Ted Heath: The Big Ones

Jazz oddity Ted Heath and his Music take on the top hits with a flair all their own.

Ted Heath is nothing short of a musical genuis, and why he isn't more widely recognized for his talents is one of the long-standing mysteries of vinyl. Take a listen to these incredibly cool tracks and you'll see what I mean. Heath starts off slow, emphasizing the popular melody of the song, which serves merely as a starting point for what comes next. In Get Back, he quicky departs into a Jazz wonderland, picking up the Beatle theme only here and there. In Satisfaction, he turns a minor pause in the song into a series of unbelievable drum breaks that will have you peeling your eardrums off the ceiling.

The great thing about Ted Heath is that all his songs on all his albums are like this -- one treasure after another. In a world where one great track is typically packaged around nine worthless ones, that makes Ted Heath and his Music an incredible vinyl treat.

Ted Heath: The Big Ones
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Get Back (MP3) The classic Jazz treatment of popular tunes. A real tour-de-force.
Satisfaction (MP3) I love the incredible drum breaks in this over-the-top rendition of the Stones' greatest hit.

Your Comments:

Ian ( says:
Actually Mis Margaret Thatcher, this IS Ted ehathm the British ex Prime Minister, in his other role and a musician (03-20-2003)

Armando Cataldo Melendez ( says:
Realmente la banda britanica más grande de todos los tiempos. Soy fan de ted heath desde fines de los 50. El albún favorito para mi es Los 12 mayores exitos de Billbord. (03-01-2003)

Jesus says:
Christ, this album is so Goddamn cool! Where can a muthafucka like myself pick up one of these? (09-10-2002)

Joseph Gallant ( says:
Unlike various late-sixties attempts at jazz or big-band arrangements of rock songs featured on other albums spotlighted on this website, Ted Heath actually got it right. (08-21-2002)

I have always been a listening of the musica of Ted Heath and its orchestra. I admire the sound and the structure of the rate and brass. I want to know yes is in the market algun concert in VHS, because I would like to acquire it.

Jose A. Gomez Morel
Dominican Republic


Siempre me ha gustado la musica de Ted Heath. E (07-14-2002)

Margaret Thatcher says:
So this isn't the former British Prime Minister, then.
Bollocks! (07-10-2002)

Howie Clements ( says:
Hey is that Peter Max cover art or a rip off? (04-23-2002)

Maurice Lee Barksdale ( says:
I have loved "big band" music all my life. I played clarinet and tenor in high school. A local disc jockey played Ted Heath's version of "The Champ" as his theme song in 1954. I have been a fan since that time, and I have most of his "Palladium" albums. I truly believe that he assembled the best jazz band of all time!!!! (12-04-2001)

telly savalas says:
out of the way goldie! if anyone is gonna give ted the "golden throat" treatment, it's gonna be me baby! whay ya think i been practising on these lollipops all these years??? (07-31-2001)

Toby ( says:
Does anybody know where I can buy this album? Seriously. (06-23-2001)

The Lone Beatnik ( says:
Not bad, all in all (although at times it sounds like a swingin-ass marching band). (06-17-2001)

Goldie Hawn ( says:
I'm a big fan of Ted Heath, can anyone tell me how to get in touch? I would love to polish his instrument with my "golden throat." (06-15-2001)

Roman Pativ says:
Ted Heath is one swingin'cat, man! His rendition of "Get Back" is a stone cold groove. I also enjoy the cover of this album with its faux Peter Max illo and that BIG number 4 (four being the sacred number of stereo phasing). (05-26-2001)

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