Goldie Hawn shows off her golden throat.

Somewhere between the end of her stint on Laugh-In and her reincarnation as a movie star, Goldie Hawn thought she'd give singing a try. On this 1972 Warner Brothers release, simply titled "Goldie", Hawn teams up with the likes of Porter Wagoner, Dolly Parton, and Buck Owens to produce a country album, covering material from Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Paul Stookey and many others.

Lots of celebrities had secondary careers as recording artists in the 70's, most with laughable results (see Telly elsewhere on this site for a prime example). But Goldie Hawn actually pulls it off. Listening to her country crooning on this album, you could imagine her going on to become the next Olivia Newton-John. Judging by the success of Goldie's recent acting efforts, it might actually have been a better career move for her in the long run.

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Butterfly (MP3) It's a sappy enough song in English, but to hear Goldie Hawn sing it in French is enough to melt hardened steel.
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (MP3) Bob Dylan she isn't, but Goldie can be my baby any time.

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Joe Esterhaus (lala@hollywoodland) says:
I met Goldie at Spagos. I told her I wanted to ball her in the parking lot, actresses love that kind of talk. Her mom was there and wanted to join in. I didn't think we would all fit in that little VW bug. Afterwards, I wiped my dick on her chin and stole her credit card! (06-15-2001)

The Lone Beatnik ( says:
She his horrible. A horrible actress, a horrible singer. However, her love for nudity in film made her an icon (and we all love that :o) ) (06-14-2001)

Darren Thornton ( says:
Goldie's version of I'll Be Your Baby Tonight appeared on Vol. 3 of the Golden Throats series. Her voice is far from stellar. Yet there's a certain sweetness to it. She did appear on the George Martin tribute album, doing A Hard Day's Night. (06-01-2001)

Roman Pativ says:
Never mind her golden throat, this cover needed to show some tits. Remember those wonderful Carly Simon albums with the peek-a-boo sundress shots? Excuse me, I have to spank my monkey... (05-29-2001)

David Piercy ( says:
I remember seeing the GOLDIE HAWN lp in record stores, but never did hear it. I met GOLDIE once at work when I lived in MD and she was so sweet and giggly...her mom lived in Takoma Park a few blocks from me. GOLDIE's mom was a real treat. Maybe GOLDIE will go back to the studios and do another is really past time! (05-23-2001)

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