Ethel Merman Disco Album

I've got rhythm... like no rhythm you've heard before.

Ethel Merman, 70's disco diva? It's true -- or at least, they gave it a shot with this surreal 1979 release on A&M records. With Cher and Streisand having blazed the trail, it was only a matter of time before Merman was called upon to belt out disco versions of her classic tunes.

Thank god disco died when it did... who knows how far it would have spread had it lasted?

Update: Saints preserve us the Ethel Merman Disco Album is now available on CD! Why scour thrift store record bins for the next six years when you can just click and buy online? It's just the thing for your next swinging dance party!

Ethel Merman Disco Album
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No Business Like Show Business (MP3) Ethel Merman sings disco like nobody's business!
I Got Rhythm (MP3) I got Merman. I got disco. Who could ask for anything more?

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Your Comments:

GaryH ( says:
The costumes, the scenery, the makeup, the lights. AH the good ole 70's...Where the Hell is Ethel's replacement???? (01-06-2003)

Margaret ( says:
What's with the hat? (01-03-2003)

David says:
It's a hum-dinger! I can now swear off of
Icelandic music and Siger Ros forever!
Ethel Rules (01-02-2003)

Mike Brewer ( says:
Just wanted to make sure everyone knew the Ethel Merman Disco Album was now available! You can go to and order it. has a bonus track! "They Say It's Wonderful", a never-before-heard track recorded at the same time as the other songs...but didn't make it onto the CD. Hope everyone enjoys it!
Mike (12-12-2002)

Walt Kramel ( says:
WOW! Where can I get a CD!! I keep hearing about Disco making a come-back, maybe Ethel will grab the headlines this time around instead of the BeeGees.
Look out Britney! (12-11-2002)

Annemarie ( says:
I love Ethel. She's my hero! (12-10-2002)

Rick ( says:
where can I buy a copy of this album? I heard it years ago and would love to own a copy. (12-03-2002)

jonaco ( says:
What a hoot! Don't know why this didn't make the wedding-and-bar mitzvah circuit. Of course, she was a hoot before my mom was born...
and even my mom would probably like this! (11-22-2002)

Kim says:
This album gets a mention from Mark Evanier (a comic book professional) on his POVOnline website. (11-20-2002)

alan ( says:
i remember this album what can i say????? i'm still in a trance. i might not get thru the day????? im laughing so hard i can barely breath. my g------------d?????????why ethel????? (11-05-2002)

Bill Woloszyn ( says:
Watch out Cher, Madonna,Myriah and all you Merman wanna-be's. Step aside for the real Queen of Rock. Merman is Sizzling! (10-19-2002)

Denny Spangler ( says:
Wow. I just got a copy of this from a friend to transfer to CD. As I was copying, I sent an email to him saying "this is really disturbing"! LOL I figure, if I ever have a party and I want it to be over- Miss Merman gets played. I can't get over the following: 1) the odd coupling of Broadway and disco- but let's not forget that Porter Wagoner did some country-disco stuff; the liner notes- "Hearing this album, I'm convinced that this Disco Diva may be taking a whole new career! Not only are these songs among the world's favorites, but the sheer joy of Merman's voice makes me want to get up and dance. Bless you for boogying, Ethel, you're hot as a pistol!" Can't imagine she'd get into Studio 54 *that* easily, let alone get her record played there... (10-14-2002)




SydDropper says:
Anyone know where I can score some nude photos of Ethel Merman? (10-09-2002)

SydDropper says:
Anyone know where I can score some nude photos of Ethel Merman? (10-09-2002)

Doug ( says:
I cannot wait until Fynsworth has this up for sale. I nearly peed my pants with joy when I discovered it was being reissued!

Time to get those old dancin' shoes out of the closet.... (09-27-2002)

david King ( says:
loved campy! She was a treasure and whatever she touched was wonderful. Can't wait for the disco Ethel to receiver her glory. Mind you, she's no Donna Summer but then who is? (09-25-2002)

Bernie Carville ( says:
Another masterwork! No wonder it's being reissued! Clean used copies usually fetch 2o bucks & the 12 inch fetches $8 to 10!!! Those gay guys keep on driving up the value! (09-17-2002)

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