Bill Cosby Sings

Hooray for the Salvation Army Band!

Check out Hooray for the Salvation Army Band! It's comedian Bill Cosby, singing his way through 12 fantastic musical numbers. It's hard to tell how "serious" Cosby was trying to be with his singing here, but these tracks are dead hilarious. Hooray for Bill Cosby!

Nothing's better than old scratched-up records, but if you've long since given your turntable away in the garbage, you can still enjoy Bill Cosby Sings thanks to a thoughtful CD re-reease on the Collectables record label. Buy it at today!

Bill Cosby Sings
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Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (MP3) You'll laugh 'till Jello Pudding comes out your nose!
Satisfaction (MP3) Cosby is after a much different kind of Satisfaction here than what Mick Jagger had in mind.

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Your Comments:

oatstao says:
@ Holy Crap - YOU SAID "I guess both Cosby lovers and haters share one thing in commen: crapy spelling and poor grammer"

Are you kidding? You have both problems multiple times in your statement!

Commen - COMMON
Grammer- GRAMMAR

just to help out there, no thanks required-oats (12-23-2010)

Jenna (RR1box24433) says:
Hey I did'nt no you sing!now thats cool! (03-19-2008)

tyrone s says:
to all of the cosby haters out there all i have to say is he is a man and not god, allah, buddah or whatever deity you pray to. the man has made mistakes as have we all, but that does not mean that he can't comment on bad behavior. as the bible says let he without sin cast the first stone. rat own, rat own, rat own (11-22-2007)

Jaye says:
Bill Cosby Sings Hooray for the Salvation Army Band is possibly one of the funniest things I have ever heard in my life...

Must listens include a cover of "Reach out I'll be there" with lyrics suchs as "I'll be there (in a new cadillac limousine with 4 other women)" and an insane version of "Satisfaction"... a must-listen! (09-02-2007)

Kenny Lewis says:
I have just recently purchased this album and Bill's other singing album "Silver Throats" and they are just fantastic the way they are. Bill Cosby Is not a great singer and he doesn't Intend to be. Bill Cosby's first album Silver Throats Is a more serious attempt at singing plus "Little Old Man" was a Top-5 hit in 1966. Hooray For The Salvation Army Band, is more of a tongue in cheek type humorous album and his made up lyrics of popular songs on that album have me rolling on the floor. Good sound and nostalgic value make this worth every penny. I even have the original 1968 Warner Bros 7 Arts vinyl. (08-16-2007)

Rachel says:
Just picked up my copy of this album (the 2006 CD re-issue) today, and I'm very pleased indeed! I never thought this would be an album I could order and purchase on CD, so it's a real treat. Many thanks to all the folks at Collectables, and of course to Bill the Coz himself, and lastly, a big thank you to Frank la Rosa himself - without this page which I first saw several years ago, I would never have even known of this album's existence! *big hugs*

Some of the tracks are funny, as Frank points out (Sgt Pepper, Satisfaction) but overall Bill is really a very talented singer and the band behind him on this LP is rockin' with soul, baby! A sweet treat from the 60's, can't say enough good things about this. I am definitely gonna give his 1967 "Silverthroat" an order. :)


Rachel :) (07-23-2007)

Pamela Awbrey ( says:
Mr. Bill Cosby:

You are a great entertainer, social activst great person! :) (07-17-2007)

Holy Crap says:
I guess both Cosby lovers and haters share one thing in commen: crapy spelling and poor grammer. (06-28-2007)

Robert says:
Bill Is Not Himself these days is a great album, agreed. Don't know about this one, but I wouldn't count it out. Mr. Cosby was always clever in those days. (05-31-2007)

Joe Franks ( says:
Bill Cosby was just here in SWFL. He stayed at the Sanibel Harbor Resort. My friend works there and told me he's the biggest asshole he's ever met. He cut in line at the counter. He requested all kinds of fucked up shit like he was at the Waldorf Astoria. Shitty tipper. Called the Mgr on the bellman for making small talk with him. He's a fucking cunt. Arrogant shitbird fuckstick. (04-03-2007)

Fin Hunt ( says:
Whar upset me about Cosby was when all the stuff came out about his illegitamate daughter and how he had tried to cover it up, paying hush money. And he tries to prtray himself as a role model. It's very hypocritical. It reminds me of the Republican in the Bush administration who was discovered to havea a bad gambling habit. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones!!! (04-01-2007)

Damian Williams ( says:
My personal thoughts about Bill is he is a very good man i look up to him a lot i seen all of the the shows he did especially the cosby show and kids say the darnest things n his jello commuricals are a blast but like i said he is a positive man and a good American (03-15-2007)

big admirer says:
WOw! Bill Cosby iz da best I dont no wat yall talkin bout cuz he iz da dude rite derrr (02-21-2007)

Samoyed says:
He sounds like he's trying to pass a kidney stone, especially in the last verse of sgt. peppers'. Hilarious. (02-15-2007)

Ronald Tim Brown says:
I have a eight track of Bill Is Not Himself these days,and it still plays. Its verry funny I would like to have it on CD. I don't think you can find it any were I know I tryed. (11-17-2006)

Matt says:
The title track "Hooray for the Salvation Army Band" is a Bill's rewrite of Jimi Hendrix's "Foxy Lady," using the songs fuzzy licks to lend support to the inspirational street musicians. A far cry from the Jimi's lascivious classic, but a fun listen nonetheless. (11-08-2006)

robert ( says:
Hey I got an old album of Bill Cosby called
"Silver Throat Bill Cosby Sings" Can of beat up but it plays and the album cover kind of shabby . I wonder if its worth anything (09-22-2006)

PSSAMPLE ( says:
I am looking for a comedy album by Bill Cosby that had the following songs on it.

1 2 3 teeth
Rudy, (he live in the project)
Whatcha think about lickin my chicken

Does anyone know the name of the album and if it is available on CD?

Thanks!!! (08-13-2006)

Richard R. ( says:
I'm looking for the album that has the "Ten Commandments" track on it.
If anyone know which album it is on or where I can get one please email me. or
Thank You (07-31-2006)

Richard says:
To those who were asking, the Bill Cosby tune they're looking for is "Little Ole Man." It's based on the melody of Stevie Wonder's hit "Uptight (Everything's Alright)." "Little Ole Man" is from 1967 and reached number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100. (07-25-2006)

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