The Merseyside Sound! New From Britain!!

We laughed when we heard the Ruttles and Spinal Tap singing fake Beatle songs, but this is for real. Beatlemania was so big back in the 60's that it spun off dozens of cheap imitations like this one. With an album jacket screaming "Beats!!! The Merseyside Sound! The New Beat from Britain!" and four guys trying to look like the Beatles, the only thing this album is missing is actual Beatle music.

Were Beatle fans so stupid that they didn't realize they were being taken? Or were records like this aimed at their parents, who weren't paying enough attention to know the difference? I don't know, but one thing is for sure: the music on "Beats!!!" is just plain awful. Pick up a copy at a thrift store or eBay auction near you and listen for yourself. You'll be thankful that Lennon and McCartney had some actual talent to back up the phenomenon they started.

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Tell Me I'm The One (Real Audio) Recycled beatlemania at its finest.
Your Kind of Love (Real Audio) A twisted beatle-esque song about monogomy, I think.

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jk says:
hey richie boy. you run out o words? here's 2 for you. you blow. (08-07-2004)

Richard Cranium says:
JK: Wahhhhh......

Big Suck.

Rich (08-06-2004)

JK says:
Oh Richard you are so clever. You really got me boy. I'm all upset at your coolness. Go f''k yourself you big moron. By the way would you please correct my spelling if you have the time. I'm sure you are a busy genius. Or is that pennis. (08-06-2004)

Richard Cranium says:
So exactly which category do YOU fall into "Jean Klien"??

A pretty close call between bumpkin and moron.

How are things at the trailer park? I'm surprised you have time to surf the net when you're not busy brushing the three teeth in your mouth.

Oh well, at least I know YOU'RE full of shit. I can't figure out "Beatle Bonkers" or "Beatle Trivia". Sort of reminds me of those 7th-day adventists that come to your door unannounced and uninvited.

Oh and Jean?....don't bother replying. I've already wasted enough of my sweetness on the desert air.

Let me know when the trailer park has an open house and I'll come over for a gourmet meal of baked beans and possum.

Rich (08-06-2004)

Jean Klien says:
Hello Dick Head. I wonder, what exactly is your contribution to society. Get a life. I bet there are some great porn sites that could keep you busy for a minute. You are a f''kin idiot. (08-06-2004)

Peanut Cranium says:
Thanks Richard Head! Wow, Hodgie was right about you when he said you swallow! (08-03-2004)

Richard Cranium says:
This once-proud website is now overrun with morons, bumpkins and other low-life cretins.

He may have been an idiot, but Peanut Head at least added some levity to the situation.

Long live Peanut Head! (08-03-2004)

Dennis Mitchell says:
"Breakfast With the Beatles," hosted by Dennis Mitchell -- the latest show online

Update (7/27/04)
The latest edition of "Dennis Mitchell?s Breakfast With The Beatles" is now available by going to Get a complete rundown of the latest show including the playlist, and the latest news from the incredible Abbeyrd news site. You?ll find lots of fun facts and links on the Mind Games Fun Page.

When The Beatles returned from India in 1968, they recorded a series of undocumented demos, that served as workups for songs to be included on the white album and "Abbey Road." Listen for a sampling of those demos, and a short piece on the really bad movie, "Sgt. Pepper?s Lonely Hearts Club Band."

Thanks for listening!
Dennis Mitchell


I Am The Beatles. ( says:

The greatest rock n' roll band of the twentieth century is here! Looking for information on The Beatles, their history, albums, songs, lyrics and what the songs mean? You've come to the right place! This is your one stop site with all the answers you've been looking for!

Do you know what the theme to almost all of The Beatles' songs was until Nowhere Man? Was Eleanor Rigby based on an actual person? What is Savoy Truffle? It the song Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds short for the drug LSD? Did all four of The Beatles record The Ballad of John & Yoko? What was the last album The Beatles recorded? Who is Sexy Sadie actually about?

Was Baby You're A Rich Man talking about an actual person or The Beatles themselves? How about the "Paul is Dead" hoax?

These questions and hundreds more are all answered here! What you'll find is each album The Beatles recorded arranged in chronological order by its release date. In each album article, you'll find its history, all the songs, the lyrics, and what each song actually means. Dispel the rumors, and find the real truth here! Have some friends who love The Beatles? Pass this site along.

I assure you,

A Splendid Time Is Guaranteed For All (07-25-2004)

Elvis Mac Fatter says:
I have a new title for Dirk & Nasty to work on: "Peanut Butter, Banana Twist"......... could be a new sensation !!!!!!!!!
Elvis. (07-12-2004)

dave disciple ( says:
Man, this is the best beatles copy I've heard in a long time...the other being the Gants from greenville Mississippi..also very early around 66 maybe? Anyway...the Gants would be a good one to pick up since almost every song they do is a beatles rip off or a song that the beatles covered...they recently had a cd that features all their songs...the coolest thing is seeing them playing Peavey amps(from mississippi) with peavey written in the fender logo (07-02-2004)

Elvis Mac Fatter. says:
I would like to claim part of the royalties for The Rutles.. "Cheese and Onions"..... I believe my eating habits inspired Nasty & Dirk to create this masterpiece. (07-01-2004)

MacIain MacDonald ( says:
My parents were one of those you mentioned who were trying to find a beatle record for an 8 year old boy who was aware something was happening somewhere....all they could find on a canadian prairie village dime store record rack was"mersey beats of liverpool",,,,so was all this kid had as the 60s bypassed awful...was thankful to have had something. (06-27-2004)

MacIain MacDonald ( says:
My parents were one of those you mentioned who were trying to find a beatle record for an 8 year old boy who was aware something was happening somewhere....all they could find on a canadian prairie village dime store record rack was"mersey beats of liverpool",,,,so was all this kid had as the 60s bypassed awful...was thankful to have had something. (06-27-2004)

Peanut Head says:

Now I know who da blame. (06-27-2004)

Elvis Mac Fatter. says:
I created The Rutles music. (06-26-2004)

Barrington Womble. says:
I've been resting, but would luv to hear the Fab Beats go Country . (06-26-2004)

mawnck says:
The one you need to find is "The Fabulous Beats Go Country Style" - allegedly the same group (although they sing better than these schmoes) doing Beatley arrangements of such country chestnuts as "Let Me Be the One." (06-19-2004)

Ollie says:
you know who beats off? peanut head, that's who. (05-12-2004)

Peanut Head (peehed@yahoo.whatever) says:
Oh god...all you guyz don't get it....Da Merseyside Sound is whatcha get after a real gud fish n' chips dinner and ya slide one out between yer ass cheeks......all dat oder stuff is bullshit, babies. da new JIMMY OSMINT LP....he is DA BOMB...specially dat new song called "IF ME An MY WIFE DIVORCE, ARE WE STILL LEGALLY BRUDDER AND SISTER?"...will bring tears to da eyes and a boner in da pants....

Play it inna dark....nekkid....wid a spliff goin'...den ya can grab Mommy is calling me....I haveta go...bye... (04-29-2004)

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