Bill Cosby Sings

Hooray for the Salvation Army Band!

Check out Hooray for the Salvation Army Band! It's comedian Bill Cosby, singing his way through 12 fantastic musical numbers. It's hard to tell how "serious" Cosby was trying to be with his singing here, but these tracks are dead hilarious. Hooray for Bill Cosby!

Nothing's better than old scratched-up records, but if you've long since given your turntable away in the garbage, you can still enjoy Bill Cosby Sings thanks to a thoughtful CD re-reease on the Collectables record label. Buy it at today!

Bill Cosby Sings
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Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (MP3) You'll laugh 'till Jello Pudding comes out your nose!
Satisfaction (MP3) Cosby is after a much different kind of Satisfaction here than what Mick Jagger had in mind.

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Matt Stern says:
Hey! (11-08-2004)

Don Johnson says:
Chris Neri actually not only watches the Cosby Show, but feels so close to Bill that he must sleep with a giant pillow in the shape of him between his legs (11-04-2004)

Rev. Bonnified (Almost Forgot) says:
Matt Stern Sucks Pole (11-04-2004)

Rev. bonified says:
though you might like to know
i watch the Cosses old show I Spy almost every day, and i know for a fact that that picture on the cover is from an episode i just saw a couple days ago. The Coss and his partner are running from other spies in san fransico, so they stop at a freaky deaky hippy shop, and sillyness transpires. it's a great show.
just thought you'd like to know (11-04-2004)

Cmosfm says:
I bought this album new at the goodwill store today for 1.00! Just wanted to share. >_> (11-02-2004)

KERRY & EDWARDS IN '04! says:
VOTE KERRY/EDWARDS! (10-27-2004)

Paul NJ says:
I actually bought this and his other album "Bill Cosby Sings: Silver Throat" because I was such a big fan of his, I still have them somewhere. At least I didn't buy the Shatner and Nimoy albums. (10-21-2004)

Ken Lee Danna ( says:
I had this album ten years ago, until a 'friend' of mine cracked it in half. Along with the selections you put, another of my absolute favorites was his version of 'Reach out, I'll be there', which he totally makes his own- Could you make it available on this site? (or at least send the mp3 to my address?) It was a classic! (10-20-2004)

Joli ( says:
Bill Cosby in one of his finest hours to be sure. Bill Cosby in fine form. What really cracks me up is how serious he looks on the album cover which is in sharp contrast to how he does the vocals for these songs. Jello Pudding will come out your ears as well. I guarantee it. LMAO. ROFL. LOL. (10-12-2004)

Dr. Huxtable says:
I have a litte penis... for a black man. (09-24-2004)

Reverend Dugay ( says:
Help me, please. I need help in saving my 7 year old granddaughter. Is there a mailing address or email address where I can contact Mr. Cosby or his representatives?
God bless,
Reverend Dugay (08-22-2004)

Theo Huxtabel says:
Oh yeah, and what was the deal
with naming the little girl
RUDY? Last I looked Rudy was
a man's name. Somewhere in
tv land there's a guy banging
a (grown-up adult) Rudy and
he's having to go "Oh Rudy,
Oh Rudy" even though he's
heterosexual and he's not
banging a man! What was
Cliff thinking when he named
her. (08-19-2004)

Theo Huxtabel says:
How come the only white person on the show was a little fat boy? And what was the deal with that Because It's Hillman crap? Hey professor, I went to Hillman and I'm homeless, take me in and give me a hot meal. (08-19-2004)

Christie ( says:

alice ( says:
I gotta have this album. How can I buy it? How much? (08-11-2004)

,u (j) says:
kjhu (07-25-2004)

J. Yeltsin says:
I CAN DO ANYTHING!!! (07-25-2004)

Peanut Head says:
Yeah, "8 Ball"...yer comments on Bill Cosbley an his ddkdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

Sorry dere, 8 ball, falled asleep readin' yer solioguy dere....dunno what all dis shit has da doo with a VINYL MOOSEUM (dose be records, ok 8 ball?)

Never mind wid da politiks..go find a Gorge Bush site an bore DEM PEEPS, kay 8 ball?

Cuz YOU iss boring...ya need JAMMY OSMMOANET CDs oonna boom box DEN mebbe you have a happy life an not always be mad at Bill Coslbye....I seen him onna TV an he look like a big bowl o' pudding...kinda mushy face an "HEY HEY HEY" stuff.

I gotta go cuz my Mommy is calling me....bye 8 ball an peace! (07-21-2004)

8 ball (ARUEL1@HOTMAIL.COM) says:
I somewhat agree with Mr. Cosby on some of his views. But instead of bashing blacks, that knows
what our problems are, he should bash Corporate America on cleaning house of blacks in the work
place every 15 years. When ever the republicans
are in power no one is paying attention to how many blacks has been laidoff from corporate america companies and unable to get back in
the work force. I am forty-two years young and
I do not know of any blacks that has retired from
corporate america. so the statement of stop blaming the white man is non-sense. I have been
trying to find a job for almost a year and unable to find a job. The consulting company
are billing you out for greate money and you are
getting less than 12 pct which is not enough to
pay your morgage. every afro american I know
after purchasing homes within 3 month have been
laid off. So Bill if you do not deal with regular
Afro american keep quite. people are not that way. When our kids see what their parents has gone through after doing everything right never
been lock-up, not on drugs, been their for kids,
and provided for them. Then Corporate America take it back, What hope does it give our kids.
We have done college it is not good enough, we have higher degrees than our boss, still making
under 6 figures. My biggest fear has come where I
am unable to provide for my family at age 42. I have been saving for my daughter college since she was borned I have gone through her saving since being laid off. Yet still I am proud do
not want a hand out I just want a oppertunity to
provide and a level plaining field.
Mr. cosby I have always love you, but I think you
are not in touch with your race any more to see
the problems that we are facing with no place to
turn. there is not a lot of winners in the game of life.
You are one of the lotto winner and we are trying
to get there. We cannot afford it anymore
Dreams are very expensive in the white man world.

best regards
Ruel (07-19-2004)

Peanut Head says:
Wow GingerG....yoo iss sure pissed off wid yer SHOULD be pissed off more at Bill Cosbley...lookit da LP cover...HE HAS NO SHIRT ON, GingerG.

Never mind 3 sized too small/big...HE FORGOT HIS FUKKIN SHIRT!....

Bill Cosbley got ALL DAT MONEY...why he not "help" dese peeps buy shirts and shit dat da right size??....he hass LOTSA money cuz he can make LPs an NOT WEAR NO SHIRT!!!

Hey GingerG...ya gonna run fer PRESIDNET??...I will vote fer yoo...but first, you need to buy some off dem JAMMY OSMUNDT CDs fer yer some smokes an liqour AN SHIRTS TOO!!!

We can get together an have a fun nekkid party, GingerG.....oops...what Mommy?....uhoh...I haveta go...bye... (07-13-2004)

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