Mrs. Miller's Greatest Hits

Oh, the humanity!

I've spent a lot of time contemplating the mystery of Mrs. Elva Miller from Claremont, California. I have to conclude that her recording career is one of the cruelest practical jokes ever devised by the record industry.

For the most part, the flubs on Frank's Vinyl Museum are the result of serious artists and serious record producers badly missing the mark. Mrs. Miller's album is definitely over the top, but I get the very sinister feeling from the liner notes that while Miller herself may have been completely serious about what she was doing, whoever coaxed her to make this album was laughing on the inside, and probably egging her on to be even more extreme. The sarcasm is very subtle, just enough to give the wink to record collectors like us while keeping poor Mrs. Miller in the dark. References to her "impeccible diction" and "scintillating delivery" abound, as well as the accolade "one of the most interesting voices extant... one that brings to mind the tonal qualities of a Florence Foster Jenkins or a Mrs. B. J. Fangman". Jane Morgan's Fresh Flavor LP, featured elsewhere on this site, contains similar sentiments, but at least she can lay claim to some prior recording history.

I almost feel bad for exploiting Mrs. Miller this way, but once you listen to her songs, you'll know why her fans can't resist her. Enjoy!

Mrs. Miller's Greatest Hits
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Downtown (MP3) Brace yourself for the best rendition of 'Downtown' ever!
A Hard Day's Night (MP3) Beatle butchering at its very best.

See Also: Fresh Flavor

Your Comments:

Terry ( says:
This is fantastic but you can see where this sort of thing leads.....anal sex with Mrs. Miller??? I'm sure that would make her sing yet another different tune..... (02-27-2004)

Dinkus says:
I would love...and i mean LOVE have anal sex with this woman. (02-27-2004)

Ben Seese says:
A little more indie, but equally awesome: (02-26-2004)

Syd says:
Like Oh Ma Gawd. I have simply Lurved Mrs. Miller since I was like a youngin'I mean . . . How can I tell you about my love? Well lets see . . . Her music inspires me to do what I love best in life.My lifetime goal is to be able to become a backup singer for her. *sings* (02-26-2004)

Sredni Vashtar says:
Mrs. Miller, if I recall correctly, was a real person who made a career out of sitting in the audiences of live TV shows (such as the Steve Allen show) in the fifties and sixties and getting mentioned by the host for being in the audience. (02-25-2004)

William Shatner's agent says:
In "Downtown" I swear I can hear her stifle a laugh at one point. Maybe she thought the record was a joke also? (02-25-2004)

billy pooper ( says:
wo (02-25-2004)

Neil says:
And if you couldn't get enough of that

Neil. (02-24-2004)

n69n ( says:
i dont care what anyone says or how it was intended;


my favorite of hers is ACT NATURALLY!

they're gonna put me in the movies
they're gonna make a big star out of me
gonna make a film about a woman who's sad & lonely
& all i gotta do is act naturally

i love her! (02-24-2004)

burp ( says:
I apologize for my mother. She's back now. (02-24-2004)

JimmieJames says:
There were many privately produced LPs featuring the vanties of part-time artists or hobbyists in the vinyl days of yore. I kindof enjoyed her effort, thanks to the producer for the garnish. (02-24-2004)

Hors Fukr ( says:
MY BRAIN, GOD, MY BRAIN! When you get to the point where the birds start twittering in "Downtown", you'll rip your own larynx out. IT'S FULL OF STARS!!! (02-24-2004)

dwg says:
perhaps dangermouse should mash up her with nelly, next. (02-24-2004)

GR££DY ( says:
Supoib! (02-24-2004)

OMG says:
I almost vomited myself. I hate the Beatles to begin with, and after listening to that rendition, I feel we should shoot the remaining living members (and disembowel Yucky Nono to boot) (02-24-2004)

Ralf says:
My tummy hurts. (02-24-2004)

toots ( says:
toots (02-20-2004)

The Godmother of Soul!

Isn't she just Fred West in drag? (02-18-2004)

Raph the sarcastic sod says:
She is a fox - she sings so well! It makes me soooo horny (02-17-2004)

Miller says:
oh no... noooooo.. the whistle.. like shatner & merman in a blender... with a bag of cats thrown in.. a triumph of tone deaf singing/producing/engineering. (02-17-2004)

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