Cathy Berberian: Revolution

Beatles songs go baroque! An operatic first!

Eventually, record producers realized that it's a bad idea to make entire albums of Beatles songs done in some unique or perculiar non-rock style. Unfortunately, that seminal moment did not occur until some time after opera singer Cathy Berberian recorded this unbelievable LP.

The liner notes on "Revolution" (a Beatle song that Cathy doesn't actually perform on it) start off rather tongue-in-cheek, asking "Who are they kidding? Is this another put-on, some sort of musical joke?" The notes quicky go on to assure the reader that it is not, but one listen to the music on this album and you won't know what else to make of it. Opera. The Beatles. Error. Error.

Call your friends over. Place your jaw squarely in the open position. Drop the needle on Revolution, and prepare to be amazed.

Cathy Berberian: Revolution
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I Want To Hold Your Hand (MP3) What were they thinking!?

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Vynyl Junkie ( says:
Well, this album was inevitable. The classical gang put up with popular artists (most notably ELP, ELO & Eric Carmen) aping Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven & Bach for years. It was time to give 'em a taste of their own medicine. So, here it is, opera fans - the revenge album you'd never buy... ENJOY! (06-29-2001)

The Lone Beatnik ( says:
Those high notes made me cringe. Did she say "Please say to me you'll let me be your mum?" God.. chamber music at its worst. Can you imagine an opera wench singing "Yellow Submarine". I miss John Lennon! Beatle music at its worst. I hope that she is in prison for releasing this horrible shit! (06-14-2001)

jonny ( says:
I now want this record so badly it hurts. (05-30-2001)

Jeff Immer ( says:
This is beautiful. Like postcards of diner specials beautiful. (05-23-2001)

Lorenzo Van Der Lingen says:
Oh. My. God. I DREAM of finding LPs like this! Cathy & The Beatlebarkers should come out of retirement & tour the "oldies" circuit. I'd be first in line. Fantastic to have you back, Frank! (05-21-2001)

Billy says:
Arrgh! Even the latest Britney Spears hit is more listenable than that! (05-21-2001)

Bill Beckett ( says:
Revolting is more like it... Makes The Beatle Barkers sound sublime in comparison. I'd love to hear her do an album of Rolling Stones hits. (right.....) (05-20-2001)

Stu says:
Make it stop, make it stop! Cathy Berberian should change her name to Cathy Barbarian after the pain she has just inflicted on me. (05-20-2001)

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