We're The Banana Splits

Your childhood TV rock-n-roll idols, on vinyl!

One of the greatest things about the music of the 60's is how it accessible it was to just about anyone. The cool kids had the Beatles and the Stones; middle America watched the Monkees; the hippies had the Dead and Jefferson Airplane; even Mom and Dad could swing to a homogenized version of Lennon & McCartney done up by Enoch Light or Tony Bennett. And for the toddlers, there were these weirdos, the Banana Splits.

I was suprised at how good some of the songs on this hard to find LP are (thanks to my friend Gary who let me borrow his copy). I'm not saying the Banana Splits were the next Beatles, but compared to the kind of music they make for kids today (the Barney theme comes to mind) this stuff kicks ass. Let's hear it for Fleagle, Bingo, Drooper and Snork!

We're The Banana Splits
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We're The Banana Splits (MP3) ...yeah!
The Tra La La Song (MP3) The tune you can never get out of your head... just try.
Soul (MP3) Can four guys in crazy animal costumes have... soul?

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Your Comments:

Tinman(Paul) ( says:
Am I still a member of the Bannana Splits Club?? (07-30-2000)

Todd ( says:
Yea, I admit it, I just turned 40, but the Splits never received the recognition they deserved. They were extremely talented and far beyond our time. People like KISS came along and try to copy their style but never could. My sister played the freakin' record so many times that it's burned into my subconciousness for life. I can recite the words to most songs, as I often do in the shower. (06-24-2000)

Tom Kidd says:
Yeah, Banana Splits! You can tell who the fortysomethings are around here :-). By the way, Mark Barkan and Richie Adams, who wrote songs for the Splits, also composed songs for the ARCHIES. Hell, if Stevie (Nicks) and Lindsey (Buckingham) can bury the hatchet, then the world-wide reunion tour of the Archies & the Banana Splits can happen Yeah, baby, when pigs fly and Ricky Martin come outta the closet. . . (06-24-2000)

Bezoar the great! says:
Don't forget "Lance Link" secret chimp! He was why I watched the show.... Har! Har! Har! YaaaaaaaaHooooooo! (06-21-2000)

zenexp says:
Absolutely useless and interesting Banana Splits trivia: in the late seventies L.A. punk band The Dickies made a guest appearance on the short-lived and relatively amusing Don Rickles sitcom 'C.P.O.Sharkey'and played a cover of The Banana Splits' Theme Song, and a cover of 'Nights in White Satin'. They were later known as The Incredible Shrinking Dickies and did the music for the movie 'Killer Clowns from Outer Space' (05-30-2000)

Randy (RandyB301 says:
So where was it filmed anyhow? I lived in Arlington, Tx back then and always thought it was being filmed at Six Flags, but I have since been told that it was filmed at Knotts Berry Farms in California. By the way if you still want to watch them they are on Cartoon Network on tv every night. I don't know what time I just catch when I can. (05-30-2000)

Bananna Splits Fan ( says:
Oh amn! Talk about a flack back! Thank you this site it OUT OF SIGHT! If you would like some MORE Split tumes I have 8! E mail me for more info! (05-27-2000)

Hydro says:
I can not believe that there are people out there that remember the banana splits. I feel so much better now. I was begining to think that I had imagined the entire existence of the banana splits. (05-22-2000)

Gary Buckingham ( says:
The Bananna Splits Rule!!! I have managed to track down a rare video of these dudes, which includes "The arabian Knights" & "The Three Musketeers"... It's great takes me right back to my childhood!!!! (05-21-2000)

Gavin " top Banana" says:
Wow great!!! I was 3 and lived in London and dressed up as a Banana for hawlloween, too cool I am English and they were big over here as well, thanks for the clips I will keep a look out for a cd. Great site by the way. (04-23-2000)

Henry R. Kujawa ( says:
Definitely, these ""guys" were better than THE ARCHIES! Yet get comparitively no respect... "Doin' The Banana Split" and "Gonna Find A Cave" were always my faves-- was Saturday Morning music ever so cool? Somehow my Kelloggs EPs have remained in good shape after all these years, and while I never even saw the album until now (THANKS!) I did find the "Wait Till Tomorrow"/ "We're The Banana Splits" 45 in a oldies rack. EVERY Banana Splits fan should nag Rhino Records to do a "complete" BS CD with every song they ever did!!! Go to it! (04-08-2000)

pete chesbro ( says:
where can you get a copy? i'd love to have it in my collection. even a cd copy. (03-30-2000)

CRW ( says:
Finally, someone recognizes musical genius! I loved this show as a kid and still love it. Don't forget to go to on 4-3-00 to check out the new web only cartoon. (03-26-2000)

Cool Cat ( says:
Am I the only one who thinks that "Tra La La" sounds like a Bob Marley song? (03-21-2000)

Renee ( says:
First of all, do you know how many times I ask people, "Do you remember that show 'The Banana Splits'?" And NO ONE ever remembers--except my sister. We used to rock out to Tra La La--and we had that Kellogg's 45, too. I sent her a postcard-thanks, Frank--You rule!!! (03-07-2000)

steve ( says:
My childhood flashed back, my three girls just love the songs. We all get up to dance. To true the bannana splits where the Beatles of kids music. Thanks for making me a kid again. (02-22-2000)

Joie the Teary-eyed Toe Tapper ( says:
Dear me oh my! I'm literally dancing where I stand... I just turned four all over again! The Banana Splits. Man. Wow. I would absolutely LOVE to get my hands on some old shows. You just made me happier than I've been in, like, well, quite a while! (01-20-2000)

Lorenzo Van Der Lingen ( says:
I just LOVE your site, Frank - in fact the whole place gives me that 'Good-time Feeling'... Ah, the Banana Splits - I adored these loveable bozos even more than HR Pufnstuff, going so far as to christen my trike 'The Banana Split-mobile'. Awww. "Memmmorieeeeeees..." Nope, they just don't make 'em like they used to! More vinyl updates, please Frank, please! (01-18-2000)

samantha the red says:
banana splits sucks you all (01-08-2000)

The Scottish devieviant says:
I picked up a record called New wave classics and as well as blondie, stranglers ian dury it also had the dickies singing this was good...this little classic is better at least you can understand the ltrics...the dickies is sooooo fast... onebannnatwobannathreebannnafour and also the poping like a gun and Xucking out the door bit seemed a bit over the top (12-26-1999)

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