Wired For Sound

Early electronica with an amazing babe on the cover!

I don't usually buy albums solely for the cover art, but in this case I couldn't resist. Produced in 1956, Wired For Sound is an early manifestation of the electronic music craze that would come to fruition some two decades later with the advent of the Moog synthesizer. Unless you count the "artificial echo produced electronically completely under the control of the recording engineer", there really isn't much that's unconventional about this record. It does, however, have lots of gimmicks and sound effects of the kind that were typically used to dazzle people not used to hearing high-fidelity stereo. The music turned out to be a bit better than I was expecting, too. And the cover art -- well, it speaks for itself!

Wired For Sound
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Whistle While You Work (Real Audio) Are you allowed to do this to Disney songs?

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nino ( says:
i vont some melodies for my alcatel mobile plizzzz (03-12-2003)

Z4RT4N ( says:

Look at all these sure to tell a friend....and be sure to sign the guestbook! (09-26-2002)

Chuck Roast says:
Those legs might be in stereo but the tunes are strictly Mono!. FWIW I'll go hang out with my Quad DTS ceedees of Enoch Light. 9 for the cover, 3 for the musick. (08-29-2002)

Joseph Gallant ( says:
Obviously, this record was recorded at the dawn of "electronic music".

Had it been recorded a decade later, there would have been much more of an "electronic" sound to the music on this album.

I believe one of the first "all-electronic" songs to be recorded was the original theme to the British TV series "Doctor Who", which would have been recorded in 1963, the year that show first appeared on British TV. I believe an audio download of the original "Doctor Who" theme can be found on one of the BBC-TV websites. (08-21-2002)

Daredevil6 ( says:
Pardon me, did you say something? Sorry, I was staring at the cover...and trying the ignore the Muzak drifting around the room. Marty Gold had just been maced and flogged by several Los Angeles Police officers when this...album...was produced. (08-08-2002)

fido says:
I don't no about dat (05-17-2002)

hypnotyza says:

1979? Donna Summer? First full electronica album?

Are you insane, or just that mis-informed?

Look up Edgar Varese on, son. Try Kraftwerk, sparky. Give me a friggin' break here! (05-11-2002)

Schraff ( says:
Random trivia: the first "official" 100% electronic album was Donna Summer's "I Feel Love" back in the late seventies (1979, I think...) (03-29-2002)

chris says:
just got this LP and I bet Esquivel had a copy too; this would've been great in stereo - just a year and a half too early. (02-20-2002)

MM ( says:
This is frightening. Are there bugs on me? (01-29-2002)

mark charlton! says:
Why does ed kaz! have an exclamation mark after his name? (12-19-2001)

CP says:
This is the best explanation of why the world needed rock& roll. (10-16-2001)

TheLostArtOF says:
now how much will it cost me to make sure that no one EVER has to hear this again?? (08-13-2001)

Apel ( says:
Yeah okay... this is the best thing in the world. (08-13-2001)

Ed Kaz! ( says:
Lou Reed should have listened to this before he made Metal Machine Music. The future of music "completely controlled by the recording engineer" would have been inexorably different. Cheer, Kaz. (07-22-2001)

Ryan Downs says:
I just went to my local flea market and found this album there. When I pulled out the vinyl, it looked almost brand new. I guess whomever was the original owner hated it. (07-07-2001)

goat ( says:
other then what sounded like a repeating chord
around the beginning, i didnt find any of this
to be "electronic" in any way. those interested
in hearing a true electronic music pioneer should
check out the american composer/inventor raymond scott, start here-> (05-21-2001)

Billy says:
Sure it sounds silly, but you wouldnt have techno or rap music without these people experimenting with early synths and making silly novelty music.

A bit of trivia...Marty Gold was the dad of (Lonely Boy) Andrew Gold! (05-21-2001)

curley john says:
I have it, now I'm going to have to listen to it, (09-17-2000)

ole ( says:
Has Spike Jones married Julie Andrews?? (09-13-2000)

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