Mrs. Miller's Greatest Hits

Oh, the humanity!

I've spent a lot of time contemplating the mystery of Mrs. Elva Miller from Claremont, California. I have to conclude that her recording career is one of the cruelest practical jokes ever devised by the record industry.

For the most part, the flubs on Frank's Vinyl Museum are the result of serious artists and serious record producers badly missing the mark. Mrs. Miller's album is definitely over the top, but I get the very sinister feeling from the liner notes that while Miller herself may have been completely serious about what she was doing, whoever coaxed her to make this album was laughing on the inside, and probably egging her on to be even more extreme. The sarcasm is very subtle, just enough to give the wink to record collectors like us while keeping poor Mrs. Miller in the dark. References to her "impeccible diction" and "scintillating delivery" abound, as well as the accolade "one of the most interesting voices extant... one that brings to mind the tonal qualities of a Florence Foster Jenkins or a Mrs. B. J. Fangman". Jane Morgan's Fresh Flavor LP, featured elsewhere on this site, contains similar sentiments, but at least she can lay claim to some prior recording history.

I almost feel bad for exploiting Mrs. Miller this way, but once you listen to her songs, you'll know why her fans can't resist her. Enjoy!

Mrs. Miller's Greatest Hits
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Downtown (MP3) Brace yourself for the best rendition of 'Downtown' ever!
A Hard Day's Night (MP3) Beatle butchering at its very best.

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kate says:
somewhere deep within our (extended) family's home video vault, there lies a recording of my large and balding uncle Mike lip synching mrs. miller's rendition of "i am woman" into a pepto bismol bottle. this is my personal holy grail. he made me listen to mrs. miller all the time as a child, and i just thought it was hilarious. now when weather permits my friends and drive around with mrs. miller blaring, and if you're reading this now you can imagine the looks we get. i am glad that i finally learned her first name. what luck, i just bought a hamster...and i'm gonna name her Elva. (02-04-2003)

Nick ( says:
Mrs. Miller made us laugh when we were kids, and our mom would try to sing as well as her and we laughed some more. When she would whistle in her songs, we would then laugh so hard, we couldnt eat our homemade popcorn! She showed us that anyone with a heart of gold could hit it big... even if she was a flash in the pan. (01-28-2003)

King Diamond says:
own greatest hits and will sucess spoil... Mrs. Miller is the greatest I wish more of her stuff was out on cd (01-27-2003)

Steve says:
Well... umm... wow, what can I say about this album. It's very... "unique" and quite entertaining. It will leave you saying, "It's Miller Time!" (01-27-2003)

dawn sloane ( says:
Her version has inspired me to perform this song at a karoke benefit for big brothers and sisters lol (01-15-2003)

Colin says:
This is terrific... so awful, so charming, so bewildering... check out the fan site at (01-14-2003)

Sammy Reed says:
I ordered the 20-plus song CD of Mrs. Miller last year. I used it as Halloween music on my front porch when I gave away candy. Did you know that she died in 1997? That means she lived long enough to have been able to record almost all the songs KenS. was talking about! I think it would have been neat if she kept making these songs for people who like to hear that kind of stuff. Imagine her doing Lisa Loeb's "Stay", or "Disco Inferno", or "Kiss on my List", or anything in between. (01-12-2003)

Chob says:
What a totally amazing voice...this lady must have died happy! (01-09-2003)

Sjønner, Denmark says:
Sometimes ago I've heart Mrs. Miller sang "SWEET PEA" Great...more of that... (01-04-2003)

John Michaelson says:
You should have loaded "These Boots Were Made For Walkin'", the absolute best track on this album. (12-29-2002)

simon says:
mtchdtn mentioned Jonathan and Darlene. Frank, you *have* to get that record - best version of "I Am Woman" I've ever heard. Apparently they also did a version of "Staying Alive".

And come to think of it, the voice is similar... (12-24-2002)

rojelleio moraga cha says:
Look out JLo, here comes Mrs. Miller! Hey, if it's worth it, let me work it. What can I say other than muy caliente! Is she available? Single? Retired perhaps? I like to put this on while I do taebo, havin mad passionate love, or any other physical activity involving a strong rhythm. Bravissimo! (12-23-2002)

Sabriel says:
i think this is great!!! its really funny and great for parties! (12-19-2002)

Sabriel says:
i think this is great!!! its really funny and great for parties! (12-19-2002)

Sabriel (none) says:
i think this is great!!! its really funny and great for parties! (12-19-2002)

Meznu says:
At last, the secret love child of Ethel Merman and Mitch Miller (hence, the name) is exposed. I may rest now that the truth is revealed.
Those studio engineers are at fault here. Her timing is perfection, they just had her on delay!
Webster will need to add her name and likeness beneath the definition of "dulcet" from now on. (12-17-2002)

KenS. says:
Stunning! One instantly understands how Phil Spector felt discovering some of the richest talent of the 60s! Mrs. Miller's gusto and virtuosity make one imagine her tackling numerous classics - even today's hits. Miller's round tones and sustained vocal embellshments put Streisand and Merman to shame. Just imagine this fresh, provocative voice covering Evergreen, The Way We Were or the penultimate show stopper - Everything's Coming Up Roses? I sit in awe and wait for an album of contemporary hits covered by Miller. Madonna's Burnin' Up? Brittany's Opps I Did it Again? Janet's Control? How about Celine Dion's Titanic ballad - Our Love will Go ON?? Maybe an evening of Sondheim songs? The choices and wonders are endless!! Rock on Mrs. Miller - you are a lighthouse in the storm of bad music out there!! (12-17-2002)

Michael B. says:
A complete revelation! God Bless Mrs. Miller! Post more downloads -I'm dying for more. (12-16-2002)

andrea r says:
What a horrible album! Do people actualy listen to this for pleasure? It should be used in prisons has punishment (12-12-2002)

Steven legros ( says:
Wow! What a refreshing change from the boring normal pop music cranked out today. What more can I say THANK YOU!!!! (12-09-2002)

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