The Merseyside Sound! New From Britain!!

We laughed when we heard the Ruttles and Spinal Tap singing fake Beatle songs, but this is for real. Beatlemania was so big back in the 60's that it spun off dozens of cheap imitations like this one. With an album jacket screaming "Beats!!! The Merseyside Sound! The New Beat from Britain!" and four guys trying to look like the Beatles, the only thing this album is missing is actual Beatle music.

Were Beatle fans so stupid that they didn't realize they were being taken? Or were records like this aimed at their parents, who weren't paying enough attention to know the difference? I don't know, but one thing is for sure: the music on "Beats!!!" is just plain awful. Pick up a copy at a thrift store or eBay auction near you and listen for yourself. You'll be thankful that Lennon and McCartney had some actual talent to back up the phenomenon they started.

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Tell Me I'm The One (Real Audio) Recycled beatlemania at its finest.
Your Kind of Love (Real Audio) A twisted beatle-esque song about monogomy, I think.

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Theo Trickbeat ( says:
Well ...not that bad,quite authentic,unfortunatatly not entertaining. Destroy! (07-05-2000)

Mister13 says:
It Hurts It Hurts It Hurts It Hurts It Hurts (06-13-2000)

Peter Ball says:
That's Lou Reed on the cover. Really! He worked for Pickwick Records in the sixties. (05-23-2000)

Peter Ball (peter@the says:
All these comments about this record, and yet nobody caught the coolest thing about it: isn't that photos of Lou Reed among the Beatle- clones on the cover? I have two Lou Reed bios that feature one of those photos! Fact is, Lou at the time was working for Pickwick Records in New York. Pickwick did ripoffs of surf, dragstrip and Brit invasion records. Note: my father, circa 1964, brought this record home for me thinking he was giving me a Beatles disc! Adults buying records for their kids were well- victimized by these Pickwick-type imposter discs! Also, there were other discs of this type with the same pictures on the covers but with different titles and songs. Collect them all! (05-23-2000)

brian kotz ( says:
Did anyone involved in the making of this album REALLY think this sounded remotely like the Beatles? It's the true sound alright - the sound of a bunch of fratboys desperately trying to be Del Shannon. Let's face it - they knew that, which is why the sleeve was central to this "potboiler". If anyone reading this loves Beatle-alike records and isn't familiar with the L.P. "Deface the Music" by Todd Rundgren's Utopia, find a copy NOW. With every respect to Neil Innes, it out-Rutles the Rutles, and it's easily Rundgren's best work after The Nazz. (05-13-2000)

Elmos Woods says:
And I was just watching a tape of an Elvis marathon from AMC yesterday. This is pretty much the same genre of faux-beatlesque tripe the Colonel had the King belting out during that pitiable time. (04-17-2000)

Henry R. Kujawa ( says:
Actually, there IS a real band right now who are reviving the look, sound & style of the early (Cavern Club-era) Beatles; they're called THE KAISERS, from Scotland. They have to be seen & heard to be believed-- they're cool! They have a growing number of albums & singles available, I highly recommend their stuff. (04-08-2000)

Steve Greenfield ( says:
This was kind of enjoyable. Beats Nirvana. (02-14-2000)

Johmbolaya ( says:
Ed Kaz! said: >>"How come nobody does the ripoff thing nowadays? We could be enjoying compact discs from artists like "IN SINK" and "The Frontstreet Boys" and "The FOOD Fighters" and, and, and ya want I should go on?"<< Actually there are, it's being done by K-Tel. Instead of releasing 20 original hits by the original artists, they are getting people to rerecord the hits. So it lives in the 21st century. (01-20-2000)

SueBri says:
bEATIT!......yAA yAA!!!! (01-02-2000)

Bill Finneran ( says:
A couple of songs from this LP on are available on the CD Beatlerama.It consists of Beatle rip off songs,some good some not.You may Email me at for info on buying a copy. (01-01-2000)

Ed Kaz! ( says:
How come nobody does the ripoff thing nowadays? We could be enjoying compact discs from artists like "IN SINK" and "The Frontstreet Boys" and "The FOOD Fighters" and, and, and ya want I should go on? Probably not. Ed Kaz (11-06-1999)

Wild`Bill says:
Gimme the Chipmunks singing the Beatles hits! Sounds like they got a bad doo-wop vocal group to record this music. Yeah these cheapo labels desgined these albums to fool mom & dad into buying them, the kids would never buy them so a lot of them wound up at Thrift stores. PS: Anyone here has a LP by a group called "The Shakers" on Audio Fidelity? They look more hidous than these guys in Beatles wigs and they can hardly speak english. (08-16-1999)

Earl says:
I was going to write a comment to Gary Harrison, but what's the point? (08-15-1999)

Frank P Skinner ( says:
I actually like this album! It's quite enjoyable if you don't take it too seriously. My favorite cuts are "Tell Me I'm the One", "This Is What I Mean" and "Joshua". It took me awhile, but I finally found a stereo copy, and it didn't cost me an arm and a leg. (08-12-1999)

Chick Willis says:
You've just got to dig that New Jersey "jerseyside" sound! Oooh....stoop down baby..... (07-31-1999)

George says:
The Merseyside Sound? The New Beat From Britain? I've heard a few of these Beatle knock-offs, but this is probably the shoddiest. The singers don't even bother to disguise their Brooklyn accents, and I've never heard a lamer "Whoooo..." (07-28-1999)

Gary Harrison says:
What year was it that the Beatles released this gem? Was it before or after Abby Road? It's hard to place the exact era on this one. In fact, it's a bit difficult to actually identify anything that resembles singing, but then they used to smoke pot you know... (07-28-1999)

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