We're The Banana Splits

Your childhood TV rock-n-roll idols, on vinyl!

One of the greatest things about the music of the 60's is how it accessible it was to just about anyone. The cool kids had the Beatles and the Stones; middle America watched the Monkees; the hippies had the Dead and Jefferson Airplane; even Mom and Dad could swing to a homogenized version of Lennon & McCartney done up by Enoch Light or Tony Bennett. And for the toddlers, there were these weirdos, the Banana Splits.

I was suprised at how good some of the songs on this hard to find LP are (thanks to my friend Gary who let me borrow his copy). I'm not saying the Banana Splits were the next Beatles, but compared to the kind of music they make for kids today (the Barney theme comes to mind) this stuff kicks ass. Let's hear it for Fleagle, Bingo, Drooper and Snork!

We're The Banana Splits
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We're The Banana Splits (MP3) ...yeah!
The Tra La La Song (MP3) The tune you can never get out of your head... just try.
Soul (MP3) Can four guys in crazy animal costumes have... soul?

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Your Comments:

K Rider says:
its funny to me. This brings back old memories. I'm 20 yrs and I use to watch this show like crazy as a kid along with the Jackson 5 cartoon lol (05-17-2007)

John Grissom ( says:
I like to know, where are the Banana Splits today? Can someone answer that question? (05-08-2007)

tom says:
Hey everyone.....The splits are on....
They are on Boomerang tv channel early around 4:00 or 4:30 Am central time...set a tape record and share them with the young kids of today.... (05-08-2007)

Robin says:
Yes Jax, I remember those girl in the white Go-Go boots and I've been looking everywhere for the song they used to dance to. Anyone remember what it was? Is it online anywhere? (04-17-2007)

diane ( says:
i too, belonged to the banana splits club. it brings back childhood memories. you didn't have to worry about what was going on the outside world, the banana splits club was there for you, to keep you happy. i still have the banana splits fan club certificate to show that i was a memeber of the fan club. (04-13-2007)

E Jane Connolly ( says:
Steve Keller's discovery is most interesting, most interesting! I think SNORK (back elephant one is Mike Nesmith and DROOPER (one with tongue out) is Peter Davey. (04-06-2007)

cheryl ( says:
wouldn't it be great to see them on tv again .. my grandsons would love it!! (04-04-2007)

D.R. ( says:
I loved the Banana Splits! I watched them every weekend! Can anybody remember the character from Gulliverís travels who was always forecasting doom? I really want a clip of him he reminds me of someone I work with today.

Any help would be appreciated. D.R. (03-27-2007)

Fluff ( says:
So who knocked off who? Did the Banana Splits knock off Bob Marley's "Buffalo Soldiers" or was Marley fond of watching the show while enjoying a spliff and it git into de subconscious, man." (02-26-2007)

rob ( says:
Everytime I bring up these guys, NO ONE has EVER heard of them?!?!?! I'm 34 years young and this show was a "staple" of my upbringing. Just great memories of this show. Tra la la la la la..... (02-26-2007)

Matt Bryon ( says:
I spoke to ya in 04 about how crazy it was to remember things when I was so little! I hope that the new release is cool (Adam Ant) etc etc!! Please Hanna/Barbera make it right!! Thanks for your original cuts Kelloggs, Hannna Barbera, Sid & Marty Kroft & everyone who produced this TV show! It was cool (02-20-2007)

Steve Keller ( says:
I looked at the album cover, and it just hit me:
The one on the left looks like he was modeled after Mickey Dolenz, and the one on the bottom looks like Peter Tork. Next thought: who were the other two modeled after?!? (02-15-2007)

Gary Singh ( says:
Everything I ever learned about life, I got from Banana Splits reruns. (02-12-2007)

Anna says:
Today, while goofing around in a moment of silliness,I found the Tra La La song coming out of my mouth. I froze, stunned, and thought, "Banana Splits ?!??? WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?????"

I never even watched it; I was too young. My older sister did. I remember her second-grade class put together their own Banana Splits show to perform; Still have the fabulous photo of her dressed as a Sour Grape, complete with classic white vinyl zip-up boots.

It's been 35 years since my last encounter with that show, and the theme song mysteriously rises to the top. You're right - you can't get it out of your head if you try!!


Jeff Stark ( says:
I was born December 1964 and the Banana Splits was (by far) my favorite television show of my youth. It was fantastic to find this website tonight where so many others share the same memories. I still have all four stuffed Banana Splits characters (in great shape), but can not find anything at all on the internet regarding them. Can anyone help? They're maybe 24" and all are wearing sunglasses. Please email me if anyone has found these on the net.


Paz Lunar (paz.lunar) says:
I remember loving this show as a kid... I can recall cutting out a record from a ceral box back to get the "tra la la song"...classic lo-fi! (01-19-2007)

spud says:
I remember joining the Banana Splits fan club and getting a kit in the mail with poster, certificate, some 8x10's and some sort of toy. Hearing the Tra La La song brought back meories and made me grin from ear to ear, many thanks for this page. MP3 the freaking album and bit torrent it man... that album deserves to be available! (01-17-2007)

Robert ( says:
Thay are cool man,you dig. I saw them in 1972...too much.

I wished i had some grass, that would be it. (12-28-2006)

Tim Fulbright ( says:
I watched the Banana Splits every Saturday morning. I was SOOOO HAPPY when I got an album from them for my 11th birthday. I still have it. I was able to find some one who was able to put it on CD for me. He even coped the album cover and made it into the cover of the CD he made . I love it.I wish that Boomerang would put on the entire hour show. What if, we contacted Boomerangand ask them to do that. If they get enough requets... MAYBE!!! (12-24-2006)

Adam G ( says:
I love this show,it takes me back to my childhood. Does anybody know where I can get it on DVD. The thing about it is that none of my friends remember the show. (12-22-2006)

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