Ethel Merman Disco Album

I've got rhythm... like no rhythm you've heard before.

Ethel Merman, 70's disco diva? It's true -- or at least, they gave it a shot with this surreal 1979 release on A&M records. With Cher and Streisand having blazed the trail, it was only a matter of time before Merman was called upon to belt out disco versions of her classic tunes.

Thank god disco died when it did... who knows how far it would have spread had it lasted?

Update: Saints preserve us the Ethel Merman Disco Album is now available on CD! Why scour thrift store record bins for the next six years when you can just click and buy online? It's just the thing for your next swinging dance party!

Ethel Merman Disco Album
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No Business Like Show Business (MP3) Ethel Merman sings disco like nobody's business!
I Got Rhythm (MP3) I got Merman. I got disco. Who could ask for anything more?

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Vynyl Junkie says:
I just got this last week - bought a record collection from an estate and was thrilled to find it. Ms. Merman caught a lot of grief for doing this (second only to Dolly Parton's "Baby I'm Burnin' - released on hot pink vinyl). I dunno, I think I like Mrs. Miller better... (10-08-2010)

JRNelsonSr ( says:
@safestud: Wracking my brains (I have two of them which is why I'm so dangerous) to figure out what MECCA Records was. I figured out you meant Millenium. You're thinking MECCA because it was Meco who did all of those discofied movie themes for the label. The label eventually changed its distribution to RCA, put out a handful of decent hits (remember Chiliwack's "My Girl (Gone Gone Gone)" and went belly-up in 1982. (07-18-2010)

Tals says:
Hey, don't insult sesame street disco like that. The disco version of C is for Cookie is quite awesome, and dont forget the pointer sisters number count... (09-26-2009)

Katie says:
I wasn't even born when this came out. I think its a helluva lot better than some of the $#!+ thats on the radio now!!!! (11-21-2007)

RobertABC ( says:
I get so tired of the complaints Disco music gets. I am not an Ethel Merman Fan but the background and arrangement on No Business Like Show Business is really good...I love that Disco arrangement that is so often the basis of so many of the hits..There is so much worse out there..and noone makes it their lifes ambition to take issue with it..just dont listen to it..nothing could be worse than Rap and it doesnt seem to be going anywhere? Noone attacks it as plain no talent flilty garbage..with a group of ghetto trash talking their way through another hit...Do people really think 50 Cent can sing..and make sure how you pronounce it..make sure it makes you sound like you were raised in a rat infested slum.... (11-04-2007)

Davo ( says:
Does anyone have a copy of "Kids Are People Too", when Ethel appeared on it??? Let me know.. (10-28-2007)

hanniballecturer ( says:
which is worse? nothing could be worse than this crap, it's not even bad disco (as reprehensible as that would be) it's a bad sesame street version of disco.... (08-11-2007)

shaogo ( says:
Ms. Merman told me in 1981 that she loved the beat, and compared the glitz of disco to the glitz of Busby Berkley musicals; just in a different time and place. Ms. Merman also liked a good party - at the time, many of the parties she attended had a disco background. It was inevitable that she'd dip her big toe into the swirling, murky pond that was the disco craze. What's to criticize? Now things are going the other way around and we've got Rod Stewart, Linda Ronstadt (again), Bette Midler and more doing "The Great American Songbook." And tell me which is worse, Ethel's disco album or Neil Sedaka's "Rock Swings?!" (04-22-2007)

Donna says:
Ethel's disco album is available on cd from (03-18-2007)

Sarah Lee Ann says:
If you think that is bad check out Pokemon songs they are even worse than the show.. (03-10-2007)

kelc says:
I think she is the best singer ever! She is one of a kind. I love to sing just like her!!! She is my Idol. If they had American Idol back then for a fact, and lots would agree with me, she would have one on the spot! (03-04-2007)

Tim Dunn says:
Think Mrs. Miller but with better pipes.
She must have had a house payment due.

Frank...I bow to the master of bad music. You are truly adept at picking out the best of the worst. I could sit and listen on your site all day. Kudos! (02-22-2007)

Richard Caswell ( says:
OK! We take the 'piss' BUT what a Lady, a true STAR!
Incidentally, Ethel never appeared in a 'flop' more than can be said of any other Broadway artiste.
May your God Love her!
As for disco? better than any of the garbage that's played today!! (12-05-2006)

Rick Robertson ( says:
It's a camp classic, with original LP copies going for big $. A definite gay cult item. One may question her taste, but as many here have said, pitch and rhythm are spot-on. Eartha Kitt the same thing in her old age, and she caterwauled above and below the pitch throughout. (And those records are gay cult items also!!) (08-09-2006) ( says:
No matter what anyone says, Ethel Merman tore up these tunes in this great concept LP - if you don't like Disco - why would you listen to it? Go DISCO DOLLIES! (08-09-2006)

MrSoulSatisfaction says:
I must confess, the hand holding the hat on the cover is mine. The photo was taken as I was chasing her down Broadway. My intent was to strangle her for making this God awful record. What you don't see in the photo is the cab she jumped into, escaping unharmed. But my failed attempt did serve a purpose - She never made another disco record again. (07-21-2006)

Paul ( says:
they play this version of "no business:" every morning on air America's Stephanie Miller show to open their tinsel town gossip segment. thats what got me looking for it today :) (07-14-2006)

frankie says:
ethel merman had a beautiful singing voice. her work in musicals are legendary. even her roles in movies continued her great work. i just don't think she chose a very good genre trying at disco. i'm not saying she didn't have talent or a great voice because she certainly did, it's just i don't think disco is her forte. she should have stuck to what people lover her for and what she was best at. this is just not a good example of disco. (06-26-2006)

safestud says:
Well I have the single but not the album. I will keep my eye for it. There's no Business has a very respectable and yet innovative arrangement for the time it came out. It came out dreamy as if you were going to see her live. I like the production of the arrangement. I never knew this was on A&M til I got it. I knew about it before I got the single but I always pictured it being on MECCA or CASABLANCA since it has that groove and sound to it. I think Alpert and Moss were dying for the next big disco hit since they didnt have much in their disco cataloge at that time. I guess they wanted this to compete with The Wizzard Of OZ, Close Encounters of Every Kind and Star Wars all on Mecca/Casablanca. I have those albums and they are very unique. Keep in mind when listening to these kinds of tracks, MAKE SURE you dont bring them to parties or ask dj's even on disco night to play them! They are the personal entertainment that you dont want anyone to know you listen to from time to time LOL. You can HOWEVER if you get into ballroom dancing or enjoy dancing with old farts pick up the close encounters of every kind album. Great for learning if your one of those that is practicing for a wedding or aniversary. In other words if you bought these records new and regreted it, they can eventually pay for themselves if you open your ears at a later age. (05-23-2006)

Jill Barron ( says:
I actually own this on vinyl & cd. Nothing like thowing in the mix at a drunken house party to get people dancin! (05-01-2006)

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