Mission: Impossible

A record that tries to do the impossible... and succeeds!

Yes, it's the sound track album to TV's Mission: Impossible, composed by "sixth member of the Impossible Missions Force" Lalo Schifrin. Where else can you find not only the fabulous Mission Impossible title theme but also cool jazz tracks devoted to each IM force member? There's "Jim On The Move", "Rollin Hand", "Wide Willy", "Cinnamon", and "Barney Does It All", plus "Danger", "The Sniper", "The Plot" and "Mission Accomplished".

"This album might not self-destruct in ten seconds," warns the liner notes, "but you will likely blow your mind." I did.

Great News: If you don't have the time, the patience, or the technical expertise required to get the original Mission: Impossible record shown here, you can do the next best thing and order a copy on CD! The disc has the same Lalo Schifrin tunes as the record, and if you're under 40 you probably won't even miss the scratches.

Mission: Impossible
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Mission: Impossible (MP3) The classic theme music. Light that fuse, baby...
The Plot (MP3) Even "the plot" gets its own music.
Wide Willy (MP3) A theme for every IM force member... is it possible?

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SueBri says:
The Mission: Listen to all tracks entirely (10-01-1999)

Eric Sweenor ( says:
Does anyone believe there was a second volume? And someone bought it from me for $20! Bizarre. (09-25-1999)


Mitchell Lehrman ( says:
After exausting sessions of learning the Man From Uncle album, I got the Mission impossible record and got pretty good at it too! Those were the days when Bud Shank's tone could melt butter. I got the follow up album as soon as it came out..I think it was about 1968. I guess I have to get it out and play it again. It has been a while. I'll let you all know kow it sounds today. Dig ya later, Mitch. (06-08-1999)

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