We're The Banana Splits

Your childhood TV rock-n-roll idols, on vinyl!

One of the greatest things about the music of the 60's is how it accessible it was to just about anyone. The cool kids had the Beatles and the Stones; middle America watched the Monkees; the hippies had the Dead and Jefferson Airplane; even Mom and Dad could swing to a homogenized version of Lennon & McCartney done up by Enoch Light or Tony Bennett. And for the toddlers, there were these weirdos, the Banana Splits.

I was suprised at how good some of the songs on this hard to find LP are (thanks to my friend Gary who let me borrow his copy). I'm not saying the Banana Splits were the next Beatles, but compared to the kind of music they make for kids today (the Barney theme comes to mind) this stuff kicks ass. Let's hear it for Fleagle, Bingo, Drooper and Snork!

We're The Banana Splits
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We're The Banana Splits (MP3) ...yeah!
The Tra La La Song (MP3) The tune you can never get out of your head... just try.
Soul (MP3) Can four guys in crazy animal costumes have... soul?

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Your Comments:

Dick Tater says:
You can't buy soul, and you can't buy vomit either!! (12-29-2002)

Bob says:
I was singing this at work one day and a customer remembered the banana splits too. (12-22-2002)

Dan ( says:
When I hear the Tra-La-La theme song it reminds me of everything good that was about the 70's. Brings back good memories. I love these guys. (11-21-2002)

Will says:
Wow! I hvae happy childhood memories of watching this TV show around 1969 -1970 on CBC television in Canada. Forgot all about it until I stumbled across this site. Thanks! (11-19-2002)

Eduardo Mountain says:
I dont know why i remembered just now...but i wanted to hear the tra la la song for more than
20 years! Thank you! I would not die and rest in peace without hearing it again.
They should post a online museum of this
tv shows in realmedia .. (videos)
be good!
See ya. (11-17-2002)

Bbrother says:
It's amazing the devotion we have for our childhood memories...I remember a friend of mine had the Tra-la-la on 45 and I was sooo jealous!

I recently purchased an album of the music from the old Harlem Globetrotters cartoon show, fabulous music...but how do I record it digitally????

Anyway, loved the Splits, Danger Island etc (it was Danger Island, right?) (11-11-2002)

Gabriel Howell ( says:
Can anyone tell me where to find this record?! I'd love to annoy my friends who like Barney. Please please help! (10-29-2002)

Scott Umsteadt ( says:
I was just wondering does anyone remember a cartoon show that had an animated maquee just like the ABC movie's, it had a different cartoon each week and one was with the banana splits. It started off as live action at Kings Island. A little girl chased a balloon into a billboard
and became animated then the banana splits followed and they became animated too. after they rescued the girl they jumped out of the billboard back into the real world. Does anybody remember this and it's name. (10-28-2002)

Kristin ( says:
im only 15 and i can remember watching that on TV with my mom when i was little... i ask allll my friends if they ever watched it and they all say they have never even heard of it! they dont know what they are missing out on!!! (09-29-2002)

zartan ( says:

Look at all these sure to tell a friend....and be sure to sign the guestbook! (09-26-2002)

jon g ( says:
i am trying to find any splits vids only 1 so far which my 5 yo son loves is there anymore help me

jg (09-25-2002)

Vinkman ( says:
This is brilliant! We got the Bananna Splits Show in Australia and I lived for Saturday afternoon when it was on. I'll never forget the Tra La La song. I've just started building my own Bananna Splits mobile but need some colour pics for the paint work, anyone got some? (09-17-2002)

Satan Baby ( says:
I just found this in the 30% off bin at the record store. Its a CD version that has 31 songs on it. This is really good stuff. I haven't seen the TV show for about 20 years, but I always remembered they had the cartoon and the guys bumping into each other and falling down and then they would play a song. I'm now trying to find out who performed all these songs because there is absolutely NOTHING in the CD about any of the songs. It also says on the CD "Limited Edition of 1000 copies", so I thought that was interesting. It seems to have been pressed in in 1995 my Hollywood Library, Inc. with a catalog number of HL75075 (09-08-2002)

Canadian Vinylist says:
sorry I mean the tra la la song (08-29-2002)

Canadian Vinylist says:
OMG!! Listen to the Banana Split theme song intro and compare it to the ending of Bob Marley's 'Buffalo Soldier'!!


ty says:
I meant to say SIX Flags. (08-25-2002)

ty says:
Joseph Gallant

That is a common misconseption. They were at the(original) Sic Flags Over Texas in Arlington Texas. (08-25-2002)

Blaqsoul says:
Y'know Barry white used to write tunes for that show. (08-22-2002)

Diana ( says:
The Bannana Splits... ROCK!!!!!

..i'm 31 years old and still looking for a couple of those super-duper slip & slides they used in the show! life was so simple & sweet back then! nice web site, good memories!

D. (08-20-2002)

90 ( says:
is "I enjoy being a boy in love with you" on this album? great tune. (08-18-2002)

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