Laverne & Shirley Sing

More fake music from TV land... it's Laverne and Shirley!

It's bad enough that people in the 70s couldn't distinguish between actors and musicians (witness records by the likes of Telly Savalas, Sebastian Cabot, Leonard Nimoy and countless others). Apparently, though, they couldn't tell the difference between real people and fictional characters either. Check out this record of blase quasi-50's tunes by Laverne and Shirley. It's actually actors Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams who sing here, but they stay completely in character, performing as if Laverne and Shirley were real people with their own singing careers.

I hate to be the one to break the news, but Laverne and Shirley aren't real. The songs they sing aren't real. The steps they're sitting on in this picture are inside a Hollywood sound stage, not in downtown Milwaukee. Even their cute ice pops are most likely made out of plastic to avoid dripping on their fake sweaters. Take my advice, throw out your television and buy more records. It's the only path to true elightenment.

Laverne & Shirley Sing
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Sixteen Reasons (MP3) Wherein the girls enumerate the "Sixteen reasons why I love you". I bet they're talking about the Fonz.
More from our Yearbook (MP3) All the names they mention in this song are people who assisted in the production of the album. If you ask me, that's blurring the line between truth and fiction a little too much.

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Your Comments:

Haley aka Lenny says:
Thank you Dharma!! Laverne and Shirley is the best damn show out there!! (08-28-1999)

Lone Wolfette says:
Excuse me? This sucks? DOES NOT!!! I love Laverne & Shirley!!! And moreso for Lenny & The Squigtones!!!!! I TOTALLY agree with BBK & Haley! For those of you who think it sucks :( For those of you who love these :) (08-10-1999)

Dharma aka Laverne ( says:
Laverne and Shirley was the greatest show ever created. The album is great, too and I would recommend it to anyone. To those of you who who say that Laverne and Shirley sing or the Lenny and the Squiggtones albums suck-you suck more. I agree with Haley aka Lenny up at the top. Laverne and Shirley may have been fiction, but it's the best damn show out there! (07-25-1999)

Haley aka Lenny says:
This is the best album I own! I love Laverne & Shirley, I also own the Lenny & The Squigtones album. Lenny & Squiggy dont suck and neither do L&S! (07-20-1999)

BBK says:
Laverne and Shirley is the best show ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (06-15-1999)

blue_dakini says:
Hey, if you think THIS is sucks, check out "Lenny and the Squigtones". The song "Star Cross Lovers" reached such a magnitude of suckiness that it was the catalyist for me to break up with my then boyfriend (he just didn't understand the brilliance of that song!) Unfortnately, my copy of Lenny and the Squigtones met it's fate when said boyfriend blow-torched it. Ohh...fye on the Satan! Anyway, if you can find a copy, concider yourself lucky! (05-25-1999)

BillPSQ ( says:
Actually, I kind of like this album. I remember begging my mom for it for Christmas. The great thing about it is that you can tell that Cindy Williams can actually carry a tune! As for Penny Marshall, just listen to "All I Have To Do Is Drea," and you can tell her low notes are comped by ...MELISSA MANCHESTER[!]. In addition, SOAP star Diana Canova is lending ample vocal support throughout. It's really a kinda cool record. And "16 Reasons" (for what it's worth) was actually a kinda biggish hit in Buffalo. Go figure. (04-13-1999)

Sir Droopy Drawers says:
Hey Frank! What do you mean, Laverne & Shirley ain't real? As a teenager, some (many) years ago, Also I thought about was Sex Education in high school and Laverne & Shirley!!! Oh, wait a minute, (or was that... having sex with Laverne & Shirley while being educated in High School?) Oh well, just pass me a beer while I contemplate this situation for awhile. Please excuse me, my asylum awaits for me... (03-25-1999)

pol pot says:
great analysis of the cover art, but you missed out on the most obvious- those are wax dummies (as opposed to the real dummies) on the cover- laverne and shirl wanted too much schotz beer as payment for the shoot than the studio could afford. (03-25-1999)

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