Laverne & Shirley Sing

More fake music from TV land... it's Laverne and Shirley!

It's bad enough that people in the 70s couldn't distinguish between actors and musicians (witness records by the likes of Telly Savalas, Sebastian Cabot, Leonard Nimoy and countless others). Apparently, though, they couldn't tell the difference between real people and fictional characters either. Check out this record of blase quasi-50's tunes by Laverne and Shirley. It's actually actors Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams who sing here, but they stay completely in character, performing as if Laverne and Shirley were real people with their own singing careers.

I hate to be the one to break the news, but Laverne and Shirley aren't real. The songs they sing aren't real. The steps they're sitting on in this picture are inside a Hollywood sound stage, not in downtown Milwaukee. Even their cute ice pops are most likely made out of plastic to avoid dripping on their fake sweaters. Take my advice, throw out your television and buy more records. It's the only path to true elightenment.

Laverne & Shirley Sing
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Sixteen Reasons (MP3) Wherein the girls enumerate the "Sixteen reasons why I love you". I bet they're talking about the Fonz.
More from our Yearbook (MP3) All the names they mention in this song are people who assisted in the production of the album. If you ask me, that's blurring the line between truth and fiction a little too much.

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Your Comments:

Jon Harris ( says:
I am looking to purchase the album for Lenny and the Squigtones. Please send info. Thanks.

Jon (05-04-2003)

djdaffy1227 says:
"Sixteen reasons" actually charted on Billboard's hot 100 charts at #65 (04-10-2003)

JoNZ ( says:
I don't care what any of allyous say, "16 Reasons" is DA BOMB. I'm covering it on my next album. (04-07-2003)

Tailgunner Joe says:
What No songs about Killing Commies, Sexual Repression, and they Joys of being a Real American like Me! Gawddammit these Cheap Floozy Broads need to visit the HUAC cause they are downrigh Un-American! (04-03-2003)

unnamed says:
That's not the same Cindy Williams, HELEN! (03-18-2003)

Laverne says:
Hello my names laverne i just wanted to know what this thing was about because i've never seen the film before and i go to shirley high ha ha ha itsnt that funny. peace love any hamony to all your children (03-14-2003)

Laverne says:
Hello my names laverne i just wanted to know what this thing was about because i've never seen the film before and i go to shirley high ha ha ha itsnt that funny. peace love any hamony to all your children (03-14-2003)

Bryan Irrera ( says:
Helen Murphy: you may want to visit You'll find out that Cindy Williams is a common name and that it was not the actress who played Shirley who made those statements! (03-01-2003)

happy daze are here again says:
the best reason to turn off your tv and veg ! right here right now. hosenphefer incorporated. (02-11-2003)

bryan ( says:
I am also fortunate enough to own this dreadful album. It's a prized centerpiece of my so bad we love them albums collection. I may be willing to part with it for the right price, however... (02-07-2003)

robert ( says:
why? (01-06-2003)

Christine "GLD" Indigo says:
Didn't this album end up selling fewer than 1000 copies upon release? (12-04-2002)

John ( says:
I Like The show "Laverne and Shirley" With Penny Marshall And Cindy Williams.

It's A Record From the tv show Of the Same Name (08-22-2002)

Daredevil6 ( says:
I can't feel my face....I can't feel my face! Can someone explain to me why this music was ever placed on vinyl? Bathroom tissue would have been more appropriate...and far less durable. I'm off to boil my shorts...and eat them!! (08-08-2002)

Extream says:
EVEL IS THE MAN! (07-16-2002)

Jackie Ruchinski ( says:
I am looking to purchase the albums from Laverne & Shirley and Lenny and the Squigtones Please send info Thanks a bunch (06-13-2002)

brittany ( says:
laverne and shirley!!! rock cindy williams is my idol,i love it i watch it all the time.i never heard the album though. and for you people that think laverne and shirley suck! you suck!!!!!!!!!!!! (03-17-2002)

Sir Droopy Drawers ( says:
Ummmm.....Laverne seems to really enjoy sucking that ice pop....of course assuming it is an ice pop. Anyway, I always wondered why these two weren't lesbians. I mean, they sing right? and Lesbians sing, so I think these two would make the perfect lesbians. Hey they have "sixteen reasons" to be lesbians. Ummm, do they play tennis too? Now if you all excuse me, my asylum awaits for me. (03-16-2002)

Lyndsay says:
They sound so cute!
Laverne and shirley are my favorite people. (03-11-2002)

Helen Murphy says:
As far Cindy Williams is concerned, she needs to spend a few nights with our military in the Philippines or Kabul since she is opposed to our men and women getting a pay raise. (01-30-2002)

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