We're The Banana Splits

Your childhood TV rock-n-roll idols, on vinyl!

One of the greatest things about the music of the 60's is how it accessible it was to just about anyone. The cool kids had the Beatles and the Stones; middle America watched the Monkees; the hippies had the Dead and Jefferson Airplane; even Mom and Dad could swing to a homogenized version of Lennon & McCartney done up by Enoch Light or Tony Bennett. And for the toddlers, there were these weirdos, the Banana Splits.

I was suprised at how good some of the songs on this hard to find LP are (thanks to my friend Gary who let me borrow his copy). I'm not saying the Banana Splits were the next Beatles, but compared to the kind of music they make for kids today (the Barney theme comes to mind) this stuff kicks ass. Let's hear it for Fleagle, Bingo, Drooper and Snork!

We're The Banana Splits
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We're The Banana Splits (MP3) ...yeah!
The Tra La La Song (MP3) The tune you can never get out of your head... just try.
Soul (MP3) Can four guys in crazy animal costumes have... soul?

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Your Comments:

Ruben Pineda ( says:
I live in Hermosillo,México; My family used to go to Nogales, Az. very often, I had the luck to saw The Banana Splits Show in USA and México , I mean, hearing the voices in Spanish and English was so cool, the jokes in spanish had a latin american mood, not a straigth translation from english.
The Banana Splits was my favorite show in my childhood. C ya, (03-09-2004)

LOU ( says:
When cartoon shows were cartoon shows. These kids nowadays don't know what they missed out on................ (03-08-2004)

Aaron ( says:
I'm from Ohio 7 we used to go to King's Island in Cincinnati all the time. I remember the Splits performing (& all the great HB characters) performing there. My favorite ride was this big TV with great images of HB characters on the outside.

Inside there were robots of all the vintage characters in scenes from the toons. The Splits, Hillbilly Bears, Atom Ant, Magilla Gorilla, Scooby,etc.

I wish I could find some pictures of it...

Aaron (03-02-2004)

Dan says:
The Kinks meet Flo & Eddie (02-28-2004)

UH OH, Chongo! says:
Yup, "Doin' the Banana Spilt" is by Barry White! (02-25-2004)

Roman Bornski ( says:
And to think I went out and bought the CD. I ain't that bad. Especially when Barry White starts singing. Yup, Mr. Recently Deceased recorded for this disc. The CD came out with the Beagles LP. Classic

As for Lancelot Link, of course there is an album out there. I'm just wondering if Sugar Bear released anything. (02-25-2004)

John ( says:
Not only do I remember the show, but the nightmares that this show brought me as a little boy as well. lol (02-21-2004)

walter williams ( says:
I grew up in the 60's and 70's and I still remember and adore the banana splits. Seeing them then and now brings back so many happy memories of my childhood. When I hear their theme songs and see clips from their show it sends me back to my good ole days. The banana splits did film a show at kings island in 1972 to promote the grand opening of that park and I will always remember them and how great they made sat. morning (02-20-2004)

Michael Ampoulos ( says:
Here goes: The Tra La La Song
One banana,two banana, three banana, four
Four bananas make a bunch and so do many more.
Over hill and highway the banana buggies go
Comin' to bring you the banana Split show
Tra la la, la la la
Tra la la, la la la
Four banana, three banana, two banana,one
All bananas playin'in the bright warm sun
Flippin' like a pancake, popping like a cork
Fleegie, Bingo, Drooper an'Snork
Two banana,4 banana, 1 banana, three
Swingin'like a bunch of monkeys ,hangin' from a tree
Hey there, everybody, wont you come along
How much like Banana Splits everyone can be
Makin up a mess of fun
Makin up a mess of fun
Tra la la, la la la
Tra la la, la la la
Tra la la, la la la

Hey and i thought i was the only nostalgic sentimental fool, banana splits rule (02-10-2004)

Jim Read ( says:
I see someone else noticed that Bob Marley's "Buffalo Soldier" has exactly the same tune as the Banana Splits TV show tune. I wasn't sure which came first, however. If Marley stole the tune, he's beyond the reach of any lawsuit now. (02-06-2004)

Chris ( ) says:
They did put out a Lancelot Link record: Lanceleot Link and the Evolution Revolution. It's pretty good stuff!! (02-05-2004)

JJRamone says:
Talk about memories, huh? This was the only thing I remember from before I started school. That and of course the occasional Black Sabbath and Elton John song. (01-24-2004)

Bill says:
Did you ever hear about the time Bill Brasky went hunting? Anyway Brasky decides he's gonna hunt down all four of the Banana Splits. He stalks and kills every last one of 'em with a machetti. They all begged for their lives, except Fleagle. (01-14-2004)

Grokken ( says:
Believe or not, I have a cereal bowl from the show that was ordered with box tops or some such. I loved that show as a kid. (01-08-2004)

Sierra ( says:
I absolutely love the banana splits!! I've been tryin to find a station that carries their shows but no luck! This show is genius! (01-05-2004)

andy smith ( says:
what cartoons were on the bananna splits and what was the donkeys name in one of the cartoons? (12-05-2003)

sarah ( says:
omg!! i love the banana splits but....... i can't find it on t.v. anywhere could you help me locate some downloadable clips or some episodes on t.v? (11-19-2003)

Llewellyn Drury says:
Whoops: Buffalo Solder = The Tra La La Song (11-18-2003)

Llewellyn Drury says:
A friend of mine pointed out the obvious: Bob Marley?s ?Buffalo Soldier? is a 100% rip-off of this one! (11-18-2003)

ligia ( says:
I live in Brazil and still love the Bananas. Here we dont have places to buy the songs. Where can I download the "wait till tomorrow song"? Happy to enjoy this forum. Bye. Ligia (11-16-2003)

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