Mission: Impossible

A record that tries to do the impossible... and succeeds!

Yes, it's the sound track album to TV's Mission: Impossible, composed by "sixth member of the Impossible Missions Force" Lalo Schifrin. Where else can you find not only the fabulous Mission Impossible title theme but also cool jazz tracks devoted to each IM force member? There's "Jim On The Move", "Rollin Hand", "Wide Willy", "Cinnamon", and "Barney Does It All", plus "Danger", "The Sniper", "The Plot" and "Mission Accomplished".

"This album might not self-destruct in ten seconds," warns the liner notes, "but you will likely blow your mind." I did.

Great News: If you don't have the time, the patience, or the technical expertise required to get the original Mission: Impossible record shown here, you can do the next best thing and order a copy on CD! The disc has the same Lalo Schifrin tunes as the record, and if you're under 40 you probably won't even miss the scratches.

Mission: Impossible
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Mission: Impossible (MP3) The classic theme music. Light that fuse, baby...
The Plot (MP3) Even "the plot" gets its own music.
Wide Willy (MP3) A theme for every IM force member... is it possible?

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Your Comments:

Sven Böhner (Sven.Bö says:
Mission Impossible is great. (besonders in Deutschland!! (10-18-2003)

pennydinawoods ( says:
*sweet* (09-18-2003)

Goonie says:
Man, This is a trip. I saw myself sitting in the living room watching it on a Black& White TV set. I loved the tunes and drumbeats. (07-28-2003)

RAJU (RAJU210686@HOTMAIL) says:
C (06-10-2003)

Don Sampson ( says:
This really brings back my childhood.I used to watch it just for the cool music and sexy barbara and the other impossible babes. (05-28-2003)

BILL BOY ( says:
Trombonist Dick Noel once invited me to come with him to a Lalo Schiffrin recording session in Hollywood. It was incredible! What a disciplinarian. He gave me a dirty look (haha) cuz he didn't like on-lookers at his sessions, but my host had already warned me about that so I was prepared. The orchestra was fantastic. It made me appreciate just how good LA musicians are. They did one run-thru of each piece for this particular TV show....then they recorded. Most of these musicians didn't even warm their horns up...they blew their first notes at the downbeat. Was a real eye-opener for this "impressionable" kid. Schiffrin was without a doubt one of the finest composers of TV music ever. (04-18-2003)

Tan LI ( says:
i suck (04-16-2003)

Tom Cruise says:
Don't have much imagination do we Kenny? (03-08-2003)

kenny ( says:
one of the most boring sites on earth (02-21-2003)

Adedirin Adegboyega ( says:
I saw this webpage with alot of promises about all the lofty thing going on in other peoples lives through thehelp of people.

There fore i use this opportunity to request for a laptop computer, whether used or brand new, as long a it work with win98 or 95 operating system.
I am mathematics teacher here in Kano State Norther Nigeria, and getting laptopo would cost me about three years savings without the opportuntity of taking care or my self.

So you see it's all most impossible, except of course if i do find someone or some organisation out there that can help me! (01-10-2003)

Andrew Bond ( says: (11-21-2002)

Michael Kilgore says:
I *loved* this album, my love tempered only by the fact that this WASN'T THE REAL TV THEME! Watch a rerun and listen for the driving bongos; they aren't on this record. The true theme can be heard on "The Best Of Mission Impossible: Then and Now", which can be sampled at Still, the original album has magnificent music, and I highly recommend it! (11-19-2002)

Rory Rorabaugh ( says:
The theme called Operation Charm was used as a radio station bumper /logo for KBIQ FM in Seattle in the later 60's and early 70's. (10-08-2002)

Onifade ( ) says:
I manage one of Nigeria's greatest and most wanted R&B group, we are presently looking for a any sound track project in the uk, u.s or any where. you can reach me on my email address (09-22-2002)

Walt Presley ( says:
Lalo is THE king, go buy this now! (09-16-2002)

DrBear says:
There's a whole Lalo Schifrin goin' on... (08-25-2002)

Extream says:
EVEL IS THE MAN! (07-16-2002)

marco (italy) says:
I really don't understand why this album is on this site ... Schifrin is probably the greatest american soundtrack composer and of the 70's.
(Bullit, Dirty Harry, Medical Center...and many others) (07-10-2002)

steve ( says:
Its "bass," not "base." (07-10-2002)

B Bob ( says:
Hello Agents, Music Studio executives and Media People,
I am Brian Duffy the vocal, rhythm & lead guitar, Keyboard and Base guitar player of Group Hug. I am looking for Agent representation, a recording contract, Media coverage and concert schedule. I am in the United States Army and will be fully available January 2003.We have 12 Top demonstration songs but will send you a sample of 4 top new tunes, upon request. I work with Diverse Male and female vocalist.

email (05-30-2002)

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