Bill Cosby Sings

Hooray for the Salvation Army Band!

Check out Hooray for the Salvation Army Band! It's comedian Bill Cosby, singing his way through 12 fantastic musical numbers. It's hard to tell how "serious" Cosby was trying to be with his singing here, but these tracks are dead hilarious. Hooray for Bill Cosby!

Nothing's better than old scratched-up records, but if you've long since given your turntable away in the garbage, you can still enjoy Bill Cosby Sings thanks to a thoughtful CD re-reease on the Collectables record label. Buy it at today!

Bill Cosby Sings
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Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (MP3) You'll laugh 'till Jello Pudding comes out your nose!
Satisfaction (MP3) Cosby is after a much different kind of Satisfaction here than what Mick Jagger had in mind.

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Your Comments:

PUDGE says:
"My favorite music is Sade, Rockabilly, & Josie Cotton." (05-18-2003)

Taxcider says:
I'm an asshole & I apologize to Tess McGill! (05-17-2003)

Tess McGill says:
I apologise for my disgusting behaviour. (05-15-2003)

mp3nis ( says:
I have the Salvation Army Band 7" single (45rpm) and have never seen the album before. Pretty cool shit. Funny seeing all the messages to Mr Cosby here. I thought this website was done by a Mr LaRosa. (05-13-2003)

kingdiamond says:
If all you people are going to right aimlessly without getting a response, right to Jesus, Santa or something of that nature, what makes you all think Bill Cosby is going to see any of this? (05-08-2003)

Nicole W. ( says:
Hi Mr. Cosby can I please get an e-mail from you? thanks! i'm your big fan okay bye,
meg (05-08-2003)

Megan says:
I'm kinda scared of this picture..also it's stupid cuz duh Bill Cosby NEVER even heard of this site duh. (05-08-2003)

Tess McGill says:
Taxcider likes to lick his mother's twat, then stick his small dick up her crusty monkey-hole while he fantasizes about Bill Cosby's big, stretched out ass. To heighten his pleasure, while he diddles his mother's dunghole, he listens to Bill Cosby's shitass album & watches reruns of his shit TV show. (04-28-2003)

matt (ballerks14) says:
hey i need some stuff on bill cosby for a report plz email it to me soon

ty (04-27-2003)

Alex says:
And Dorothy Terry
I suggest you get a talent agent
Every person on this earth is a godsend (04-17-2003)

Alex says:
you people are all fuckin dumb
bill cosby doesnt read this shit
go to the library (04-17-2003)

Need some help soon! ( says:

Need some help soon! ( says:

Soccer Girl says:
Dear Mr.Cosby,
I don't have an e-mail adress so I was wondering if you could write me a letter.You are the funniest person in the world!!!!!!!!!!!! Mail me at 417 Libby lane Lexington South Carolina.You are my favorite actor. I have always wanted your autograph.I have only gotten two autographs before and those were from the Clemson football coach and a news person.I am 11.BYE!!! (04-16-2003)

Need info soon! ( says:
Dear Bill Cosby,
Hi! I need info on you for a BIG project for school.We had to choose someone to do a biography about and I chose you.PLEASE send me unique or interesting facts about you asap. Thank you very much.
-Need info soon (04-13-2003)

Dick Tater says:
It was 35 years ago today, when the anti-Sgt. Pepper came to play, it was really all out of style, but guaranteed to raise a smile........ (04-04-2003)

Sean Burford ( says:
I started crying. William Cosby is a toe nail fraud? Jesus and Oates. Tired of waiting? Waiting for you! thank you. (04-04-2003)

Dorothy Terry ( says:
Mr. Cosby Iam a grandmother of a 23 mth little girl, whom I've tried everything to get her into some tpye of T.V.commercial, she started talking at 8 months she knows the difference between everything that you tell her.She amazes everyone whom comes in contact with her.I'm not just saying this because I'm the grandma she's a godsend.We are truly blessed.Please write me at 4714 Langley rd. Houston, Texas 77093 my e-mail may not be working,#713-697-8133 leave message please.I would be happy to send pictures etc..... Thank You ,Please will you respond. (04-02-2003)

Adam Vinson says:
I am doing a reachering project on you and I would like to hear some of your own words to help me to understand some of your life I don't have a E-mail and would very much like you to write me at 2948 apt104 Lakebrook circle Baltimore Maryland (03-27-2003)

taxcider ( says:
Tess McGill's mother was a prostitute. Tess McGill's father liked to molest teenage boys.
They both were found frequenting lavatories..where
they could be found licking the excess excrement from the bowls..along with Tess..whom they would take turns sodomizing afterward. (03-26-2003)

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