Ted Heath: The Big Ones

Jazz oddity Ted Heath and his Music take on the top hits with a flair all their own.

Ted Heath is nothing short of a musical genuis, and why he isn't more widely recognized for his talents is one of the long-standing mysteries of vinyl. Take a listen to these incredibly cool tracks and you'll see what I mean. Heath starts off slow, emphasizing the popular melody of the song, which serves merely as a starting point for what comes next. In Get Back, he quicky departs into a Jazz wonderland, picking up the Beatle theme only here and there. In Satisfaction, he turns a minor pause in the song into a series of unbelievable drum breaks that will have you peeling your eardrums off the ceiling.

The great thing about Ted Heath is that all his songs on all his albums are like this -- one treasure after another. In a world where one great track is typically packaged around nine worthless ones, that makes Ted Heath and his Music an incredible vinyl treat.

Ted Heath: The Big Ones
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Get Back (MP3) The classic Jazz treatment of popular tunes. A real tour-de-force.
Satisfaction (MP3) I love the incredible drum breaks in this over-the-top rendition of the Stones' greatest hit.

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Joseph Stokes ( says:
I have a copy of the Ted Heath at Carnegie Hall LP. I bought it in about 1960 and it is in good order. I am about to record it onto disc via my PC. Memories of you is a great track. (11-24-2010)

tony cottle ( says:
Well i didnt get any answers to the questions raised, but then the email address has been changed so sorry for any answers sent to the old cancelled email.
The work of devotees has produced numbers sought; although the the westside story Lp still eludes. It would be great to get this bunch of unique recordings and the Archers theme since this would just about complete all the work Ted recorded. 3 years have passed since the first letter; it is so delightful that that the Ted Heath music is still so popular and welcomed. Other big bands still perform his works eg Bryan Jones big band, lovely to recall days passed in music so exciting.
Any stuff about Ted most welcome. Thank you for reading this note. May the 'Big Ones' continue.
Regards to all fans. (05-30-2009)

terence Brunton ( says:
I used to go and see Ted Heath At Lewisham on a Sunday night ans sit through both Performances and then find out where he was in th week. Him and ella firzgerald were my life (01-01-2009)

Peter Lee ( says:
As a very old Ted Heath fan,I would like to know where I can get hold of a recording of 7/11. Thank you All. (10-31-2008)

Where can I locate a music store that may have some of ted Heath's recordingsd for sale? (12-15-2007)

Nick Heath says:
I'm Ted Heath's son -- it's great to read so many wonderful comments about my father and the tremendous pleasure he gave, and still gives, to so many. It was inspirational for me to be so close to the process -- listen to the white labels as he deafened us all [and himself!] with the latest recording played back via a fabulous Leak amplifier and speaker the size of a wardrobe. Thanks for all your great comments. (11-29-2007)

Mike Schutz ( says:
Having been fortunate enough to see Ted and his great band in the early fifties, one of my great memories was to see Ted pick up his trombone, normaly, prior to the interval, and play with the band, either, "How High the Moon" or " Intermission Riff". Magic moments. (10-24-2007)

barrie clarke ( says:
What a great site , people saying all the things that I have carried in my mind all these years! m first sight of Ted and the boys being at the Winter gardens Blackpool. What a night! next time i saw him was at the Festival Hall Kirkby in Ashfield Notts (15 shillings to get in)
What a load of talent they were and I still hold dear to me the autograph book with Teds name and of course Bobby Pratts and a lot of others Ah memories if only the clock can be turned back (09-13-2007)

will_boy ( says:
I look at the comments from most of these other albums, then I compare them with the ones here, and wow....Ted Heath really commands a lot of respect! No wonder, what a class act and one of the best big bands ever to play. Thanks for helping keep his memory alive. (05-04-2007)

Tina Pratt says:
So nice to know Bobby still has so many fans, yes he was a great player. I have lots of fan mail still, and was fortunate enough to meet some of Bobby's fans on my last trip to the UK. (03-02-2007)

Robin Brace says:
I have posted here before. Since the sad death of Ron Simmonds and the fact that his great website will no longer be updated, I have now launched 'Jazz; A Musical Passion' - this is a UK-based jazz website with, perhaps, a special big bands interest. I would love to track down people like Bert Ezzard and ask them to write articles about their Heath days, also former JD sidemen. Any help would be great. The site is at: and my e mail: (take the x's off first). (12-04-2006)

Svend E Kristensen ( says:
A must have Ted Heath Album is in the phase 4 stereo category, it is simply amazing what they do to exemplify the percussions on this one:
Big Band Percussion Phase 4 stereo Ted Heath and his music
And then in that Enoch Light style of writing a good intro to each track ----- superb!!! (10-24-2006)

Kate ( says:
Does anyone have any idea where I can download Eddie Blair's Picnic? Can't find it anywhere. Would love to hear it. Also versions of Lullaby of the Leaves. (09-01-2006)

john hunt ( says:
I first heard the ted heath band in 1945 or was it 1946 while serving in the forces in, of all places, North Borneo. This was on an overseas broadcast. To this day, I can recall hearing 'Bakerloo Nonstop' with the trumpet of Kenny Baker. As an avid listener over the years to the wonderful Ted Heath Orchestra, It was a real privelege to attend Kenny's funeral a few years back. Attending were most of the brass section, including the late Don Lusher, Jack Parnell, Duncan Campbell of course !
The standard over the years was unsurpassed. Listen to the immaculate sections !
It is impossible to list a favourite, they were all good !
I share these thoughts with many overseas friends who still appreciate Ted Heath and his Music !
Kind regards to all !
John Hunt (08-05-2006)

C. Terentius Rufus says:
Wow! After listening to the samples I understand the praise for this album. The intros for both tunes are unpromising, actually pretty lame, but once past that the charts are solid! I know nothing of Ted Heath. He is, or was, a Brit? (06-21-2006)

Dave Rutman says:
Oh, Baby! I bought this for $3.99 from Korvettes back in the late 60s, early 70s. One of the only Ted Heath album I ever owned. This certainly holds up better than Kenton's Hair album. (06-16-2006)

Larry Prigg ( says:
Ted Heath? One of the greatest bands. I have 9 of his albums, and they are all GREAT!!!!!!! (06-04-2006)

andrew thielen ( says:
Could I get transcription of "Get Back" big band from you? (04-08-2006)

Mel Young ( says:
In my early 20s I had an LP entitled "Spotlight
on the Sidemen" by the Ted Heath Orchestra. Every
musician was featured and every one was a virtuoso. I'm now 70 and the LP has gone and I cannot find a CD version of this brilliant disc.
Anyone got a tape of this? (03-04-2006)

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