Beatle Barkers

Do you love the Beatles? Do you love Dogs? Now you can love them both at the same time!

I've listened to hundreds of Beatles covers over the years in just about every style and format you can possibly imagine. I've got Beatle covers by groups trying to sound just like the Beatles and groups trying to sound like anything but the Beatles. Covers sung by celebrities, TV stars, musicians, and nobodys. Musical styles ranging from Country to Jazz to Classical to Acapella. Just when I thought I'd heard everything, along comes this treasure: the Beatle Barkers. On it are 12 of the Beatles' most popular early songs, done up by a traditional rock-'n-roll band with the vocals supplied by dogs. That's right. Dogs.

You know at Christmastime when every radio station in town starts playing that annoying version of Jingle Bells where the tune is carried by a dog barking at different pitches? Well, this is an entire album of Beatles songs delivered exactly the same way. They even throw in a few other animal noises like cats, chickens and sheep. If that sounds revolting just listening to the description, wait until you hear the record.

I don't get it. Beatles songs with dog and cat noises is supposed to be entertaining? Cartoons of dogs playing guitars with Beatle haricuts is funny? Am I missing a chromosome somewhere or is this the stupidest idea for a recording since Edison cranked out the first wax cylinder?

The songs of John Lennon and Paul McCartney will go down in history as the most well-loved and frequently performed of our generation. I have often wondered why the success of Lennon and McCartney hasn't been duplicated since the 60's -- not even by Lennon or McCartney themselves. I think this record makes the answer obvious. If reaching the pinnacle of songwriting success means you get to hear your music performed by dogs, who would want to bother?

Beatle Barkers
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Love Me Do (MP3) I'll fetch your slippers for you. I'll get the paper too. Love, love me do.
I Saw Her Standing There (MP3) Well she was just seventeen... how old is that in dog years?

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Your Comments:

Mkhwanazi ( says:
i am 16 and a huge McCartney fan and i didn't get the chance to see Paul live in Nashville so lets try to do ehnyrtvieg to get Paul back in Nashville so those who didn't get the chance the first time to see the concert gets to see his greatness the next time around (05-18-2012)

Rose ( says:
it wasn't and I have to agree with him. The Beatles never got to the communist cotrenius and therefore missed a lot of the earths population, including most of the 3rd world cotrenius. Even in the western world, the Beatles were not popular with entire generational groups, even though they had been heard and were well known.I feel so deflated Of course I didn't become interested in any music until I became a teen, later on , LOL! (05-18-2012)

eric ( says:
WHO LETS THE DOGS OUT? (04-09-2010)

Travis Barker says:
love this record like a dog loves a bone. great tracks all around. got me howling. would love to see more in the future. drop me a line if interested. can potentially represent you. Mrs. Miller agrees...wholeheartedly.

Traz (03-24-2010)

luka (lukajala) says:
the beatles forever (10-31-2009)

Suzie says:
Just downloaded the 9 free songs on "" and I have to say, they're so bad they're good! (09-25-2009)

mike grossman ( says:
I just googled myself and I was still listed on this site. I'm still collecting (although at a slower rate). Just thought I'd update my email too. (11-21-2008)

Craig ( says:
I still wet my pants listening to this ,,I used to be a manager at a large retial shop & used to play this when we did night filling,it was hilarious. WOOF WOOF (09-05-2008)

B. R. says:
I think WXRT in Chicago played this every once in a while. I just got this album in a collection this past weekend. It's funny but it does get annoying. My dog perks up, though. Oh, I got this for about 30 cents. (12-11-2007)

tom ( says:
" Guys, this is just RIDICULOUS, and totally disrespectful to the music of The Beatles. I mean WOW....jeez."

yeh, that's exactly why it's so great (10-31-2007)

Patrick ( says:
I love this album. They use cuts from it on a childrens radio show called Kids Corner on WXPN in Philadelphia. I wish I could get a copy of it on cd or even on LP. (07-28-2007)

Heather ( says:
Guys, this is just RIDICULOUS, and totally disrespectful to the music of The Beatles. I mean WOW....jeez. (12-20-2006)

Dave says:
Hi, here you can download 9 great songs of the Beatle Barkers for free! Enjoy!
Dave (10-08-2006)

ByteMi says:
I own and collect strange, bad & bizzare record vinyl and this is one of me "prized" possession. I'm thinking of burn a copy onto a CD and sending it to Paul and Ringo as a goof! (09-11-2006)

Jules ( says:
Thanks Reed! I picked up the cd and I think it's hilarious! (08-08-2006)

M. says:
I'm glad you've used RealPlayer for these song files...that way I can stop them at anytime. I did, quickly. (04-30-2006)

Sirwolfgang says:
AFTER A GOOD OLE FLEA BATH WE JUST ROLL OUT TO DRY IN THE DIRT WITH THE LADDIES PLAYING IN THE BACK GROUND. Love from Spritzer, Dallas, Deogee, Charlie,Spyder,Cleo, And Linda's Clan (03-24-2006)

Valerie ( says:
I REALLY love the dogs in uniform and the men who play guitar alright!!! (03-17-2006)

Rick Baumbach ( says:
My dogs love these somgs...I play it for them once in a while. They howl along, but man they need practice! (02-21-2006)

BadassFeline says:
Man oh Man HAHAHAHAHA! I need to add this to my collection. I know its wrong but i cant help myself! (02-06-2006)

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