Music From Hair

Frank's teenage sex fantasy relived... on vinyl!

When it comes to knock-off albums, you just can't go wrong with Hair. There must be a thousand of these out there and I've decided to buy as many as I can find. Not only are they loaded with great music, but the album covers -- almost always consisting of a head showing off his or her hair -- are nothing short of an institution unto themselves.

Take this stunning release by the Sunshine Generation that I picked up on a recent trip to Chicago. When I first saw it, I knew there was something oddly familiar about the sexy cover model. The liner notes helpfully identifed her as Debra Jo Fondren. I did a quick web search and up it came: Debra Jo Fondren is none other than Playboy's Miss September 1977, a publication which has the distinction of being the first nude magazine I'd ever seen in my life. I was 13, and I found it in my dad's dresser drawer. For weeks I'd sit around the house waiting for the right moment when I could sneak Miss September out for another look. At first it was just a quick glance or two and back in the drawer. Later I became brave enough to take the thing into my room for more extensive research. Things really got serious when my parents finally left me alone in the house.

Eventually my dad caught on to what was happening and he either got rid of Miss September or else he hid her away someplace where I couldn't find her again. But by then the damage had been done: Debra Jo Fondren had left and indelible mark on my young mind, and indeed, helped to shape me into the flagrant heterosexual I am today. Thanks, Debra!

Music From Hair
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Good Morning Starshine (MP3) The earth says what?
I Got Life (MP3) I just love the way this guy says 'ass'

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Your Comments:

Bob says:
Love these songs. Hell, I remember seeing the movie back "when". (09-12-2003)

arthur longcrack ( says:
i am 82 years old and i really enjoyed the music you young people are listening to these days...thank you very much arthur (08-15-2003)

Ben ( says:
Could you please remove my reviews as they were done under the influence of someone. I guess you may have found out that It's connected to 77 dead allies on 4/3/03 (commencement of Hair in Sydney) and the Great White fire tragedy. Yes, I've had some nastys after me. It would be good if you could do this.
Ben (04-30-2003)

Ben ( says:
You've got me all wrong. I don't like any version of this. The film is connected to the name Butler which has caused me a bit of a problem. Anyway, I reccommend Tubeway Army, Kate Bush, Led Zeppelin. Anything but this. Hair? Cut it of! Smash these albums. the covers quite nice thogh...Hmmmmmm..must be something to do with the name Jo.....Hi, "Jo"! (12-29-2002)

Gary ( says:

I agree on the comment made by the other writer on this panel. Ben from Netscape on his comments on this album. I've heard the original when I was a small kid and I remember it was a male singer. I thought the song was wonderfully done, until I heard this version. I ask "Who killed the cat?"
Or this proves that the sixities generation should've layed off the drugs.
Anyway Good bye Starshine (12-07-2002)

cadiem 93 ( says:
i would like to know who was the music player in the sound track of the movie and particulary who was the bass player.
thanks ! (10-31-2002)

Ben ( says:
So I listened to the soundtrack of the film Hair. This is surely one of the worst listening experiences of my life. I believe in the genocide of hippies, musicals and anyone related to this abomination. This is surely a sign that the Antichrist is with us. I pray that weapons of mass destruction are used to ensure that this sort of thing can never happen again. To Debra Jo- Long live Patti McGuire! (I believe she's the model used for one of the Star Wars posters). May a Star War take place that ensures there will never be another tragedy like this. (09-17-2002)

Jane ( says:
And of course, she has her own website now.

Who doesn't? (09-15-2002)

Randy Reddinger says:
While listening to Good morning starshine, I began to stare at the album cover. I started to become excited! I began stroking my shaft slowly at first, but couldn't hold out, before I knew it my hand was a blur and I shot my load all over the keyboard! Great song (08-20-2002)

Extream says:
EVEL IS THE MAN! (07-16-2002)

elad ( says:
i would like to know who was the music player in the sound track of the movie
tanx (06-23-2002)

Ben ( says:
Someone wanted me to listen to this about 11 years ago. I never did. I lent that person Blue Oyster Cult. They listened to it. Now I should really listen to Hair. I hate hippies, but the Debra Jo cover has seduced me. Patti was my favorite Playmate, though. Why didn't they put her on any album covers. Oh, well. I met Caroline Munro who appeared on some covers. Thanks for the stunning revelation.
Ben. (05-30-2002)

Tom Tuerff ( says:
Back around 1986, I auditioned Debra Jo Fondren for a TV commercial. It was for a group of auto dealers in San Diego and the part was for a woman getting ready to go to the beach with her boyfriend--i.e., in a bikini. She was the only person who showed up wearing a one-piece suit (leopard print, which is a "slimming" kind of design), and the reason was pretty clear: she'd been spending a bit of that Playboy money on food, and she looked three months pregnant. When the director asked if she'd be willing to wear a two-piece in the commercial, she got all offended, like we'd asked her to go down on Hitler or something.

She didn't get the part--although I understand she just recently posed for Playboy AGAIN, and through the miracle of airbrush, she looked okay. Good for you, Debra. (05-24-2002)

SI-OSIRI ( says:
Did you know that, Debra Jo Fondren i.e., Golden One, is a true Incarnate? She is one of the 7 Fairy KAS of HATHOR, an ancient one, and a real mystery. Life has its surprises, now doesn't it? (01-03-2002)

David Lister says:
Vynl is not dead, Its just resting, the way parrots do, on the bottom of the cage wit its feet in the air. I had collected LOTS of memorabilia, of debra Jo, and found this same album in a local record store bin just this week. It is amazing that she is still so well remembered and liked. I still think she was one of the best payboy playmates ever....... (09-09-2001)

Ron Burns ( says:
I have this album. I am willing to sell to best offerer. I have just about all the albums listed on this site. My contact information is included. It's the way I do business: Ron Burns 550 CHILDS DR MILTON,ONTARIO,CANADA L9T 3P3 1-(905)-876-3245 (08-06-2001)

The Lone Beatnik ( says:
Another horrible HAIR record. As if the lion giving birth to Ann-Margaret on the other Hair record on here wasn't bad enough... (06-15-2001)

amit (amitosnat@yahoo.con) says:
any israeli vinyl junkey? (08-06-2000)

michael ( says:
i think you are truly beautiful. i got the centerfolds of the cntury and believe you are my #2, after marilyn of course, but wow. where can i find pix on the net, you are truly a wonderful peron, i believe God has blessed you with both beauty and strong faith. (04-24-2000)

SueBri says:
Did he love a newfie?....lala...I wanna know cuz i know a few newfies....oobi abba dabie... (03-12-2000)

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