Cathy Berberian: Revolution

Beatles songs go baroque! An operatic first!

Eventually, record producers realized that it's a bad idea to make entire albums of Beatles songs done in some unique or perculiar non-rock style. Unfortunately, that seminal moment did not occur until some time after opera singer Cathy Berberian recorded this unbelievable LP.

The liner notes on "Revolution" (a Beatle song that Cathy doesn't actually perform on it) start off rather tongue-in-cheek, asking "Who are they kidding? Is this another put-on, some sort of musical joke?" The notes quicky go on to assure the reader that it is not, but one listen to the music on this album and you won't know what else to make of it. Opera. The Beatles. Error. Error.

Call your friends over. Place your jaw squarely in the open position. Drop the needle on Revolution, and prepare to be amazed.

Cathy Berberian: Revolution
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I Want To Hold Your Hand (MP3) What were they thinking!?

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Hillbilly says:
More songs from this, please! Hilarious! (11-27-2001)

Peter Sparkman ( says:
Ever since I smoked my first joint in my late teens at the begining of the eighties, I've always found the concept of sining popular contemporary songs in an operatic style to be quite amusing and often used to do this as a funnt party trick. I thought I was the only person to think of it...obviously I was wrong. I thought this stuff only ever got as far as a live rendition in a Drag show! (11-05-2001)

Billy G says:
Do the people at Rhino who compiled the "Golden Throats" CD compilations know about this LP?

I love the way she hits that high note near the end. Please share more samples from this album! (10-25-2001)

OZ says:
Is she any relation to Conan The ... She really kicked the crap out of this one!

Please add more cuts from this one. I haven't laughed so hard in years. (10-22-2001)

Peter says:
Cathy berberian's folk songs are absolutley beautiful and she is a highly influential vocal inovator, though i guess that would be hard to tell from THAT soundclip. I'm just saying that you shouldn't make a total mockery of her without knowing who she is. check out her more serious stuff and THEN mock her, if you still think she deserves it.
She's dead anyway so she won't mind. (10-14-2001)

Al Neuman says:
Please, please, please add more tracks from this album to the site. I'm begging you! (10-02-2001)

Ted O. says:
OK, is it possible that someone could actually like listening to this? Yes. Is that someone myself? Yes, again. I find it something of an odd beauty. My tastes have never run along the lines of the conventional, so perhaps that explains my affinity. I like the Beatles..they're OK; I like Cathy Berberian, too.
The uninspired & lemming-like naysaying of this album is what truly turns my stomach. What people do not understand they wish to destroy. OK, I'm not saying it's a favorite, but maybe people could try to understand that it's possible to do something like this and have it actually capture a kind of beauty. To capture an essence previously unknown. Let's open our minds, instead of trying to storm the castle to destroy the misunderstood creature. I wish I owned this album...I shall soon enough. (10-01-2001)

George ( says:
"An Operatic First" .... and hopefully, Last. (09-23-2001)

Coyote says:

What can I say and keep this post clean !

It's up there with Williams Shatner's singing tallents ! (08-15-2001)

Izora ( says:
Finally I know what Donald Fagan is referring to when he sings "Even Cathy Berberian knows there's one roulade she can't sing." I've been wondering for years! (08-07-2001)

Irving says:
The 70's band, Sparks, did a similar remake of this arrangement as a b-side. It is now available on the CD for "Propoganda" (or was it on "Indiscreet", I forget).
Funny stuff. (07-26-2001)

Lojack says:
OH MY GOD (07-26-2001)

Ron Burns ( says:
I have this album. I am willing to sell to best offerer. I have just about all the albums listed on this site. My contact information is included. Ron Burns 550 CHILDS DR MILTON,ONTARIO,CANADA L9T 3P3 1-(905)-876-3245 (07-25-2001)

Shaun Hervey ( says:
Please, MORE! I must hear more cuts from this album! I haven't heard anything that funny since Shatner doing Tamborine Man. (07-16-2001)

leet the Bearded Revolutionary ( says:
Surely this album ranks along side Leonard Nimoy's 'Bilbo Baggins' as an all time classic...surely? (07-12-2001)

Pete says:
Did she do a german version as well?
William Shatner...please step aside! (07-11-2001)

Lee Suttey says:
Fantastic - If only she had covered the whole of Sgt. Peppers.... (07-11-2001)

Leonard Pinth-Garnell says:
Bravo! Monumentally ill-advised! (07-10-2001)

NekkeN says:
Breaking glass the Beatles way... Ecstasy! (07-10-2001)

Roman Pativ says:
The songs of the Beatles are permanently encoded in the hard drive of my brain, so records like this are an elaborate in-joke for me. But I wonder if anyone under the age of 40 can appreciate the grip that Beatles music, and British culture in general had on Americans then? Someday Beatlemania will be as remote and obscure as ragtime is to me now. (07-07-2001)

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