Pink Panther Country

He's not just a pink cartoon character... he's also a country-western musician.

Check out this beautiful picture disc I picked up at the 2000 Austin Record show. It's Pink Panther, that loveable cartoon character from the 70's, except now he's all about country/western music. Where did that idea come from? Was this kind of music popular with the kids back then?

What struck me as odd when I first saw this album is the fact that Pink Panther, if memory serves, was mute in the cartoons -- he never said a word. Yet here he is with a record. True to his cartoon image, the singing on this album isn't by the Panther himself, but by a contingent of backup vocalists who accompany the "Panther"'s various guitar strummings. In between the musical numbers, a helpful narrator keeps the kids up to date with the album's plotline.

The graphics on this album are everything a picture disc should be: crisp, bright, and wonderfully cartoony. Be sure to click the image for a closer look.

Pink Panther Country
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Swanee River/Dixie (Real Audio) A great "pickin' duel" with a happy ending.

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MC Pimp Stick ( says:
I have what I assume is the sequel to this "Pink Panther Punk", where the panther and his assistants for some reason cover Pink Floyd... not a picture disc though. (07-25-2001)

Miko ( says:
Am I imagining it, or would the bit that goes through the record (not up on LP terminology) protrude from somewhere non-child-safe? (07-25-2001)

NekkeN says:
Millions of capitalists make it statiscally probable that someone would buy this cd. But it's still hard to believe. It would be a great joke Christmas present, though. (07-10-2001)

Eric ( says:
Wow...that's the worst country music I've ever heard. (Billy Ray Cyrus, eat your heart out!) The horse on the picture disk looks like he's about ready to bust that guitar over the Pink Panther's head. And the Pink Panther used to be cool, too! (07-01-2001)

O.J. ( says:
I just wanted to let you know I'm still searching for my wife's killer. Now if you will excuse me I have a golf date with Robert Blake and William Shatner. (06-19-2001)

Jesse Jackson ( says:
Hey, how about my girlfriend and child-- that sure suprised everyone! (06-19-2001)

the lone beatnik says:
Oh yeah, look at pink panther's glazed over, yellow eyes. He's either high or has liver problems from all that hard drinkin' (06-15-2001)

The Lone Beatnik ( says:
Ever seen that movie ROOTS? Remember "Old Fiddlah"? Well, he narrates this record. A desparate attempt just to make a record. If anyone bought this... I dont know. I guess Frank did. Look at the record... the disenchanted horse/mule, the way Pink Panther is sitting on the horse.. the fact that the hole in the record is right where the Pink Panther's reproductive organs should be. (06-15-2001)

Bill Clinton (politicaloblivion) says:
I did not have sex with that girl. (06-11-2001)

Thomas Jefferson ( says:
I would like to point out that there is nothing "funny" about slavery, or the impregnation of slave girls by their white overseers. Excuse me, I have to whip the women, as it's just about midnight. (06-02-2001)

Steven Foster ( says:
Massah in de cold, cold ground. All the darkies love de massah cause the massah treat 'em so kind. Massah in de cold, cold ground. (06-02-2001)

Vynyl Junkie ( says:
The only thing missing here is Waylon Jennings popping in every few minutes to remind us of what them Duke boys is up to 'cross town... (05-29-2001)

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