Music From Hair

Frank's teenage sex fantasy relived... on vinyl!

When it comes to knock-off albums, you just can't go wrong with Hair. There must be a thousand of these out there and I've decided to buy as many as I can find. Not only are they loaded with great music, but the album covers -- almost always consisting of a head showing off his or her hair -- are nothing short of an institution unto themselves.

Take this stunning release by the Sunshine Generation that I picked up on a recent trip to Chicago. When I first saw it, I knew there was something oddly familiar about the sexy cover model. The liner notes helpfully identifed her as Debra Jo Fondren. I did a quick web search and up it came: Debra Jo Fondren is none other than Playboy's Miss September 1977, a publication which has the distinction of being the first nude magazine I'd ever seen in my life. I was 13, and I found it in my dad's dresser drawer. For weeks I'd sit around the house waiting for the right moment when I could sneak Miss September out for another look. At first it was just a quick glance or two and back in the drawer. Later I became brave enough to take the thing into my room for more extensive research. Things really got serious when my parents finally left me alone in the house.

Eventually my dad caught on to what was happening and he either got rid of Miss September or else he hid her away someplace where I couldn't find her again. But by then the damage had been done: Debra Jo Fondren had left and indelible mark on my young mind, and indeed, helped to shape me into the flagrant heterosexual I am today. Thanks, Debra!

Music From Hair
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Good Morning Starshine (MP3) The earth says what?
I Got Life (MP3) I just love the way this guy says 'ass'

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Your Comments:

susan longenecker ( says:
do you buy LPs I have 115, from late 60,s to mid 80,s. (02-14-2000)

Rob ( says:
I've had this Lp for years, Its great! I've got the original sound track also (on CD) I listen to it all the time! Let The Sun Shine! (02-13-2000)

Lonnie ( says:
Hair rules!! Any one know where I can find some pics of Debora? I searched for her name and I found this site. (11-13-1999)

Vynyl Junkie ( says:
Frank, you're right. You can't go wrong with Hair. The Earth says Helllooooewww!!! (Pucker up on the vowels!) (09-28-1999)

Wild`Bill says:
Another Cheezy Pickwick classic! (08-16-1999)

Amosis ( says:
I remember Debra Jo too. Cool site. Carla you can listen at my place. Carla my icq number is 15992743 Check out my picture in my icq info and icq me. I'll send you the Real player. (08-11-1999)

Philip Spazzapan says:
Loved your site. I've been hunting a Mitch Miller Christmas album for years, without luck. One reviewer for the now defunct CD Review gave it a one line review: "Welcome to hell". Why are people so unkind. Have you heard of it? Keep up the good work. Best wishes Philip (Melbourne, Australia) (05-30-1999)

Ed Kaz! ( says:
As to your "sexual awakening" story, I can totally relate. However, for me it was with The June Taylor Dancers who cavorted at the open of the Jackie Gleason Show back in the 60's. Problem was, they were on TV. We only had one TV. There was no such thing as a VCR. My parents were always home. I had to wait till September 77 for things to get "really serious." Thanks June Taylor! and Thanks DEBRA JO! Sincerely, Ed Kaz Cool and Strange Music Magazine (04-03-1999)

Debra Jo Fondren says:
It's wonderful that there are still people that remember me. Now, I've gained about 50 pounds since my last photo shoot, but my boss at Kinko's says he'll still keep me on as long as I show him my... Just kidding. My name is Jennifer, and I enjoy this site very much. Keep up the great work, Frank! (04-03-1999)

Carla says:
Ok, so now I'm up to date on the new albums you have in your museum, but the Real Player audio streams escape those of us who can't seem to download the Real Audio Player. (Remember Frank, even you couldn't figure it out.) I guess I'll have to listen to it at your place. (03-29-1999)

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