Bill Cosby Sings

Hooray for the Salvation Army Band!

Check out Hooray for the Salvation Army Band! It's comedian Bill Cosby, singing his way through 12 fantastic musical numbers. It's hard to tell how "serious" Cosby was trying to be with his singing here, but these tracks are dead hilarious. Hooray for Bill Cosby!

Nothing's better than old scratched-up records, but if you've long since given your turntable away in the garbage, you can still enjoy Bill Cosby Sings thanks to a thoughtful CD re-reease on the Collectables record label. Buy it at today!

Bill Cosby Sings
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Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (MP3) You'll laugh 'till Jello Pudding comes out your nose!
Satisfaction (MP3) Cosby is after a much different kind of Satisfaction here than what Mick Jagger had in mind.

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Bill Meredith ( says:
I'm looking for a LP dating back to the late 60's
The soung I'm looking for is "Little Old Man" I think. It was about a train that came by every day and ran over the little old man. The LP might have been made in Europe. I was in the USAF in Germany when I had the LP. (07-20-2005)

Darvell ( says:
The Bill Cosby album that has him singing parody of Barry White and James Brown is called Bill Cosby Is Not Himeself These Days. The song on Barry White is called Yes Yes Yes(Rat on Rat on)
The James Brown song is I Luv Myself Better Than I Luv Myself. These are the funniest songs he ever recorded. I have the mp3's if you want them. (07-12-2005)

mewster says:
I wonder where Bill got that spiky vest and why he never wore it while he was Dr. Huxtable? (06-17-2005)

rick smith ( says:
bill cosby, sings silver throat produced by fred smith. warner bros records inc
bill cosby wonderfulness warner bros records
chicken heart.
bill cosby "when i was a kid" recorded live at the
westbury music fair my brother russel
THIS IS DEDICATED TO ALL THE KIDS WHO WERE KIDS AND ARE NOW BIG KIDS hay hay hay.. got all three almubums for more info send a e mail back thanks (06-11-2005)

Ralph Blackwelder ( says:
We have one still sealed copy of the Stax/Partee album, Serial # PBS2405. It features BILL "SILVER THROAT" COSBY and is titled "At Last Bill Cosby Really Sings" with tracks like "Train To Memphis". "Kiss Me" and others. It was released in 1974. We are looking for the best bid over $75. (05-25-2005)

Logan says:
I saw this record for sale at a store in Brooklyn recently. I believe it was 30 bucks. (05-15-2005)

Kiran says:
I think if you listen real close to the chorus, Mrs. Miller is in the back. (05-14-2005)

cat ( says:
Hi, I am looking for two old recordings by Bill Cosby. My high school friends older brother had them both recorded on a 45 vinyl record. One side was called Football is Dumb, and the other side was called Golf is Dumb. If anyone knows where I could either download the mp3 or buy the 45, I would appreciate it. (04-14-2005)

Leela Ramdeen ( says:
Bill is an inspiration to many - in all that he does. Can someone send me his e-mail address/contact details? I Chair a Social Justice Commission in Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies and would like to invite Bill to come and talk to parents here about parenting. Many of our young people are suffering and going off the right path because of poor parenting. I know Bill speaks out on this issue and is an excellent role model. Please help! (04-07-2005)

alisha mcguire says:
no i dont have some thing to say about what hge sings but i do have some thing to say about the way he acts on T.V., your GREAT!1 (02-19-2005)


Help, anyone!!! I'm looking for a song that
Mr. cosby did.It was a parody of a Barry White
song, and I think it was called Right On,Right
On.does anybody remember this song?
Mike Reid (02-13-2005)

sav-man says:
To "Bill Cosby Fan": here's the tracklisting for this particular album:

1. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band
2. Sunny
3. Reach Out, I'll Be There
4. I'm A Road Runner
5. I Can't Get No Satisfaction
6. Get Out Of My Life, Woman
7. Hooray For The Salvation Army Band
8. Funky North Philly
9. Hold On, I'm Comin'
10. Ursalena
11. Time Brings About A Change
12. Stop, Look & Listen

PEACE! (02-01-2005)

Bill Cosby Fan says:
Does anyone have the track listing of this album. Please post it on this site if you have it. (01-30-2005)

Margaret ( says:
I think that Mr. Cosby has been maligned by this recent attack by the 30 year old female student. Many people did not like his comments on black youth and I believe that they would do anything to smear his name. Why people get angry when the hear the truth? Because the truth stings at those it touches with the reality in their lives. Mrt. Cosby is a very intelligent and talented man. Look at yourselves before throwing stones. (01-26-2005)

Butch Edwards ( says:
I have in my possession a 4 track tape (These were before 8 tracks) recording of Bill Cosby called Bill Cosby sings Silver Throat. It was Blues of that era. I have not been able to find many references to that recording. I even still have the 4-track player to play it on. The recording was made back in 1965 or earlier. That?s when I had my new 65 Cheval SS with what was state of the art car sound system back then. (12-05-2004)

Alphonse Donatien says:
Cosby did a version of Stevie Wonders,"Uptight."It was released as a single and suprisingly good.Is it from this album? (12-03-2004)

danimal boofington ( says:
you put the puddin in the popscicle (11-27-2004)

brittney says:
billcosby i am your biggest fan i watch your show every night iwas because i want to become an actress can you help me by making my dreams come true thankyou (11-22-2004)

H. Turd Ferguson says:
This is great stuff. Cosby really is a funny guy, and a good man. But Jello SUCKS. (11-21-2004)

Mad Dr. Matt ( says:
The arrangement is a note-for-note rip-off of the Otis Redding cover of this song. If you're going to steal - why not steal from the best? And ya know, Willy the Shake said "never a borrower or a lender be." The Cos is the Cos, baby. He can get away with this stuff because - he's the COS! God, or should I say - Elvis - bless 'em! (11-10-2004)

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