We're The Banana Splits

Your childhood TV rock-n-roll idols, on vinyl!

One of the greatest things about the music of the 60's is how it accessible it was to just about anyone. The cool kids had the Beatles and the Stones; middle America watched the Monkees; the hippies had the Dead and Jefferson Airplane; even Mom and Dad could swing to a homogenized version of Lennon & McCartney done up by Enoch Light or Tony Bennett. And for the toddlers, there were these weirdos, the Banana Splits.

I was suprised at how good some of the songs on this hard to find LP are (thanks to my friend Gary who let me borrow his copy). I'm not saying the Banana Splits were the next Beatles, but compared to the kind of music they make for kids today (the Barney theme comes to mind) this stuff kicks ass. Let's hear it for Fleagle, Bingo, Drooper and Snork!

We're The Banana Splits
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We're The Banana Splits (MP3) ...yeah!
The Tra La La Song (MP3) The tune you can never get out of your head... just try.
Soul (MP3) Can four guys in crazy animal costumes have... soul?

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Your Comments:

cedric the instrutable lizard says:
the best banana splits songs are don't go away go-go girl & I'm gonna find a cave (04-08-2002)

mod69 says:
I only vaguely remember seeing them on TV as a kid.Now i've discovered the music.Damn! What did i miss all those years ago? has a lot of the music for you to download......for free even! Great band.Shame they recognised as such. (04-01-2002)

Kimmy Cole ( says:
Wow! I thought I was dreaming about all this
stuff, but it really did happen,haha I LOVED
THE BANANA SPLITS!!! I think we should gang
up and petition for TV Land to show them again

Tra La La La La La LA!


Schaff ( says:
So, *everyone* was stoned out of their skulls in this decade? (03-29-2002)

Michael Hansen ( says:
An old friend of mine had the 45 rpm single that said "Kellogs presents The Banana Splits" How old was that 'series' anyway? Because "DECCA" records is an old 1960's and before label. I remember The Banana Splits being on TV in the early 80's. (03-27-2002)

crook says:
why can't the banana splits be on again like they use to that was the best show ever made (03-27-2002)

crook says:
why can't the banana splits be on again like they use to that was the best show ever made (03-27-2002)

Sir Droopy Drawers ( says:
Hey Gang,
It was bound to happen....Banana Splits and the Satan connection. Bad, Evil things happen everywhere and this album is no different. When the Tra La La song is played backwards, it sounds like Al Al Art. Just like 3 dudes at a titty bar. Anyway, the chant Al Al Art has been known to attract satan himself and those unfortunate souls who actually bought this album. You may still have time to repent!!!Just call Ms. Cleo and she will save your soul forever. (that and $3.99 per minute). Now if you all excuse me, my asylum awaits for me. (03-16-2002)

Nanci says:
I simply love The Banana Splits!!! Too bad the episodes aired here in Brazil (Boomerang Channel) are mutilated (no Danger Island, sob...).
The Banana Splits rule! (03-05-2002)

louise says:
I inherited the green Banana Splits album from a family friend, and listened to it constantly as a child, but actually never saw the TV show until the 90s. Barry White collaborated on a couple of those songs! I think "Soul" is one of them. How they considered that "girls of New Orleans" song to be fodder for kids I'll never know...

I still have the record and will NEVER sell it. It's a little too damaged to fetch much anyway. I've seen a couple copies in good condition on sale for $200-$250! (02-27-2002)

Dennis ( says:
I grew up watching this show. It's cool to see all these fansites. I have one question, who were those 2 girls with guitars outside the window and what did they sing. Is there any MP3's or video's of them out there? I just want to hear that song again. Thanks. (02-22-2002)

greatcatt ( says:
i'm 33 years old and find it a verry sorry state of things that my 21 yo girlfriend & 25 yo roomate have never heard of the bannana splits (or H. R. puffnstuff). dam cable! (02-14-2002)

Jeff G. ( says:
I grew up with the Banana Splits. The first time I heard "Buffalo Soldier" I figured Bob Marley ripped 'em off! Talk about note-for-note... (12-15-2001)

Ray Rayner ( says:
I love the Banana Splits. I love Speed Racer. I love Spiderman. Those are links to my childhood and always fill me with pangs of nostalgia. I wish some cable station would play those great shows. I think they'd get pretty high ratings since there are so many Gen-Xers like me who remember those shows fondly. I'd also like to see TVLand start showing Batman with Adam West. Thank you. (11-21-2001)

op says:
The BANANA SPLITS Rule! (11-20-2001)

jaz says:
A recent episode of the TV show "Ed" pointed out that the Theme from the Banana Splits sounds exactly the same as the chorus to Bob Marley's "Buffalo Soldier". Coincidence, or was The Natural Mystic a fan of The Banana Splits.

Also, according to a quote in the All Music Guide, REM's Michael Stipe declared the Banana Splits a bigger influence on his work than even the Beatles. (11-12-2001)

Steve M. ( says:
I HAVE THIS ALBUM!!!! (10-30-2001)

david m. says:
banannasplits kick ass grew up on that show we need to get to air it . (10-29-2001)

Cranston says:
My kids are glued to the TV when the "splits" are on. Are there some subliminal messages that we don't know about?
Chongo is the Man! (10-19-2001)

Donna Ann ( says:
I caught the show on re-runs growing up in TX. I still hum the lead song to this day!!! They are my heros! (10-13-2001)

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