Ethel Merman Disco Album

I've got rhythm... like no rhythm you've heard before.

Ethel Merman, 70's disco diva? It's true -- or at least, they gave it a shot with this surreal 1979 release on A&M records. With Cher and Streisand having blazed the trail, it was only a matter of time before Merman was called upon to belt out disco versions of her classic tunes.

Thank god disco died when it did... who knows how far it would have spread had it lasted?

Update: Saints preserve us the Ethel Merman Disco Album is now available on CD! Why scour thrift store record bins for the next six years when you can just click and buy online? It's just the thing for your next swinging dance party!

Ethel Merman Disco Album
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No Business Like Show Business (MP3) Ethel Merman sings disco like nobody's business!
I Got Rhythm (MP3) I got Merman. I got disco. Who could ask for anything more?

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Your Comments:

David says:
The Flex in Cleveland Ohio is cool (07-16-2003)

Bryan Carlson ( says:
The Ethel Merman Disco Album is available on CD! I just bought my copy at Provincetown, Massachusetts! Produced by! About $15. (06-28-2003)

Donna ( says:
"Call Me Madame" on DVD would be GREAT!!!! (06-19-2003)

musikman10 ( says:
La Merman -- Next to you, 21st century divas don't stand a chance. (06-06-2003)

childstar ( says:
1 have a copy from 1979 ex/ex cond. anyone interested? (05-03-2003)

Diana Prince ( says:
I love this album. My friends Clark and Bruce played it at the reception to their commitment ceremony. It brought back a lot of memories. (04-30-2003)

TOM ( says:
Ethel is our lizard Queen!!!! (Tom)

I remember Disco, and that was bad enough.... This is worse(Pat) (04-21-2003)

Lothar of the Hill People says:
Must have..MP3 (04-17-2003)

Moose ( says:
Yeah, I about dropped a load in my pants when i say this, i found the album at my local salvation army, it's like it was never played before the paper label was covering the hole for the player, when i played the record i thought i was in heaven, oh my, on the back of the album it says in gold lettering "loaned for promotion only, not for sale, ownership and rights reserved", does that mean i got the album before it went on sale? does anyone know the value of it? if so let me know, gota go, my favorite song is on now and i just can't resist dancing to it (04-09-2003)

David ( says:
Burned cd copies of this have sold for as much as $75.00 on e-bay, now maybe we'll get a long overdue release of "Call Me Madame" on video!!!! (03-10-2003)

jerry says:
I bought this album when it first came out. I still have it! (eat your heart out). My copy is very badly scratched from overplay.
It'l bloody awful, technically speaking ..but there's something infectious about the music. Makes you tap your foot. (03-08-2003)

Bolivio Samsonite says:
Why is some dude following Ethel around with a bedpan? (03-05-2003)

Baddy ( says:
You can buy this CD from Medium Rare records in San Francisco. It's only a couple of blocks from my house. I do believe they'll ship CDs and records too. They specialize in all the old divas (Peggy Lee, Eartha Kitt, Keely Smith, etc.) and have a fantastic collection of old off the wall stuff like this re-released on CD too.

(415) 255-7273 (03-04-2003)

Jimmy R. says:
Just got this great album. I missed buying it the first time around. I can't stop dancing to it. It's great for aerobics. Yippee! The Merm is Perm! (02-27-2003)

juan ( says:
is there a video/dvd of "Annie get your gun" by Ethel or Bernadette Peters? If anyone knows of a copy please let me know. (02-27-2003)

bryan says:
my gawd, this is divine! I've always heard of this album but I seriously thought it was a big practical joke on me... now Iknow it'd for real!!! Those backing tracks are priceless and the backup vocals are like buttah! (02-07-2003)

EFSB says:
This seriously should be sampled by someone. In what form, I will not say. Fruity Loops anyone? (02-04-2003)

MightyOrson ( says:
This is what makes this country great! It proves that nothing is impossible to accomplish if only you give all ya gots!! Shake yer booty Merm. (01-19-2003)

Greene ( says:
wish she was still here with us and sing to us more. her time was cut short... (01-14-2003)

Uncle Ralph ( says:
This album was produced by Paul Jabara as a result of him being presented with the Acadamy Award for best song (Last Dance from Thank God it's Friday) by Ethel Merman. Paul Jabara had huge successes for writing disco songs for Diana Ross, Barbra Streisand, Donna Summer and many others! He was in the origional cast of Hair and was a great friend of mine. (01-07-2003)

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