Wired For Sound

Early electronica with an amazing babe on the cover!

I don't usually buy albums solely for the cover art, but in this case I couldn't resist. Produced in 1956, Wired For Sound is an early manifestation of the electronic music craze that would come to fruition some two decades later with the advent of the Moog synthesizer. Unless you count the "artificial echo produced electronically completely under the control of the recording engineer", there really isn't much that's unconventional about this record. It does, however, have lots of gimmicks and sound effects of the kind that were typically used to dazzle people not used to hearing high-fidelity stereo. The music turned out to be a bit better than I was expecting, too. And the cover art -- well, it speaks for itself!

Wired For Sound
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Whistle While You Work (Real Audio) Are you allowed to do this to Disney songs?

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scott says:
At first I had the hots for the babe on the cover, until I realized that she's prob either
dead or in a nursing home now. Now I'm a little
more flaccid......she sure looked good at first
though..what gams sticking so tantalizingly
out of the speaker cone... (04-20-2007)

Captain Swishyhair ( says:
Are you secretly British? The stuff you've got on here somehow suggests a man with a very British sense of humour. Thank you so much for your 'exhibits'. What I like about this music is it has been made without any attempt to appear 'cool' and comes across as pure joy! Now if we could just get David Bowie to acknowledge his past and do 'The Laughing Gnome' live again... (10-06-2006)

Aldi says:
Holy crap! I own a mint copy of that! :-D (08-22-2005)

Arahil Littlefield ( says:
o-b0de94e9bae6c7e56af428ff994fd003-o Very good work, nice webpage. (07-08-2005)

Mark Cheney ( says:
Got to have this! Makes for great background on the comp! I'm an audio tech w/ a twisted sense of humor and I love LOUNGE type of music. (05-17-2005)

Turd Ferguson says:
What is suprising to me, is that the electronic schematic used as a background in the album cover is a design for a very basic AM radio. You would think they could have used a schematic from something much more sexual, such as a HI-FI stereo or a guitar amplifier. (04-04-2005)

sex toys says:
Sex Toys (12-03-2004)

Mickey says:
Why didnt Vik use Sylvia Vanderpool on the cover.She's a hella of a lot hotter than this ofay broad. (12-03-2004)

KERRY & EDWARDS IN '04! says:
KERRY & EDWARDS IN '04! (10-28-2004)

Joli ( says:
It is finished. No more exhibits. I can stop now. I can fill my life with other things once again. Thank you for this open forum. Thank you for sharing your love of novelty records with anyone who knows how to type in URL's & surf the web. Thank you for allowing other's to contribute their two cents or half-penny's worth. Tuppens, tuppens, tuppens a bag. (10-14-2004)

Joli ( says:
Is nothing sacred? Before sexual harrassment in the workplace became the issue it now is and for a long time has been, whistling suggestively at co-workers was seen as being relatively harmless. (10-14-2004)

Arthur Nerd says:
This is Every Electronics Geek's Wet Dream!
(oops I just creamed myself!) (03-11-2004)

Hi Fi Man says:
Wonderful, it not totally trite, highly entertaining pre-electronic music piece. Probably where Tomita got alot of his ideas from, especially the whistling. For 1956, these electronic sounds are startlingly real and the hi-fi recording is priceless. (03-11-2004)

Bill says:
Why did I waste my time listening to Tull, Stones and those losers When I could have been listening to Shatner, Damn I wasted my life! (12-30-2003)

James Frazee ( says:
I wish they re-release all these rare and weird vinyls on cd (12-12-2003)

Paul Saavedra ( says:
Far out. Is incredible, your vinils are delicious. Im a record collector too and i apreciate the rare vinils. I got various rare portraits (World worst records, Cowsills, Esquivel nude, etc. Id like to see more.
Paul S. (11-03-2003)

Lace Valentine says:
While listening to this, I couldn't help but conjore up a picture of Dr. Demento meeting the Sugar Plum fairy... (06-16-2003)

DragonFly says:
I think Joseph Gallant is right about the Dr Who theme. Ron Grainer & The BBC Radiophonic Workshop reccorded several versions over the years. If you wanna hear the version I recorded in 2002, u can find it via WinMX - look for DragonFly ELP..... (04-24-2003)

DragonFly ( says:
Hypnotyzuh - that's edgard (with a "d" on the end) varese! (04-24-2003)

Wind Bag says:
This is 'electronica' as in early experimentation
in 'Hi-Fidelity' not some 70's disco drivel for fruitcakes like someone named 'Hypnotyza' (04-21-2003)

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