-2003)

jared london ( says:
Mission impossible is ausome were playing it in my school band (10-30-2003)

jared london ( says:
Mission impossible is ausome were playing it in my school band (10-30-2003)

Justin says:
Cody Lindstrom all the way, by far the best singer ever. (10-20-2003)

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