Laverne & Shirley Sing

More fake music from TV land... it's Laverne and Shirley!

It's bad enough that people in the 70s couldn't distinguish between actors and musicians (witness records by the likes of Telly Savalas, Sebastian Cabot, Leonard Nimoy and countless others). Apparently, though, they couldn't tell the difference between real people and fictional characters either. Check out this record of blase quasi-50's tunes by Laverne and Shirley. It's actually actors Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams who sing here, but they stay completely in character, performing as if Laverne and Shirley were real people with their own singing careers.

I hate to be the one to break the news, but Laverne and Shirley aren't real. The songs they sing aren't real. The steps they're sitting on in this picture are inside a Hollywood sound stage, not in downtown Milwaukee. Even their cute ice pops are most likely made out of plastic to avoid dripping on their fake sweaters. Take my advice, throw out your television and buy more records. It's the only path to true elightenment.

Laverne & Shirley Sing
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Sixteen Reasons (MP3) Wherein the girls enumerate the "Sixteen reasons why I love you". I bet they're talking about the Fonz.
More from our Yearbook (MP3) All the names they mention in this song are people who assisted in the production of the album. If you ask me, that's blurring the line between truth and fiction a little too much.

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Your Comments:

cj says:
Gosh-All of these 'reviews' with unnecessary sexual comments! You all must be teen-aged males. I like this cute show a lot and both Penny & Cindy were very good comedic actors. This album was in their contract to do and they did their best. It may appeal only to hard-core fans and collectors, though, if these comments are typical. (06-23-2008)

d says:
just because you don't like this album it doesn't mean you have to say they suck and they're lesbains [even if they are, who cares?]

nearly every singler person writing before me sucks and I hope you all die at an early age, Laverne and Shirley rocks, so what if this isn't their best piece of work? (03-17-2008)

kurt benbenek says:
i prefer the Lenny and the Squigtones album, but this is very nice (02-06-2008)

Not Well In Head says:
Favorite L & S episode is when Lenny and Squiggy give it to Shirley from behind, after stripping her naked and bending her over the kitchen sink. She moans like a whore while they take turns doing the job on her while Laverne is hog-tied with a bag over her big ugly head. (01-16-2008)

Dan says:
Cindy Willaims did at least one serios dramatic role. She was in The Conversation, the movie Coppolla made between Godfather 1 and 2. She was quite good in it. (12-21-2007)

Jasper says:
Just read post about the obscene popsicle in Penny Marshall's mouth. The thought of big lanky Penny Marshall giving slurpy oral services is pretty revolting. Now if that pretty young Cindy Willaims was doing the deed there would be a line out the door. (12-08-2007)

Pigboy says:
Penny Marshall got the part because her brother Peter Marshall was producer Garry Marshall's brother. She was hardly attractive though has become an accomplished diretcor. She was way too old for the part.

Cindy Williams was a lot hotter than she appeared in the show because they didn't want to make it obvious what a skank Penny Marshall was in comparison. Penny was jealouss of Cindy's good looks too.

Lenny and Squiggy were probably banging Laverne and Shirley but in the 70s you couldn't even hint at it, or maybe they were fellating each other between takes. (11-27-2007)

Robert in Arizona says:
cute album concept..dont knock it...ill bet the girls got a good chunk of change for recording it...oh by the way ...i dont believe there sitting on steps in a sound stage, i believe there sitting on steps to there apt building ...which is outside on the Paramount studios back lot ! (07-10-2007)

HotSpikedRumPunch says:
This show was a lot better when I smoked pot. The thing that always struck me was the physical comedy. I wonder if they ever made it, after all? (03-22-2007)

Buddy Max says:
if you can find the "Lenny and the Squigtones" LP, supposedly that's Peter Criss from KISS at the drums, without makeup in 1979. (02-09-2007)

Sandra says:
There is a movie on Lifetime with the title of "Touch of Hope" and it is the story of Dean Craft and his wife. (I am certain this must be the TV movie that started the series Dead Zones. The movie had updated information at the end. Maybe you could contact and find out more about this man. The google search and the search and the yahoo search only brings up psychics and a real estate guy. Hope this helps. (10-08-2006)

deon ( says:

kelly brester says:
hey laverne penny marshall hi my name is kelly brester and cindy has probaly told you about me im getting the laverne and shirley sing cd tommorow in the mail i met cindy back in febuary of this year at a hot rod show in portland and i asked her where is laverne at and this is really funny penny she said laverne dafazio and i said yes and she said i dont know she couldent make it and i said darn i wish i could have seen you but she siad id would be to excited to meet you hee and i was to excited to met cindy shirley feeny but i finaliy did penny so are you a nice person penny ? andyway i thought i would say hello well i better go but take care and tell shirley hello from kelly. (07-31-2005)

hannibal ( says:
as a kid, I woulda bought this just for the cover shot of Laverne sucking away at a popsicle in a way that oughta have garned an X rating (04-01-2005)

Lenny ( says:
here is my home! here is where i should post. please guys stop using all caps. take the lock off of your cap button. then take your pants off. i will suck every cock here. i know it may be droll to watch semen drool down my chin agin and agin hehe. but frank just shot his wad in my eye and i cannot see well. i have to typ slow.

doo us! (11-27-2004)

Squiggy says:
I heard you stuck the wood in your anus. And you are still dealing with the splinters pervert. (11-21-2004)

H Turd Ferguson says:
Laverne and Shirley always gave me wood. Real good wood. Never made me laugh though. (11-21-2004)

Hey Fellars says:
say, ah bet ol Hodgie will come back too an stomp a muddle puddle inus all an walk it dry, huh. jes like all gud floridian mommas little shitty cunt crust do huh. (11-13-2004)

Peanut Head says:
Ahhh, Sir Droopy mentaur....

It was cuzza yoo dat I started lissen to JAMMY OSMEINT CDs an sittin' nekkid near da lava lamp...

Yo wass da BOMB, Droopy...kay?....When dey menshun yer name, I git a big boner an den I git nekkid with JAMMY CDs, smokes, liquor an....oops, whaazzatt MOMMY?...(I haveta go...bye) (11-12-2004)

Are Turds? ( says:
You were away? (11-12-2004)

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