Pink Panther Country

He's not just a pink cartoon character... he's also a country-western musician.

Check out this beautiful picture disc I picked up at the 2000 Austin Record show. It's Pink Panther, that loveable cartoon character from the 70's, except now he's all about country/western music. Where did that idea come from? Was this kind of music popular with the kids back then?

What struck me as odd when I first saw this album is the fact that Pink Panther, if memory serves, was mute in the cartoons -- he never said a word. Yet here he is with a record. True to his cartoon image, the singing on this album isn't by the Panther himself, but by a contingent of backup vocalists who accompany the "Panther"'s various guitar strummings. In between the musical numbers, a helpful narrator keeps the kids up to date with the album's plotline.

The graphics on this album are everything a picture disc should be: crisp, bright, and wonderfully cartoony. Be sure to click the image for a closer look.

Pink Panther Country
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Your Comments:

pink panther girl says:
Pink panther is the BEST!!!!! He is sooo cute! I love him!!! my site has pink panther pics and music! (06-22-2004)

Homer says:
awwww...i thought he said pink panties. (05-05-2004)

gabriel ( says:
i need some rock version of the pink panther theme, where can i download for free? couldn't find one.(not midi)
tks (04-27-2004)

Hippie ( says:
PINK PANTHER IS DA BOMB MAN!!!!!!!!!!! (04-05-2004)

Mark Kausler ( says:
The Pink Panther never got much better than his initial apperance in the original Blake Edwards movie titles. The first cartoon; "The Pink Phink" was OK, but the rest of them suffered from leaden staging, obscure gags and not enough really funny drawings! Funny drawings should have been the first priority in a series featuring a mute character. (02-24-2004)

Pussy Galore says:
Parkeets make for some good Eatin'!
Meow! (02-11-2004)

Nithin Shenoy says:
Pink Panther is one of my all time favourites. I love the character, its so funny. Can anybody post where i can find the pink panther cd' (02-08-2004)

Hailey ( says:
I thought ol' Pinky couldn't/never talked, better yet sang! (02-07-2004)

Ice says:
Pink Panther ROX!!!! Who ever says he sux, well, you don't wanna kno... umm yea, i'm about to cut my ears off!!!!!! This is soooooo annoying!!!! (02-04-2004)

Cat says:
Mrrrrowww,Wrrangg, Grroowwl, Prrrrr!

FFFttt! Hisss!!! (02-02-2004)

Molly ( says:
Pink Panther is the coolest guy in the world!! Because he's pink and pink is the best color in the whole entire world!! (01-18-2004)

kela says:
The pink panther rules, but I agree with the one dude ...this songs makes me want to cut my ears off! (01-07-2004)

RENEE ( says:
Pink panther is awesome ...i love him and the color pink. Pink is my fav color.....:D:D and mark haha shut UP!! dude! (01-01-2004)

xXxchaosxXx says:
PINK PANTHER IS A TRUE PIMP PLAYAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (12-07-2003)

michelle ( says:
I love the pink panther no matter what anyone saids!!! (12-05-2003)

Roma ( says:
Я очень люблю Розовую пантеру ,но ни хрена не понимаю по английски .Так что извеняйте ,если ничего не поймете.Напишите,если кто понимает по русски мне. (11-18-2003)

adiz (distot_pinkcatz) says:
I lovin it!n' silly too.. (11-03-2003)

Kimmy ( says:
the pink panther rocks if u say the pink panther sucks then u seck ass holes (11-01-2003)

mira says:
PINK PANTHER ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!! :P (10-28-2003)

ling says:
hi mark...i adore you mark hehe (10-19-2003)

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