Goldie Hawn shows off her golden throat.

Somewhere between the end of her stint on Laugh-In and her reincarnation as a movie star, Goldie Hawn thought she'd give singing a try. On this 1972 Warner Brothers release, simply titled "Goldie", Hawn teams up with the likes of Porter Wagoner, Dolly Parton, and Buck Owens to produce a country album, covering material from Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Paul Stookey and many others.

Lots of celebrities had secondary careers as recording artists in the 70's, most with laughable results (see Telly elsewhere on this site for a prime example). But Goldie Hawn actually pulls it off. Listening to her country crooning on this album, you could imagine her going on to become the next Olivia Newton-John. Judging by the success of Goldie's recent acting efforts, it might actually have been a better career move for her in the long run.

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Butterfly (MP3) It's a sappy enough song in English, but to hear Goldie Hawn sing it in French is enough to melt hardened steel.
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (MP3) Bob Dylan she isn't, but Goldie can be my baby any time.

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hbotis ( says:
Great cover! I want a copy!! (08-17-2002)

Extreme says:
Daredevil6, you had me rolling in the isle with that one, funny as hell! (08-15-2002)

Daredevil6 ( says:
And here I thought the, "I'm a movie/TV star, but want I really want to do is sing!" thing was a recent phenom (i.e., Jennifer Love Hewitt, David Hasselhoff) (as opposed to singers becoming actors), but Goldie proved me ever so wrong. Like farting in a can, folks; it lingers and lingers. (08-08-2002)

Extream says:
EVEL IS THE MAN! (07-16-2002)

alan ( says:
hey i think goldie's renditions of these classics is great, she has a very nice vioce, we reviewed her on our site, 70's invasion, take a look, and u will find many unknown women in rock ; 60-70's -today; DEBRA CLINGER, NOOSHA FOX, LYNSEY de PAUL, etc. (06-11-2002)

Jason Thompson ( says:
Holy crap! I just got a record company catalog in the mail a couple of weeks ago and THIS album has been reissued and was available for purchse! I thought who the hell would want to buy this thing just from looking at the sleeve art and reading the description. Now I wonder even more...15 bucks for this? Ha! (03-29-2002)

Schraff ( says:
Her expression on the cover is priceless. A seductive combination of bored, impatient, and woozy. (03-29-2002)

9 says:
I'm sure it stays at nada Clay. (12-11-2001)

Clay Buntline says:
I was on the way to the can when "I'll be your baby tonight", by Goldie, began to twill. I gave
up on the bathroon idea knowing full well that my
pecker had shrunk to nada. (12-10-2001)

Keyboard Guy says:
He's not just a punk - he's also a hippie. (11-12-2001)

Trying to help says:
Alex, one thing that is clear is, that the webmaster Frank Larosa likes foul language and fights on his message boards. I'll tell you why. I've noticed that people can come here and post anything they want. No matter how discusting, mean, cruel, illiterate, and tasteless thier posts are, he leaves them and never deletes them. But the other day I came here and copied and pasted a paragraph from one of his record message boards into the comments box, and posted it on all of the bad boards multiple times to cover all of the offensive posts that are being viewed by children, and guess what? Frank Larosa deleted all of it, and left all of the sick posts. Now why would he delete harmless comments that cover sick ones? Answer, he is part of the problem! He is a punk! (11-12-2001)

ALEX says:
To the webmaster Frank Larosa:

You have a spledid variety of interesting music.
I think most people could appreciate more if you exercized your role as webmaster and edited out all the postings that are irrelevant, gross, disgusting, flames and have nothing whatsoever of positive value to enrich your site.

"Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be."
--Grandma Moses (11-03-2001)

Sadly Flabberghasted ( says:
I don't know whats worse,so many people willing to use "Gay", "queer", homosexual" and all the other slang terms as insults and put-downs without a thought as to how that might make some one who is gay feel, or how so many people put up with it with out a sound.
I think I would rather be perceived as "queer" over "Ignorant", "Vulgar", "Stupid", "Crude", "Cruel", or "Mean".
Let the flames begin. (10-13-2001)

memnoque says:
it's nice to see people getting along, isn't it? (see below) (09-22-2001)

Dave Hatfield ( says:
I bought the album "Goldie" in 1973. I cherish this album. I would dearly love to get the tracks on CD. Goldie shows just how talented she really is on this album. (09-01-2001)

Niclas ( says:
I would love hearing this album, Goldie is a very talented actress (and singer?). By the way, never mind those silly sex related comments on this page. (08-29-2001)

Ron Burns ( says:
I have this album. I am willing to sell to best offerer. I have just about all the albums listed on this site. My contact information is included. It's the way I do business: Ron Burns 550 CHILDS DR MILTON,ONTARIO,CANADA L9T 3P3 1-(905)-876-3245

P.S. You people are sick! I'm sure you are all one and the same. Roman Pativ, Lone Beatnik, Joe Esterhaus, and Chick Ellis is all the same 16 year old peice of shit whacking his 2 inch pud whith his door locked, while mom & dad fight over mom's cheating ways and dad's drinking in the other room! (08-06-2001)

Dave Rossi ( says:
I still have this LP but haven't played it in years (I'll have to dig it up). What I KNOW I like is a single that came out after this LP called: PITTA PATTA. It's GREAT, but what happen to the follow up LP??? Anyone know?? (08-04-2001)

Mike says:
Finally, a clean, clear, controlled voice with no vibrato. My kind of singer (07-24-2001)

Chick Ellis says:
Let me tell you how "Goldie" got her nickname. After one of my concerts she came backstage to my dressing room for a private stoop down. It turns out that she holds an amazing amount of urine for such a small girl. After drenching me in a golden shower we swapped mouthfulls of piss in soulful kisses. She is one stoop down girl. (06-21-2001)

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