Ethel Merman Disco Album

I've got rhythm... like no rhythm you've heard before.

Ethel Merman, 70's disco diva? It's true -- or at least, they gave it a shot with this surreal 1979 release on A&M records. With Cher and Streisand having blazed the trail, it was only a matter of time before Merman was called upon to belt out disco versions of her classic tunes.

Thank god disco died when it did... who knows how far it would have spread had it lasted?

Update: Saints preserve us the Ethel Merman Disco Album is now available on CD! Why scour thrift store record bins for the next six years when you can just click and buy online? It's just the thing for your next swinging dance party!

Ethel Merman Disco Album
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No Business Like Show Business (MP3) Ethel Merman sings disco like nobody's business!
I Got Rhythm (MP3) I got Merman. I got disco. Who could ask for anything more?

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Your Comments:

aloyisus ( says:
oh, that album cover!'s my wallpaper forever!!!! (06-02-2005)

george lyall ( says:
Ethel, baby, you certainly DID have rhythm! Am I the only one who absolutely worships your disco album? Fantastic! (05-30-2005)

I Got Ethel In Me says:
Can't get that paint off your walls. Turn up the volume on this timeless classic! (05-17-2005)

MIKE SCOTT ( says:
Ethel Merman was good in the 70s i remember her well now ive got the internet i can hear her all the time. (05-07-2005)

Michael Olbrych ( says:
I got to see and meet in the 70,s and know that she was very proud of making this recording and had a truly wondreful sprit to keep performing and up with the times hat off to you ethel one more time. (01-14-2005)

Ethel's Left Leg says:
I've got a beef with you people who put down this album. I think you're nuts not to appreciate the clearified distinctive orchestrated love-fest of a wonderfully dismissmalized disco album.

Disoc may be dead now, but back in 1979 disco was the mortisactioned acremedialistic music of the day. And Ethel merman is one of the very few to have been so distremental enough to have worked hard for her triliatric fans who loved her through the years.

This album is certainly one of the greatest trialic pieces of work or the disco era.

I WANT MORPHINE! (12-27-2004)

disco clubfoot ( says:
At the time of disco, Paul Jabarra was ahead of the game. He wrote and got an Oscar and Grammy for the disco song "Last Dance", had a small acting career (remember the 1978 California disco movie 'Thank got its friday'? The character who got trapped in a stairway); Plus did his own concept LPs that were selling. What can top that???

Producing Ethel Merman's Disco Album!!!!!!!
I'll buy that... (12-24-2004)

Daniel Moore ( says:
Awe, I am in awe. This is going to make an excellent page in some theatre major's biographical term paper. (11-23-2004)

SocialCommentary says:
Fresh as a Disco Biscuit..It's a template for future musical fusion endeavors to come...I give you Rednex as a fine example of it's progeny.


Mad Dr. Matt ( says:
Ethel Merman and Wendy Carlos - notice you never see them I think NOT!

You know, if you think Ethel can sing - you should have had heard her sister - Hi-Test! All you folks from the resthome got that one, right? HI-TEST!!! It DOES help to SPEAK UP!

These are the jokes, folks.


Ethel's disco album was great - bit you should have heard Henry Kissinger's! Talk about the Holy Grail of thift-shop finds! Start looking for it now... (11-11-2004)

IP address: says: (11-03-2004)

Paul ( says:
It's remarkable that this album made its way to the internet, and so comprehensively displayed, too! I recall my good friend Jim T., a good friend of Ms. Merman's, recounting the evening in St. Maarten, after a trip to a pretty chic discotheque on the French side, when she announced that she just "had" to add her "contribution" to this "wonderful, danceable genre that all the chorus boys on Broadway were partying to at night." The mere existence of this record raises a lot of questions, not the least of which being, how long until "Andy Williams' Def Jam Cover Album?" (10-29-2004)

KERRY & EDWARDS IN '04! says:
VOTE KERRY/EDWARDS! (10-27-2004)

Joli ( says:
Hats off to Disco Diva Primavera "Ethel Merman!" (10-12-2004)

Joli ( says:
Ethel's got rhythm in her lederhosen. Ooh baby. And... peaches are fuel-injected. And... pigs fly. And... the Blue Whale is the smallest mammal to have ever lived & breathed. (10-12-2004)

Joli ( says:
You've got to be kidding. No sooner did I speak it & it came to pass. I said earlier the only thing worse than the Beatle songs being opera-ized would be Ethel Merman doing Beatle's covers & now we have a disco album by her? I am rolling over in my grave & I'm not even dead yet. Do a little dance, make a little love & get down tonight with none other than the drop dead gorgeous bombshell Ethel Merman. Any takers?! (10-12-2004)

gg ( says:
anyone want to buy the album? (10-06-2004)

Marc ( says:

follow this link and check this ethel remix out! some merman-obsessed mixmaster has made her go all hip hop!! kinda neat (09-20-2004)

Donna ( says:
"Girl Crazy", She credits it as the song that got her broadway career rolling. (09-09-2004)

Hailey ( says:
what play is "I've got rhythm" off of???? (09-02-2004)

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