Music From Hair

Frank's teenage sex fantasy relived... on vinyl!

When it comes to knock-off albums, you just can't go wrong with Hair. There must be a thousand of these out there and I've decided to buy as many as I can find. Not only are they loaded with great music, but the album covers -- almost always consisting of a head showing off his or her hair -- are nothing short of an institution unto themselves.

Take this stunning release by the Sunshine Generation that I picked up on a recent trip to Chicago. When I first saw it, I knew there was something oddly familiar about the sexy cover model. The liner notes helpfully identifed her as Debra Jo Fondren. I did a quick web search and up it came: Debra Jo Fondren is none other than Playboy's Miss September 1977, a publication which has the distinction of being the first nude magazine I'd ever seen in my life. I was 13, and I found it in my dad's dresser drawer. For weeks I'd sit around the house waiting for the right moment when I could sneak Miss September out for another look. At first it was just a quick glance or two and back in the drawer. Later I became brave enough to take the thing into my room for more extensive research. Things really got serious when my parents finally left me alone in the house.

Eventually my dad caught on to what was happening and he either got rid of Miss September or else he hid her away someplace where I couldn't find her again. But by then the damage had been done: Debra Jo Fondren had left and indelible mark on my young mind, and indeed, helped to shape me into the flagrant heterosexual I am today. Thanks, Debra!

Music From Hair
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Good Morning Starshine (MP3) The earth says what?
I Got Life (MP3) I just love the way this guy says 'ass'

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Your Comments:

raistuumum says:
@frank hajzus: Nuh-uh, brother - long hair for life! (12-30-2010)

frank hajzus ( says:
HELLO! the ultimate haircut! i would get her in a barber chair for a cut to the chin! a huge pile of fresh cut-off hair on the barber shop floor! (09-07-2010)

Jeff Allen ( says:
Hair was a great movie! But what I really want to know is, does anyone know how to get the Broadway Production version on DVD ? I heard that Donna Summer was in Hair and I'm wondering if this is the version she's in ??? Can someone let me know, PLEASE!!! Thanks! (07-28-2009)

GodIsMyCodependent ( says:
I see a couple of Hair albums on the site, but I wonder if you have what may be the most bizarre of them: "Divine Hair," an Episcopal mass based on the music, performed at the Catherdral Of St. John the Divine using the then-current Broadway cast, with Galt MacDermott sitting in and conducting. Wild! (08-27-2008)

STEPcoach says:
re: "I got life" : there just aren't enough songs that glorify having a liver! (11-25-2007)

DRAGAN ( says:
Hi. Love these songs. All of Hair is great! (11-11-2007)

Anonymister says:
"Pardon Me While I Rock You" wrote "I slept with her in October 1978, and she was a damn fine lay."

Jesus! -- what kind of an abject loser brags about (supposedly) having sex with a famous woman, in a public forum? I'm embarrassed for Ms. Fondren; you should be embarrassed for yourself. (07-06-2007)

Lia ( says:
Someone knows where can I get the theme "Hair" I can find most of the songs but I'm missing that (04-08-2007)

hannibal ( says:
believe it or not, most of that hair is pubic hair - this was the 70s after all (04-01-2005)

Pardon Me While I Rock You says:
I'm surprised no one mentioned that the girl on the cover is none other than former Playboy playmate Debra Jo Fondren. She was famous (at least to little horny kids in the 70's like me) for her long blonde hair, which she shows off very well here. I met her in September 1978, a year after her pictorial, and she turned out be a lovely, sensitive and very intelligent young woman. I slept with her in October 1978, and she was a damn fine lay. Rock on, Debra Jo! (03-23-2005)

Richard ( says:
I lived in New York, and i've see Hair no less than 25 times. i love....LOVE....the music. (03-06-2005)

Joe says:
Went to Middle School and High School with Debra Jo.
Very nice person and friend to have around. This is the last girl I'd have ever imagined who would grow up and have over 12,000 hits on google showing off her fine body. Oh yea, I almost forgot...Go Hair!!! (01-19-2005)

elanortje says:
hi, i'm a huge fan of hair and i really like the music, the way you can move on it :p when you listen to that music, you cannot stay sad, you get very happy :) :) and sorry for my spelling, i usually don't type in english and ben, you're a fool! ! ! baabaay (12-07-2004)

Mad Dr. Matt ( says:
I'm with YOU bubba. You folks in Ohio may not know how to VOTE but you know a nice ass when you see it. (Contains 72% recycled material) The thing I remember most about Hair was - they were naked! Leave it to those hippies to be getting their FREAK on! Anyway, as a kid - the idea that one could be NAKED with a group of left-of-center hippie babes - in front of an audience of scandalized blue-haired out-of-towners - was a siren song for me. I even went so far as to audition for our community's youth theater production. I was the only one who took my clothes off though, and as embarrassing as you might think that was - I still felt, well - freed somehow...

See ya at Hedonism II! (11-11-2004)

KERRY & EDWARDS IN '04! says:
VOTE KERRY/EDWARDS! (10-27-2004)

karri ( says:
Yup, there are hundreds of really insane Hair recordings out there and Im going to get them all!

So far my favourite is this single lp version of hair by Aquarius and least favourite is the Milos Forman movie soundtraack 2 lp; pompous poop. (09-05-2004)

karri ( says:
Yup, there are hundreds of really insane Hair recordings out there and Im going to get them all!

So far my favourite is this single lp version of hair by Aquarius and least favourite is the Milos Forman movie soundtraack 2 lp; pompous poop. (09-05-2004)

Ben ( says:
So I've got the CIA after me, I'm getting questioned by a quack, Zuniga's busting my ass at Linnea Quigley's site. Quigley banned me from her site. Strange people are saying strange things. That's what this album has done for the world. Damn your Hair album and damn anyone who likes this. Damn you all to Heck! and damn the Blonde whose on the cover. Damn the hippies who stalk our streets and damned the villains who made this possible! Damn you all...except for Patti. Mmmmmm...lovely Patti. And damn Hefner, the pedophilic chicken viagra junkie southern german white lucifarian goddam who knows what. that's All. And Damn you Frank! Damn you all to HECK! (03-22-2004)

Ghq ( says:
Hello Folks!

Jea! Great Songs! All of Hair is great!

Anyone here to mail me simple, easy guitar notes for the song "Good Morning Starshine"?


(C) Good morning (F) starshine the earth says (C) hello.....

BIG THX for help me!!

A happy new Year!
Greetings @ all
GHQ (12-27-2003)

whodat ( says:
Who IS that babe on the cover? (11-13-2003)

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