The Merseyside Sound! New From Britain!!

We laughed when we heard the Ruttles and Spinal Tap singing fake Beatle songs, but this is for real. Beatlemania was so big back in the 60's that it spun off dozens of cheap imitations like this one. With an album jacket screaming "Beats!!! The Merseyside Sound! The New Beat from Britain!" and four guys trying to look like the Beatles, the only thing this album is missing is actual Beatle music.

Were Beatle fans so stupid that they didn't realize they were being taken? Or were records like this aimed at their parents, who weren't paying enough attention to know the difference? I don't know, but one thing is for sure: the music on "Beats!!!" is just plain awful. Pick up a copy at a thrift store or eBay auction near you and listen for yourself. You'll be thankful that Lennon and McCartney had some actual talent to back up the phenomenon they started.

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Tell Me I'm The One (Real Audio) Recycled beatlemania at its finest.
Your Kind of Love (Real Audio) A twisted beatle-esque song about monogomy, I think.

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John Kasselmann ( says:
I found a VG+ copy of this knock off in a garage sale about two years back in MONO. I think it's fun and kinda humorous at the same time. Yes its pretty bland stuff but it reflects an era.

And its a better recording than the Buggs The BEETLE BEAT lp

Stricktly for completests

Some of it is better than oddball beatle bootlegs. (06-10-2002)

RevSteve says:
No wonder Frank Zappa made fun of this stuff!!! (06-08-2002)

Rocketboy_X says:
Is it just me, or does this sound like a bad rip-off of all of the bad fake bands on The Flintstones? Egads... (05-31-2002)

sandy planet says:
we got to nuke em buggsie (05-16-2002)

Robyn says:
My dogs went completely crazy when I played this and it took me ages to calm them down again (05-09-2002)

Steve ( says:
I was just given a cop of this exact album, certain members in my family had a fit with comments like "Alright" etc., until I played it- what a joke!
However it does have one redeeming quality, my dog likes (???) to howl along with it. (03-31-2002)

Reverend Flash ( says:
I've heard and even bought a lot of stuff like this, and I don't find it completely horrible. Most people are so brainwashed from their love of Beatles that they automatically reject soundalikes even if they sound good (Oasis, Monkees, Klaatu, XTC, etc.). (02-28-2002)

myeck says:
I picked up a really scratchy copy of this at a garage sale once. Gave it to my brother who collects fake-beatlemania ("The Beattle Beat" by The Buggs is his fave). They're just as successful as copying the Beatles sound as they are at acting "madcap" on the cover photos (the guy on the left on the far right photo looks mighty embarassed, doesn't he?). (01-13-2002)

gwszcsd rehyd (dfd afgrg ga gegfdg) says:
Fuck everyone that goes on this internet besides me (12-17-2001)

tertert (rttwtewrt) says:
ertretrewtretretwet reewr5wr ewqr ewrew (12-17-2001)

tertert (rttwtewrt) says:
ertretrewtretretwet reewr5wr ewqr ewrew (12-17-2001)

tertert (rttwtewrt) says:
ertretrewtretretwet reewr5wr ewqr ewrew (12-17-2001)

Luke Meat ( says:
This is pretty terrible...anyone remember a merseybeat band by the name of "The Violents"? Their name is on a poster in this picture I have of Lennon in some hip lookin' club. Cool name... (11-13-2001)

Kaiser George ( says:
Oh yes, it's rotten. Even worse than the Kaisers. (10-23-2001)

Father McKenzie says:
What's going on here? I can't download any of the songs on this site. It keeps telling me that it is unable to launch the application. I'm computer illiterate. What do i do? (10-01-2001)

Joseph Gallant ( says:
Although I don't have this album, I do have a Design (Pickwick International) album that must have come out a little later called "Discotheque", which had various artists doing various songs in various dance tempos (from swing to merengue to rock).

Three of the songs listed in "Beats!" appear on the "Discotheque" album I have: "Maybe I Will" "Tell Me I'm The One", and "Got To Get Another Girl".

Truthfully, they're not the worst songs in the world. But, until I found your website, I had no idea that these tunes were rip-offs of the Beatles' sound (which is perhaps why I think the three songs to also be on the album I have weren't the worst songs to have ever come out--I had no idea they were writen/recorded to copy the British sound).

Guess you learn something new every day! (09-29-2001)

Ron Burns ( says:
I have this album. I am willing to sell to best offerer. I have just about all the albums listed on this site. My contact information is included. Ron Burns 550 CHILDS DR MILTON,ONTARIO,CANADA L9T 3P3 1-(905)-876-3245 (07-25-2001)

The Lone Beatnik ( says:
Hey, "Your Kind of Love" sounds kind of like Dennis the Menace trying to pout his way through "La Bomba". And that other song.. I wish to forget it. However, they did 2 authentic Beatles songs on the whole fuckin' album: I want to Hold your Hand and I saw her standing there. They suck! Amazingly enough, I have a 45 by some group (I don't remember the name offhand..) and the song is called "Hell will Take Care of Her"... and the guy really really sounds like Lennon (and I don't think he's sounding to). That guys better than these assholes. I hope they are burning in Hell. Maybe they got back together to record Lt. Salt's Popular Abdomen's Club Group, The Off-White Album, Let it Die, etc. Maybe they turned into a Grateful Dead ripoff (Possibly the Pompous Living). I really couldn't make out Lou Reed on the cover (I know he worked for pickwick in the early 60s and he's probably on there)... I just hope that Lou Reed had nothing else to do w/ this album. (06-14-2001)

Bryan ( says:
Hate to ask! But if you had or would find this album what would it be worth? (06-10-2001)

George says:
This was also released as "The Liverpool Beats"
on Rondo records, thus giving clueless parents who bought this for their kids the opportunity
to be swindled twice by the same "product". (05-30-2001)

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