Cathy Berberian: Revolution

Beatles songs go baroque! An operatic first!

Eventually, record producers realized that it's a bad idea to make entire albums of Beatles songs done in some unique or perculiar non-rock style. Unfortunately, that seminal moment did not occur until some time after opera singer Cathy Berberian recorded this unbelievable LP.

The liner notes on "Revolution" (a Beatle song that Cathy doesn't actually perform on it) start off rather tongue-in-cheek, asking "Who are they kidding? Is this another put-on, some sort of musical joke?" The notes quicky go on to assure the reader that it is not, but one listen to the music on this album and you won't know what else to make of it. Opera. The Beatles. Error. Error.

Call your friends over. Place your jaw squarely in the open position. Drop the needle on Revolution, and prepare to be amazed.

Cathy Berberian: Revolution
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I Want To Hold Your Hand (MP3) What were they thinking!?

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Paul McCartney says:
I thought it was rather pleasant, really. Kind of in a Yoko Ono way, you know. (01-24-2004)

moremuzz50 says:
good (01-16-2004)

Donna ( says:
... and they said Anna Russell never bore any children!!!! (01-14-2004)

Paul (BarkingHare@Excite.Com) says:
Wow. My record collection doesn't have any nutty stuff like this. Even my Elsa Lanchester album is kind of good. (01-02-2004)

Christine ( says:
OK then next song you do! I want to be background vocals! We would make an awesome team! (01-02-2004)

Rob Butler ( says:
Geez, I wonder what "HELP!" sonds like?
At least give her high marks for the album cover - a great knock-off of "Revolver." (12-12-2003)

Raymondo ( says:
When she hit that hi note the first time, I musta passed the whole cup of coffe through my nose. (12-04-2003)

Berdj says:
Barbara Hendricks singing popular music is so boring ! nearly pathetic!
Luciano Pavarotti, the great Pavarotti when he is singing popular music is no more than commercial ! Pure commercial shit !
Nearly 99% of classical singers are very deceiving when they are singing popular music of 1960-1970's.

Cathy Berberian is creative and most of times, she is interesting and she expressed even emotion. when she is making some "humour", it is not heavy and aggressive.

So, c'est quand mÍme respectable ....


Nat ( says:
I like opera as much as the next person, but MY GOD!!! (11-24-2003)

simon says:
to anita - the song in question is part of Berio's Folk Songs - there is a CD of Cathy singing the Recital, the Folk Songs, and Berio's arrangements of Kurt Weill songs. From memory it's just called Recital. Any Berberian or Berio fan should track down a recording of the Recital - their greatest work together. (10-31-2003)

john lennon says:
yoko?? (10-18-2003)

BoiseLP says:
LOL (10-12-2003)

Penis Lane says:
Orgasmatronical!! (10-09-2003)

Marcia says:
Oh geeeeeee say to meeeeeeee: what da heck is that woman singing??? (10-09-2003)

Mad Man Mike says:
AH, The Beatles ALA orgasm (09-28-2003)

Opop says:
No. (09-27-2003)

Fakey McFaker says:
Not the same album, but this CD does have a few of the Beatles cuts on it:

It's a scarey world out there, isn't it? (09-17-2003)

pennydinawoods ( says:
he he he he he he... (09-17-2003)

BG Dodson says:
Actually....I kind of like it. Am I in a bad way Doctor?


Mark says:
NOT BAD, AT ALL.. (08-17-2003)

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