Bill Cosby Sings

Hooray for the Salvation Army Band!

Check out Hooray for the Salvation Army Band! It's comedian Bill Cosby, singing his way through 12 fantastic musical numbers. It's hard to tell how "serious" Cosby was trying to be with his singing here, but these tracks are dead hilarious. Hooray for Bill Cosby!

Nothing's better than old scratched-up records, but if you've long since given your turntable away in the garbage, you can still enjoy Bill Cosby Sings thanks to a thoughtful CD re-reease on the Collectables record label. Buy it at today!

Bill Cosby Sings
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Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (MP3) You'll laugh 'till Jello Pudding comes out your nose!
Satisfaction (MP3) Cosby is after a much different kind of Satisfaction here than what Mick Jagger had in mind.

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Your Comments:

LaLaLezbos! says:
Lesbians do Bill Cosby? What a treat! (02-16-2004)

LaLa Chicks ( says:
Local Long Beach lesbian artists Anne Engel and Laurie Morvan have teamed up to for the LaLa Chicks, creating a whole new dynamic with the balls of a band. Joined by percussionist Angie Tabor and bassist Lisa Grubs, this foursome will play your favorite covers and originals, as heard on their original CD's. Sure to be a full house, come mix and mingle! (02-16-2004)

Ashley Salas ( says:
Bill Cosby is 10 thumbs up dude!!! (02-15-2004)

monica says:
bill cosby is the most funnist man ever u crack me up every time i see ur shows (02-13-2004)

Brenda ( says:
bill cosby is great so dont be messing with him cause ur not famous (02-13-2004)

Ashley ( says:
bill cosbly is awesome!!!!! luv ya bill! dont u listen to none of this shit that people be sayin bout u coz it aint true. u're real kewl. keep bein funny. (02-13-2004)

i AM YOUR #1 FAN DUDE!! i did a report on you for school, Your my hero!I love your show I wacth it every night, I am in 4th grade and 9 years of age! (02-06-2004)

michael says:
how are your chikens felling? Mines are a eggful!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (02-06-2004)

michael says:
ahh???? (02-06-2004)

phillip frederick ( says:
Dear Mr.cosby
I have a painting by glandon dowelle its an original.

p.s if intrested please write back (02-05-2004)

kierra ( says:
i think bill cosby is a wonderful and caring father. Especially, on the Cosby Show. He was so funny. He cracked jokes with everyone. He cracked jokes with: Theo(His Son),Clar(His Wife), Vanessa (Daughter), Sonjya(Daughter), Rudy (Daughter), Deniece(Daughter).


bob says:
they don't make them like this anymore...thank God. (01-27-2004)

chase ( says:
your all gay mother fucker dick suckers (01-26-2004)

Raven says:
As a TV dad, he was creepy. As a comedian he was solid. As a singer, the proof is in the pudding. (01-24-2004)

Alex ( says:
OH MY GOD,,,one listen to Sgt. Peppers and you'll realize old Bill invented rap music!!!! I'll go puke now... (01-23-2004)

patrick benedict ( says:
l want to be a member (01-07-2004)

patrick benedict ( says:
l want to be a member (01-07-2004)

Paul (BarkingHare@Excite.Com) says:
Proof that Bill was into 'shrooms and other mindbending drugs. That's the only and the most humane reason for creating this...this...crap is not quite engulfing enough to describe this ...I don't know how to log this aural nightmare. (01-02-2004)

Record Head says:
Sounds like the same horns Otis Redding used on his version of "Satisfaction". Nice touch, though Cosby kind of sounds like a Desolation Row soothsayer....w/o all the vulgarities. (11-22-2003)

Homer ( says:
*shut up brain or i'll stab you with a q-tip!! (11-13-2003)

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