Mrs. Miller's Greatest Hits

Oh, the humanity!

I've spent a lot of time contemplating the mystery of Mrs. Elva Miller from Claremont, California. I have to conclude that her recording career is one of the cruelest practical jokes ever devised by the record industry.

For the most part, the flubs on Frank's Vinyl Museum are the result of serious artists and serious record producers badly missing the mark. Mrs. Miller's album is definitely over the top, but I get the very sinister feeling from the liner notes that while Miller herself may have been completely serious about what she was doing, whoever coaxed her to make this album was laughing on the inside, and probably egging her on to be even more extreme. The sarcasm is very subtle, just enough to give the wink to record collectors like us while keeping poor Mrs. Miller in the dark. References to her "impeccible diction" and "scintillating delivery" abound, as well as the accolade "one of the most interesting voices extant... one that brings to mind the tonal qualities of a Florence Foster Jenkins or a Mrs. B. J. Fangman". Jane Morgan's Fresh Flavor LP, featured elsewhere on this site, contains similar sentiments, but at least she can lay claim to some prior recording history.

I almost feel bad for exploiting Mrs. Miller this way, but once you listen to her songs, you'll know why her fans can't resist her. Enjoy!

Mrs. Miller's Greatest Hits
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Downtown (MP3) Brace yourself for the best rendition of 'Downtown' ever!
A Hard Day's Night (MP3) Beatle butchering at its very best.

See Also: Fresh Flavor

Your Comments:

Brettski says:
She knocks my socks off . Whenever I hear that voice it puts a smile on my face, she sure is swell. (09-20-2005)

Peter B says:
Not any old hot dog or harry can sing like this, she is second only to the Dubliners in my book. I'd gladly sell all my modos to buy her follow up LP! (09-09-2005)

Jim Snyder (SUALUM) says:
Wow! I never thought I'd ever have a massage quite like the one I enjoyed when I cranked up the speakers and listend to the wild voice of Mrs. Miller. Her Vibrato is as wide as Delaware Water Gap. Forget about Helga, allow me recommend Miller for your next Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage. Every knot in my body disappeared! Thanks Elva! (09-05-2005)

Julie "Miller" ( says:
Mrs M. has got to be my favorite! Finally an artist I can sing along with in the car and I sound good! Not featured here, but my favorite song is her rendition of "Green Tamborine" on her last album, Mrs Miller Does Her Thing. Eat your heart out Tiny Tim! (09-01-2005)

C. Terentius Rufus says:
If only Tiny Tim had married Mrs. Miller instead of Miss Vicky. (08-21-2005)

Bearzy ( says:
I have this record as the result of working in a used record store. There is also a "Country Sounds of Mrs. Miller" album, I believe. It has The Beatles' "Doctor Robert" on it, I think.

Yes, whenever I am showing off my record collection, I always pull this one out and say, "You gotta hear this!"

I have always wanted a portrait of her done on black velvet. (A Velvet Elva...cue rimshot.) (08-17-2005)

BigBadger ( says:
Poor Mrs. Miller - her heart was in the right place, and she tries. I would bet the farm that she had formal training - just in a different era. That vibrato-from-hell style of hers has been out of style for about - oh, 70 years. But what makes these such a gem is that the track they KEPT (which one assumes would be the best recording they had) still has her getting lost in the lyrics and losing the beat entirely. (Listen to "Downtown" if you don't know what I'm talking about.) And her whistling is almost better than her singing! (I said almost.) The fact that Mrs. M starts laughing at her inability to keep up is priceless. You know, in a different time (30-some years ago) listening to Mrs Miller whilst enjoying a trip around the world (and never leaving your room) was considered an absolute must! (08-16-2005)

KW says:
It only proves my point that you don't neccesarily have to have talent in order to make it in the music buisness. Being a music veteran, I think I'll go ahead and start driving a truck... (08-08-2005)

Christina Chapan ( says:
I just love Mrs. Miller. At first when I played Hard Days Night my husband would just cringe but after about a month he bought me the album. You gotta love Mrs. M. Who said that dreams can't come true even if you can't do them????? (08-08-2005)

Elricko ( says:
Laugh as much as you want. Mre. Miller laughed all the way to the bank. I am old enough to remember Ms. Miller when she first came out and always thought she was a hoot. Whenever she would come on TV I would turn it up and my mother would have a fit. (07-29-2005)

Dr.D. ( says:
Some above said they were "a commited fan." Well, I hope they never let you out!!!
As for Mrs. Miller...well two thoughts come to mind. The humorist H(enry) L(ewis) Mencken once wrote: "Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public." And P.T. Barnum said: "There's one born every minute."
Now...on to Tiny Tim and Miss Vicky. (07-15-2005)

Flo Fangman says:
My gawd, that whistlin' diva. The train wreck you're forced to adore. I have been a committed fan for well over two decades, and each time I take a listen, am prouder to be able to say so. (07-07-2005)

Queipo says:
Gracias, Señor. No nos merecemos esta pagina. (06-28-2005)

Peter ( says:
Her voice is powerful in Downtown and packs such a punch, like getting one in the solar plexus. I'm still breathless. (06-08-2005)

Kyle J. Dale ( says:
My Granddad bought this record when it was first released. I've since inherited it and I must say it is one of my most prized pieces of vinyl. Nothing picks me up like Mrs. Miller's cover of "These Boots Were Made for Walking." (06-03-2005)

Acke says:
I'm a true fan of mrs miller...she is a GOD!! (05-17-2005)

mark cheney ( says:
This is a GREAT record! I even have a CD compilation of her Greatest Hits! Man, can she deliver a song or what?!? (05-17-2005)

RodeoJack says:
This just proves you can find ANYTHING on the internet! Back in the '60s, KJR was cranking out Petula Clark's "Downtown". I don't remember who's idea it was to put Mrs Miller on as a follow-up, but I darn near drove off the Seattle Viaduct, I was laughing so hard!

Naturally, we're playing it here! :) (05-15-2005)

Daniel P. Schuster ( says:
Ein Traum! Einfach sensationell, fast so wie die Stimme von "Claudia" aus der deutschen Erfolgssendung DPS Early Night, die pro Sendung zirka 3 Milliarden Zuhörer hat. DPS Early Night ist der erfolgreichste Late Night Show der Welt, liebe englische und amerikanische Bürger dieser Welt und dieser Seite. Mrs Miller wurde endlich bekannt gemacht durch die DPS Early Night. (05-03-2005)

Northern Soul DJ (Re:Michael in SJ /THE COOL ONES) says:
You can get "The Cool Ones" here: (04-23-2005)

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